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  1. fishyfishfish

    Childfree by Choice #12 I care about my life, not my death.

    Thanks to @orangehead for the most liked thread title! Keep enjoying childfree bliss, legends. Previous thread:
  2. Toffee finger

    Childfree by Choice #11 "As a Mum" stop right there, I really don't care!

    Welcome to a new thread! Title thanks to @peachesandcreamz Previous thread here
  3. Saddlesoap

    Childfree by Choice #10 Parenting just doesn't look fun

    Sits back and waits to be told we will die sad and alone.
  4. P

    Childfree by Choice #9 "No baby on board, feel free to crash into me."

    Welcome to the new thread. Thanks to @pecan for the new title and the new car window sticker inspo 😂 Previous thread: For those who are worrying about their lonely senior years, let's all...
  5. Saddlesoap

    Childfree by Choice #8 Parents keep scrolling, we don’t need your trolling!

    Congratulations @JE172 Parents take note; we don't bother you in your child dedicated threads [Mod edit: sorry, but threads cannot tell others where they can and cannot post. If you see something that you want the mods to look at, please use the report function] Please and thanks ✌
  6. HaloGirl

    Childfree by Choice Holidays

    A spin off thread to discuss Childfree holiday recommendations
  7. ATV2021

    Childfree by choice #7 Parents: not everything is about you

    @mediocrehouseplant has the winning title people. Also @LaBlonde & @Platformcrocs Continue 🙃 Previous thread:
  8. P

    Childfree by choice #6 Sleeping well at night, petition for childfree flights

    Started the new thread, I hope it's okay. First thread option seemed to have the most votes, thank you @mediocrehouseplant 🙏 Last thread was adult only resorts and cruises, childfree holidays, being told by some members who are parents that we actually do want kids, we just don't know it yet...
  9. Satisfying Click

    Childfree by choice #5

    New thread! Previous thread ( Continuing our discussion about life without kids
  10. ATV2021

    Childfree by Choice #4

    Thread 4! Who'd have thought. Continue below... Previous thread:
  11. ATV2021

    Childfree by Choice #3

    Previous thread
  12. Yel

    Childfree by Choice #2

    New thread to talk about being childfree by choice.
  13. B


    Anyone else childfree? Childless = can't have children for whatever reason, could be medical, etc. Childfree = someone that chooses not to have children. I am an only child and have known since I was quite young that I didn't want children. It can be quite annoying as I am at that age where...