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  1. CrazyBaldhead

    Danniella Westbrook #6 Whistling and mumbling as her face is crumbling! ❄️

    A huge thank you for all your votes for my thread title suggestion. Would anybody like to do a recap? Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/daniella-westbrook-5-lies-through-her-dentures-about-portugal-adventures.36801/
  2. Flowerpotgirl

    Daniella Westbrook #5 Lies Through Her Dentures, About Portugal Adventures

    @TooFarScone had the most likes!! Congratulations-you win a box of flesh colored bandaids 🩹
  3. Flowerpotgirl

    Daniella Westbrook #4 The dramas of an ex-EastEnder, who lost her septum after a bender

    Here we go. Let’s see what happens next Sepsis in hospital. Then out. Panto debut Monday Possible charges for defrauding 80 year old man Opening her own dessert cafe I am sure I forgot a bunch of things…
  4. 265

    Daniella Westbrook #3 A filtered joke with a made up bloke

    Welcome to #3 and well done to @bluecups for the winning thread title. Previous thread - https://tattle.life/threads/daniella-westbrook-2.23147/page-50 Carry on people
  5. fluffyglitterbug

    Daniella Westbrook #2

    Continue here folks
  6. Sleepthiefismyfavourite

    Daniella Westbrook

    Her name was mentioned on the Katie Price thread and it reminded me that she’s not been mentioned in the DM for a while, whereas she always used to be popping up in there! Also doesn’t seem to have insta.
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