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  1. UnknownTattler

    Joe Sugg #14 Dianne, Joe and Bob Too

    Title by @MeghanSnarkle 👏 Since the last thread Joe and Dianne moved from their nice homey house with the lovely wild garden filled with deer and rabbits to a shiny soulless mansion with a plastic lawn that was previously owned and designed by a footballer. There's no accounting for taste I...
  2. UnknownTattler

    Joe Sugg #13 This is still not a rave thread

    Thanks to @Fillyjonk for the evergreen title 😅 Recap: The house was up for sale for about 10 days. Presumably it's been sold, but they haven't moved yet. Joe is apparently doing things with his production company. He also was a guest judge on Great British Menu where he acted like he had never...
  3. coconochanel

    Joe Sugg #12 Have they split or are they engaged? dare to ask as you might enrage!

    New thread thanks to @Lilykins with the winning title thread. (y) :ROFLMAO: So update for anyone who cares.. Dianne is off to OZ but Joe isn't going with her he's pulled the short straw and is having Christmas dinner at Zoe's.:oops: Joe has finally had a haircut but he still looks a scruff...
  4. M

    Joe Sugg #11 Joe and Dianne - Used to be full of life and hygiene

    New thread My making this thread has taken more effort than either Joe or Dianne will have spent today with their activities of daily living. An abundance of time to garden, empty charity shops and paint everything from the charity shop though. Guess it takes all sorts 🤷‍♂️ Summary of previous...
  5. coconochanel

    Joe Sugg #10 Joe & Dianne, This is not a rave thread!

    New thread thanks to @UnknownTattler for title suggestion. Anyways quick update for anyone bothering to follow.... Joe has been camped round Slobellas non-mansion now that Dianne is away He looks like he needs a good wash and a shave A video of Dianne miming along to a rap track with the N...
  6. Penguin86

    Joe Sugg #9 Joe and Dianne: strictly a bore with hideous home decor

    Previous thread: Congrats @Wowwwwwwwww
  7. UnknownTattler

    Joe Sugg #8 filling new house with crap while Dianne is painting everything madcap

    New thread. Recap: erm, after the initial excitement of the new house there's mainly been a lot of painting, more painting, metal detecting, some more painting, car booting, and a bit of painting :LOL:
  8. UnknownTattler

    Joe Sugg #7 living in domestic bliss, please don't say you've moved near your sis

    New thread, there was only one suggested title by moi so here it is 😆 Summary: Joe and Dianne have bought a house with a big garden which may be very close to the Zalfie house 🏡
  9. coconochanel

    Joe Sugg #6 one mans trash thread is another womans rave thread.

    New thread. Thanks to @U.N Owen for title suggestion recap for anyone new.... Joe has got a acting part in the new series of The syndicate
  10. Oohthedrama

    Joe Sugg #5 Dianne Buswell's sex god

    Thread suggestions were low but this had been chosen by one of the members so let’s go with it!? thanks to @invisibleotter 😉 continue here!
  11. HowLongOhLord

    Joe Sugg #4 Dianne Buswell's boyfriend (strictly tragic)

    At the invitation of your Moderator, I have kicked off this thread as a hybrid title, because I am indecisive. I combined the highest suggestions. Please ask the Moderator if you want it changed. Apologies.
  12. Oohthedrama

    Joe Sugg #3 Joanne the scammers

    New thread! We can change the title if anyone can think of a better One - Edited as requested! Threads 1-3
  13. StephenTJackson

    Joe Sugg #2 Dianne Buswell ft. Joe Sugg: A flash In the pan or a trip in Chippy the van

    New Thread, I didn't want to make the thread because I didn't want to be the knob who makes a thread with their own title suggestion, but I saw no other suggestions - shows how little is going on.
  14. DeviantMuch

    Joe Sugg - ThatcherJoe

    Thought I'd make the thread name rhyme and to the point. Still can't believe it's happening ?