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  1. ChinnyWeasley

    Chelsea Ferguson #14 She said it was birds but the only thing going cheap is her Fanny

    Well. What a ride the last 24 hours have been. Anyone want to event attempt a recap? I got a post on her story 💁🏼‍♀️ And that’s the last she’s going to say on the matter (for at least 3 minutes 😂)
  2. Elle__Dee

    Chelsea Ferguson #13 Square tits and manky nips l, I'll give it until March.

    Recap. Thread number 13, unlucky for some but not oor Chels. Chelsea has found the one 💕 On a cultural trip to Dubai, victim number 3, no sorry, 4 or possibly 5 of the year has popped the question with an absolute horror of a ring which she refuses to show properly. Chelsea has now returned...
  3. CocoVenus

    Chelsea Ferguson #12 Misses her best friend getting wed but can go to Ibiza and get off her head

    Ok giving it a go to make my first ever fred, thanks @Flip&Flop for the thread title. Recap: Where to start! Tried to flog the manshun, and even gave it a (much needed) clean, but it got about as much attention as her fanny on a fiver sale so she's staying put in the two room bedsit she's...
  4. ChinnyWeasley

    Chelsea Ferguson #11 Selling the house she bought to spite her ex. What a shame, poor square pecks!

    Shout out to @Flip&Flop for the thread suggestion. Its my first time creating a new thread so apologies if I do something wrong. Any one for a recap?
  5. DownBelow21

    Chelsea Ferguson #10 Should rename herself to DFS because her foof is constantly on sale...

    New thread - thanks to Flip&Flop for the new thread title - we all love it and it's very appropriate! :love::m Very quick round up, but if someone can add more below! - Chinny constantly has her fanny pics on sale for £7.50 or even £5.50 - literally it's monthly or fortnightly at this rate...
  6. DownBelow21

    Chelsea Ferguson #9 Worst mam ever, would rather see her baby...never

    Helloooo We desperately needed a new thread so I set this up Disclaimer: one of my title suggestions won but we were unsure if we could have a childs name in the title, so I've swapped it to my other which also received 20 likes. Original winning title: Recap Chinny and blockhead broke...
  7. DownBelow21

    Chelsea Ferguson #8 Square tits and block head have called it a day. Already saying he didn't pay his way

    Please can someone do a catch up? Winning title suggestion, we just needed to shorten it slightly
  8. DownBelow21

    Chelsea Ferguson #7 Chels Fergo part time mum, might have another kid if Charlie doesn't run

    Can't believe it's time for a new thread already! We're flying through them. Chels should be grateful because we're keeping her relevant on the internet xox Thank you for the thread title @RuEvenReal - you won with 28 likes! PreeingPree come very close with the thread title with: Love my son...
  9. Elle__Dee

    Chelsea Ferguson #6 Took the boyfriend on holiday to Tenerief, how long before she's calling him a thief?

    Previous thread here - Recap- Chelsea has taken the love of her life on holiday, they’ve broken up and got back together already. Chelsea insisted she wasn’t...
  10. DownBelow21

    Chelsea Ferguson #5 Miss Hendrix like a hole in the head, it’s ok tho, I have a drug dealer in my bed

    Previous Thread - Chelsea Ferguson #4 CBA being a mam, would rather show off her ham | Tattle Life Winning title by me (yay!) with 25 votes Recap: (please comment below if I've missed anything!) Still obsessed with exercise and does around 3-5 hours a day, whilst shipping her 1yo off to...
  11. DownBelow21

    Chelsea Ferguson #4 CBA being a mam, would rather show off her ham

    Previous Thread: Chelsea Ferguson #3 H go with your granny, so I can go to Glasgow to get out me fanny | Tattle Life Thanks for the title @Mel-1991xo - this was the most liked 😁 Recap: Still obsessed with exercise and does around 3-5 hours a day, whilst shipping her 1yo off to nursery/other...
  12. watermelon sugar

    Chelsea Ferguson #3 H go with your granny, so I can go to Glasgow to get out me fanny

    Previous thread : Recap: Not much been happening in the world of Chelsea, just moaning about her 1 year old doing 1 year old things like getting sick and not sleeping well. Ships him off to his Dads when she’s tired. Soon as she’s Hendrix...
  13. watermelon sugar

    Chelsea Ferguson #2

    recap: - got with ‘friend’ John - weren’t together long before she got pregnant - didn’t have the baby long before they split - after the split one of her very rare (kidding they happen every other day) q&a’s Chelsea stated she wants ‘no questions about her ex or you will be BLOCKED’ - only...
  14. T

    Chelsea Ferguson

    I've followed Chelsea Ferguson for the past 10ish years. On Twitter before Instagram for big, now on instagram. I know shes made a career from basically selling her body, now other people's. Her voice is veryyyy annoying, like a fake baby voice. And her bf seems gay af. But, she seems to do so...