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  1. Flowerpotgirl

    Danniella Westbrook #15 Had A Narcotic Dream About Being In Bed W/Robbie. Woke To Find It Was Bobby

    Let’s see if this works Old thread: https://tattle.life/threads/daniella-westbrook-14-marilyn-monroe-thats-not-her-its-a-walnut-with-lipstick-not-fooling-me.43748/page-52#post-18621715
  2. BiffasBeemer

    Daniella Westbrook #13 No job, no nose, no fam, no besties - what will become of Necrotic Westie?

    Time for thread 13 - here is the link to #12 https://tattle.life/threads/daniella-westbrook-12-mullers-the-name-fruit-corners-the-game.42486/ Thank you to @bluecups for the thread title! Nothing much going on, still a media blackout. Keep tattling...
  3. SpindleWhorl

    Daniella Westbrook #12 Mullers the name, fruit corners the game

    Big thankyou to @JustCallMe Mum for the thread title Welcome to the best thread on Tattle! Taking us through to Polo's 50th! We have plenty of revelry planned. But in the meantime anyone fancy doing a recap?
  4. U

    Daniella Westbrook #11 Teleporting all over the map, posting the usual fantasist crap

    From New York to Milton Keynes, wherever next?!
  5. BiffasBeemer

    Daniella Westbrook #10 Is that Marilyn back from the dead? Nope its Westcrack with her corpse head

    Thread 10 is up and running folks! Thank you to @craftingfroze for the new thread title, had to amend to fit Here is the link to thread 9 https://tattle.life/threads/daniella-westbrook-9-a-necrotic-mess-with-a-surplus-wedding-dress.40209/ I don't really have to say much to be honest! I...
  6. SpindleWhorl

    Daniella Westbrook #9 A necrotic mess with a surplus wedding dress

    Instalment NINE of the Daniella Westbrook saga! Fantastic title courtesy of our lovely @TerrifiedofKittens Anyone fancy doing a re-cap?
  7. SpindleWhorl

    Daniella Westbrook #8 The bint with the hole

    New thread, anyone fancy doing a re-cap? Title courtesy of @Piff paff puff
  8. BessieNessie

    Daniella Westbrook #7 Liar, liar, snouts' on fire.

    Congrats @scannertd on the title 🥂 Previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/danniella-westbrook-6-whistling-and-mumbling-as-her-face-is-crumbling.37821/ Someone recap please …
  9. CrazyBaldhead

    Danniella Westbrook #6 Whistling and mumbling as her face is crumbling! ❄️

    A huge thank you for all your votes for my thread title suggestion. Would anybody like to do a recap? Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/daniella-westbrook-5-lies-through-her-dentures-about-portugal-adventures.36801/
  10. Flowerpotgirl

    Daniella Westbrook #5 Lies Through Her Dentures, About Portugal Adventures

    @TooFarScone had the most likes!! Congratulations-you win a box of flesh colored bandaids 🩹
  11. Flowerpotgirl

    Daniella Westbrook #4 The dramas of an ex-EastEnder, who lost her septum after a bender

    Here we go. Let’s see what happens next Sepsis in hospital. Then out. Panto debut Monday Possible charges for defrauding 80 year old man Opening her own dessert cafe I am sure I forgot a bunch of things…
  12. 265

    Daniella Westbrook #3 A filtered joke with a made up bloke

    Welcome to #3 and well done to @bluecups for the winning thread title. Previous thread - https://tattle.life/threads/daniella-westbrook-2.23147/page-50 Carry on people
  13. fluffyglitterbug

    Daniella Westbrook #2

    Continue here folks
  14. Sleepthiefismyfavourite

    Daniella Westbrook

    Her name was mentioned on the Katie Price thread and it reminded me that she’s not been mentioned in the DM for a while, whereas she always used to be popping up in there! Also doesn’t seem to have insta.