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  1. O

    Pregnancy #52

    Another thread to discuss pregnancy no matter what stage anyone is at. All are welcome as ye were 😊
  2. Thetruth123

    Unplanned pregnancy

    TRIGGER WARNING - Termination is discussed Hi all, Never did I think I would be this confused about being pregnant. Little back story , I’m 35 hubby and I have a 19 year old 15 year old and 3 yr old. Our son has recently been diagnosed autistic and has quite high needs. From the time we had a...
  3. JulesC

    Pregnancy #51

    Thought I’d put my pregnancy insomnia to good use and make a new thread 🤣 I’m going to have my baby on this thread - mad! Old thread:
  4. JulesC

    Pregnancy #50

    New thread 🥰 Old one here:
  5. cryptix

    Pregnancy test confusion?

    OK so I'm currently trying to get pregnant. I did a clear blue 6 days early test on Friday night,my period isn't due until Wednesday. The test came back negative,so I threw it in the bin not in a bin bag or anything g infact it was on a old coat... I then did another test on Saturday with early...
  6. WhatABore

    Pregnancy #49

    New thread 😊
  7. N

    Pregnancy #48

    New thread! --- Wow that was really quick! Just shows how you can go from not a lot, to delivering in a matter of hours! Congratulations again, made up for you. Imagine if yesterday someone would have said before Sunday morning you’d have him…!! Thank you - I’m ok and just excited/slightly...
  8. xoxo GG

    Pregnancy #47

    New thread 🙂 Previous thread:
  9. WeHadFunRight

    Pregnancy #46

    New thread 🥰 Welcome anyone new - this thread is for guidance and support for those who find themselves pregnant - there’s not much else to it. on that basis please try and keep posts and responses in the spirit of the thread, this is really meant to be a safe and non judgmental space for what...
  10. S

    Pregnancy discrimination

    I haven’t come across a thread relating to pregnancy discrimination so thought I’d start one to ask beg for support and hear your stories. I’m currently 12 weeks and since I told my manager at Christmas I have been bullied by her and my colleagues. I had to tell her early on as I work in a...
  11. WhatABore

    Pregnancy #45

    Mod edit no need for a thread title if there wasn't any suggestions
  12. WhatABore

    Pregnancy #44 The 3am Club

    New thread. I didn't see any suggestions. I've upgraded it from 4am club from the previous thread as most seem to be in the 3am club these days 😂
  13. WeHadFunRight

    Pregnancy #43 4am Club bring your own cheese and biscuits

    I had to make up a title - hopefully I didn’t miss any thread title suggestions. here is a link to the old thread:
  14. WeHadFunRight

    Pregnancy #42 the only place where vomiting down yourself isn’t frowned upon

    Thanks @Neo2021 Continue here…… old thread: I wanted to ask if anyone who’s had a baby before had had experience of pethidine or remifentanil in labour? I’m looking at the NHS website but it would be great to get some first hand...
  15. Gidget00_

    Pregnancy #41

    Previous thread I couldn’t think of a title to add, sorry if I missed one any of you girls suggested in one of the posts x
  16. Gidget00_

    Pregnancy #40 we're here for advice so just be nice!

    Old thread As you were ladies x
  17. Gidget00_

    Pregnancy #39 No hanky panky only kicks in the fa…

    Old thread I didn’t put the word fanny as I don’t know if you can put fanny in a thread title even though it’s not a bad word.. 😂 as you were ladies x
  18. WeHadFunRight

    Pregnancy #38 The scanxiety is real

    New thread here ladies. Continue as you were!
  19. Blair-Waldorf

    Pregnancy #37 Surviving summer with bras off and bumps out

    Thank you @Motherofpugs for the title as we make our way through the hottest day in the UK OF ALL TIME while carrying our bubbas🤰🏻🥵❤ I hope I’ve done the poll right (omg that auto corrected to the pill 🤣🤣🤣) last thread here...
  20. C

    Found myself single and pregnant

    Hi I’m 25 weeks over this weekend my partner and I split. He is letting me stay at his house until I find a new place… I’m feeling so depressed and scared. I had this picture in my head if how it was going to be our child growing up in that house with two parents. We’ve tried so hard but we’re...
  21. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #63 The longest pregnancy in history, whilst Oddbod’s sexuality remains a mystery!

    Congratulations to @CrazyBaldhead for the winning thread title 🥇 a run away winner! Talking of running away - there still seems to be some drama with Chaz and speculation as to whether he’s done a runner 🏃 because of him and Big Loz posting passive aggressive inspirational quotes and doing the...
  22. Blair-Waldorf

    Pregnancy #36 Mother In Laws… please shut up!!

    Thanks @Dramabyname for the thread title ❤️ I hope the poll is ok!
  23. Cdinvoice

    Natasha Sandhu #2 Baby on board badge for all to admire, her new clothing range is bound to be dire.

    Thanks to Rosie_And_Jim for winning title suggestion. Can anybody do a recap?
  24. Clickbait

    Pregnancy #35 Sponsored by Judy Lee

    New thread title courtesy of @Definitelyme nominated by @calmyourritas in time for any Jubilee babies 👑
  25. Clickbait

    Pregnancy #34 Sponsored by trying to shave ya bits without cutting off a lip

    Thread title by @Tea fairy 👏 Congratulations to those whose new arrivals came at the end of the last thread.