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  1. coconochanel

    Joe Sugg #10 Joe & Dianne, This is not a rave thread!

    New thread thanks to @UnknownTattler for title suggestion. Anyways quick update for anyone bothering to follow.... Joe has been camped round Slobellas non-mansion now that Dianne is away He looks like he needs a good wash and a shave A video of Dianne miming along to a rap track with the N...
  2. Penguin86

    Joe Sugg #9 Joe and Dianne: strictly a bore with hideous home decor

    Previous thread: Congrats @Wowwwwwwwww
  3. UnknownTattler

    Joe Sugg #8 filling new house with crap while Dianne is painting everything madcap

    New thread. Recap: erm, after the initial excitement of the new house there's mainly been a lot of painting, more painting, metal detecting, some more painting, car booting, and a bit of painting :LOL:
  4. UnknownTattler

    Joe Sugg #7 living in domestic bliss, please don't say you've moved near your sis

    New thread, there was only one suggested title by moi so here it is 😆 Summary: Joe and Dianne have bought a house with a big garden which may be very close to the Zalfie house 🏡
  5. coconochanel

    Joe Sugg #6 one mans trash thread is another womans rave thread.

    New thread. Thanks to @U.N Owen for title suggestion recap for anyone new.... Joe has got a acting part in the new series of The syndicate
  6. Oohthedrama

    Joe Sugg #5 Dianne Buswell's sex god

    Thread suggestions were low but this had been chosen by one of the members so let’s go with it!? thanks to @invisibleotter 😉 continue here!
  7. HowLongOhLord

    Joe Sugg #4 Dianne Buswell's boyfriend (strictly tragic)

    At the invitation of your Moderator, I have kicked off this thread as a hybrid title, because I am indecisive. I combined the highest suggestions. Please ask the Moderator if you want it changed. Apologies.
  8. Oohthedrama

    Joe Sugg #3 Joanne the scammers

    New thread! We can change the title if anyone can think of a better One - Edited as requested! Threads 1-3
  9. S

    Joe Sugg #2 Dianne Buswell ft. Joe Sugg: A flash In the pan or a trip in Chippy the van

    New Thread, I didn't want to make the thread because I didn't want to be the knob who makes a thread with their own title suggestion, but I saw no other suggestions - shows how little is going on.
  10. DeviantMuch

    Joe Sugg - ThatcherJoe

    Thought I'd make the thread name rhyme and to the point. Still can't believe it's happening ?
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