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  1. zyxwvu

    Claire85mylife #22 Eats absolute rubbish everyday. No amount of teeth whitening strips with take that ROT away

    No pigs were harmed in the making of this new thread. Congrats @Leighanne02 on the thread title. Had to change one word just in case it wasn't allowed. Claire85mylife thread#22 Eats absolute crap everyday!! no amount of teeth whitening strips with take that ROT away!! Would anyone like to do...
  2. zyxwvu

    Claire85mylife #21 Cooking slop, flogging tiktok shop. Thinks she’s thinner, 3 pigs for breakfast, lunch & dinner

    New thread... Thanks @hellomynameis88 for the title. Had to shorten it a lot. Full title was: Claire85mylife #21: still cooking slop, trying to flog on tik tok shop. Scare thinks she’s thinner, despite eating 3 pigs a day for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Very quick recap: Beggy's still a...
  3. mumz

    Claire85mylife #20 Bestie's a Tattler, mentioning triple pork portions or charity money will rattle 'er.

    Winning thread title from @zyxwvu As always recap and quotes from all of us Best moments of 2022 Sitting on Lucy's puppy 4 times Making a cake with Jenny The tally man knocking at the door Cameltoe gate Trying to fit into teeny, well not that teeny shorts Moaning about holiday food Sympathy...
  4. mumz

    claire85mylife #19 On a sugar boom, squirty cream in the bedroom, Tate & Lyle won’t sponsor her smile

    First of all Seasons Greetings to EVERYONE care of Claire's Christmas Tree nose Winning thread title from @lyndseyross115 Recap Care of everyone So ................ They have a sugar issue .. Too much of it? Still feeding the kids processed crap while the adults have fresh food No veggies...
  5. mumz

    Carebare #18. Me, Me, Me, MeMe, Me, Me, Myself & I

    Thread title care of me with a bit of tweaking by @Miss_Grotbags Recap by Everyone here Where do we start ? MMMkay More departures than Heathrow The camel toe always on show Missed her godsons 1st birthday to go to a car show Her actions are now noticably affecting the children One child...
  6. mumz

    Carebare85 #17 Her MH, SH & Medication lies are shocking! Have the DWP finally come knocking?

    Our wonderful title is from @lululalalulu Recap Is she staying or going? Will there be another Fight Song? Will the camel toe ever make another appearance? Apparently she can't delete her TikTok Currently in hospital having operation for burst ulcers Self diagnosis got her into bother this...
  7. mumz

    Carebare85 #16 Curse of Beg causes another split, undeclared ad in a homeless pit

    Title care of @zyxwvu Recap care of us all What does the Hale Package include? Self diagnosis Camel toes Infected belly buttons Dirty Bedding Rinsing friends Scaby scalp Personal police protection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Can't lip sync Can't dance Can't clean Can't keep up with her lies...
  8. mumz

    Carebare85 #15 Burnt kids, Corn row hair, Fishy Flaps, it's Rasta bear oh XYZ

    Winning thread title from @lululalalulu Recap from everyone Begging even when on holiday Kids won't wear sun protection cream is an excuse to let them burn Too snobby for Lanzarote Adding fear of being sick and fear of the sea to her growing list of worries and ailments Corn row hair shows a...
  9. mumz

    Carebare85 #14 rotten to the core.. her lives are such a bore and she never does a chore!

    Thread title from @lyndseyross115 Recap I stole from a post by @c.tingz -What shite she’ll be cooking -What tablets she’ll be on / added next week -Which kid will be walking the dog at 9pm -Maybe one last clothes haul -Will the be a BPD episode just before the holiday ? -Which animal will...
  10. mumz

    Carebare85 #14 Teeth look rotten, mental health forgotten, needs to change her sheets and lay off the sweets

    Winning title from @IR0201 Claire, such a lying beg Sleeps in dirty bedding Wears the same clothes for days and days Overfeeds the whole family on pasta, crisps and sweets and it shows Makes a mockery of SH and MH Loves a coffee filter but it has an Oompa Loompa effect Teeth whitener filter...
  11. IR0201

    Carebare85 #13 Can’t hide the truth from tattler sleuths, your kids don’t wear belts, you big fat lying melt

    New thread. Thank you @Miss_Grotbags for the title! I had to amend it slightly as it wouldn’t fit. Can anyone do a recap? She’s got all her pills out on the counter 🙄🙄 most look like vitamin bottles
  12. NannyNelly

    Carebare85 #12 MH platinum card, Andy still thinks he's hard, but Tiktok rep is the only thing scarred.

    Thanks to @zyxwvu for the thread title. Recap: Still beggy Still tells lies The strangeness gets worse Said she is taking time out then posts multiple daily vids, says they're drafts. Posts a triggering Tiktok, gets called out Posts a Tiktok whilst awaiting crisis team On new meds? Off new...
  13. mumz

    Carebare85 #11 BPD is the diagnosis, her food is atrocious, all the lies she tells are bogus! The HALE family

    Thanks for a great title from @c.tingz Even more beggy Even more strange Puts weight on but insists she's lost weight Has BPD but is always better when a competition is on Has family emergencies but never on a competition day Lies about illnesses Changes clothes every 3 days (3 is the magic...
  14. mumz

    Carebare85 #10 Her magic number is 3, loves a frozen tea, looks illnesses up on wiki, JW makes her soppy

    New title is a brilliant collaboration between @lyndseyross115 and @hellomynameis88 Carebare85 Not well liked Begs, begs and begs some more Makes up illnesses then asks people to Google them because she cannot answer Has miracle cure for said illnesses Trips over her own lies Cooks homemade...
  15. mumz

    Carebare85 #9 Who’s Ruffled Big Birds Feathers?

    Lovely title care of @Tinker Scarebare Begbare BeggyAnnie Scarebeg carebeg Claire, married to a gnome Diet has gone out the window Tom knows who I am He knows who everyone is Buys her clothing from Carpetright Hates sending hate but left Mrs K as a casualty of hate Loves pasta, passata, garlic...
  16. mumz

    Carebare85 #8 Better breakdown recovery than the RAC

    Thread title care of @zyxwvu Left come back, left come back Needs to remember PERMANENTLY, does not mean 3 days off Needs to remember BE KIND, means she needs to be kind as well Now we can add philanthropist to her resume, except she wants a neon sign flashing away when she does give Still...
  17. Discolights

    Carebare85 #7 More Departures than Heathrow

    I think I’ve got the right title, wanted to make it quickly tonight as the other one is moving fast Thanks to @zyxwvu for title! Quick round up. She left and was never coming back = She came back. She wasn’t doing the competition ever = She doing the competition. She wouldn’t accept gifts =...
  18. HelloHeyHi

    Carebare85 #6 Carebare says she’s taking a break.. we all know it’s fake, give it a rest for goodness sake

    Thread 6 for Carebare85 Thread title credit goes to @lyndseyross115
  19. mumz

    Carebare85 #5 The merch is too dear, cracks are starting to appear, carebare we know you’re hear

    Thread title care of @lyndseyross115 Recap No need to say too much this time Begs all day and all night on live Makes tatty overpriced merch Been called out by Tattlers and DHB & his team Getting paranoid and started blocking even the gifters Tells lies and gets found out Bosses her hubby...
  20. mumz

    Carebare85 #4 Trading standards on her back, merchandise is cack and the lipsyncing is whack.

    4th Thread already Title credit and thanks to @diglet So .......... Still begging Still has the same old germ riddled chopping board Handmade by Claire isn’t handmade, it’s just hand customised with stick on plastic A made with love hoody means you iron on a bit of printed plastic, that you...
  21. zyxwvu

    carebare85 #3 We dont need no education, our brazen begging pays for bacon

    New thread. Credit to @mumz and @NannyNelly for the collaborative title. Recap: - Claire's still a beg. - Andy was too scared to come on live with DHB again after previously threatening him with a baseball bat. - The begging still continues weekly with the Manley's. - They've added new...
  22. mumz

    carebare85 #2 begging to bring home the bacon, shann says shes a fake’un, mrs k’s will’s for the takin

    Thanks to diglet for thread title carebare85 So……….. (starts a TikTok) TikTok beggar Loves, bacon, sausages, bread, sweet potato & double portions of food Married to Andy who likes to threaten with his baseball bat Is a slimming club advocate and encourages cazillion calorie meals Feeds the...
  23. N


    Can someone make a thread for carebare85 from tik tok please, Thankyou to who ever made the thread!!!!