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  1. ot55

    Jade Billington #10 Guess who's back...back again...Mattykin's back...with a new girlfriend

    Who would've thought it, we got through a whole thread without Jade actually posting anything!! Thanks to @Can't Believe I Fell For for the wonderful title, which got 26 likes💕👏 All of the key info can be found in the wiki up top, but a summary of the last thread: - Literally TODAY Jade is...
  2. disneys

    Jade Billington #9 is Jade gone for good? We’re only here cos Matt ordered some food!

    New Jade thread ! The title was mine and I think it had the most likes , sorry if I overlooked anyone’s but I don’t think I did ! Recap - She still hasn’t posted! It has been over a year since Matt left her and apart from her sad vlogs of spring last year we still haven’t heard from her ! -...
  3. ot55

    Jade Billington #8 Is Jade a narcissist? Someone spill the tea, maybe Jade's sis?

    Thank you to @bittersweetsymphony13 for the fab title!! As Jade would say, I'm obsessedddddddd with it 👌 (except this isn't an ad ;)) Most of Jade's previous drama can be found on the wiki (the pink button at the top). There you will find details of her homophobic deleted tweets, her underage...
  4. ot55

    Jade Billington #7 Your house may be all perfect and white, but your past isn’t so neat

    Another month, another thread and Jade is ghosting again! 👻 Thanks to @CapnPancakes for the awesome title!! 👏✨✨ I apologise in advance for the long summary (it was a scandalous month lol) Tweeting, deleting, ghosting… A couple of threads ago, we found some offensive tweets from 2017 between...
  5. ot55

    Jade Billington #6 Jade might act innocent & sweet, but you can't hide what you Tweet

    Thanks to @bittersweetsymphony13 for the fab title!! 🙌 (Had to cut it slightly to fit) The last thread was a wild, juicy ride, so here's a summary! The breakup No news here really. Jade has shared some more crying selfies, but is still avoiding the topic itself. She said she's saved all of her...
  6. Polkadot123

    Jade Billington #5 playing the sAD girl is my fave role, if you pay me I’ll sell my soul

    Well done to @rjf123 for the thread suggestion. The main topic is that Jade and Matt split. Jade is now back vlogging and doing ADs. Anyone want to do a full round up please.
  7. ChuckaBuckaBingBong

    Jade Billington

    A thread to talk about Jade Billington without judgement :)
  8. disneys

    Jade Billington #4 Jade, you've got this

    Title by @ChuckaBuckaBingBong I’ll leave the recap to someone else (@ot55?) but the gist is that Matt and Jade have split Jade, (or Oohlala the spy) if you’re reading here please know we support you and are so sorry for what you are going through ! As the title suggests , we think you got...
  9. ShondyLife

    Jade Billington #3 Jade's gone AWOL, is Matt off the payroll?

    New thread, I hope I have done this right. Thank you to @Gem_woody with the most votes, well done angel.
  10. Polkadot123

    Jade Billington #2 here's and AD there's an AD everywhere an AD AD

    Thread #2 Continue here. Quick round up: Jade posts a lot of Ads but hardly any content. We see many gifted items that are then never seen again (bikes anyone?) And she is still doing the little girl act.
  11. I

    Jade Billington (and Matt)

    Thread to discuss all things about youtuber Jade Billington