joe sugg

  1. Joe Sugg #4 Dianne Buswell's boyfriend (strictly tragic)

    At the invitation of your Moderator, I have kicked off this thread as a hybrid title, because I am indecisive. I combined the highest suggestions. Please ask the Moderator if you want it changed. Apologies.
  2. Joe Sugg #3 Joanne the scammers

    New thread! We can change the title if anyone can think of a better One - Edited as requested! Threads 1-3
  3. Joe Sugg #2 Dianne Buswell ft. Joe Sugg: A flash In the pan or a trip in Chippy the van

    New Thread, I didn't want to make the thread because I didn't want to be the knob who makes a thread with their own title suggestion, but I saw no other suggestions - shows how little is going on.
  4. Joe Sugg - ThatcherJoe

    Thought I'd make the thread name rhyme and to the point. Still can't believe it's happening ?