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  1. Badaboom

    Mother Rendall #7 Aw The Maws and a Wonky Jaw …

    Thread title by @nosy-nora 🎉 As you were …
  2. Whatsallthis

    Mother Rendall #6 Chicken big macs on tap, bad case of pleurisy and a hoose fae crime watch…sho aye

    Thanks to @Sickofinstagramcrap for the thread suggestion. I think it had the most votes. Hope this works - first time sally here lol. Sho Aye.

    Mother Rendall #5 I'm a savage (yeah) Shammi, Glamis, Rendall (yeah)

    Well done to @LoopyHoopy71 on the winning thread title… I’m singing it haha 🎉 Rendall is still munching, trying to get everybody and their granny to buy a Lumi and cackling like a witch… Shammi is currently pure knackert and no well as usual… and losing her sh*t at Instagram for having the...
  4. W

    Mother Rendall #4 my_muchausen_life

    New thread can some do a recap ♥ Thread title @blocknroll
  5. Badaboom

    Mother Rendall #3 Wiped nasty words aff ma face wi a lumi, profits are up so sue me!

    Whits happening guys? A new thread, that’s what! Thread title by @LoopyHoopy71 with 12 votes
  6. Badaboom

    Mother Rendall #2

    I couldn’t see any thread suggestions, if there was one I missed I apologise in advance. Continue on with our favourite Scottish cleanfluencer / QVC shopping channel?
  7. LoopyHoopy71

    Mother Rendall

    Scottish 'Clean Infuencer' Wanks her taps regularly....discuss..... Likes a munch too :)
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