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    Grab a bottle of wine (non alcoholic of course), a plate of cheese slop with a side of cheese and enjoy.

    From Bradford, they are:-
    • Dad (Christopher John Malcolm Ingham aka Creepy/Creepstopher)(aged 39) 13/07/1984.
    • Mum (Sarah Louise (Dixon) Ingham aka Lazy)(aged 38) 13/12/1985.
    Chris and Sarah were married on 10/10/2015 at Ripley Castle. It is strongly alleged that the night before the wedding Chris slept with one of the bridesmaids.

    • Isabelle Sofia (Aged 18) 02/09/2005.
    • Esmé Alexa Jane (Aged 14) 20/06/2009.
    • Isla Savannah Joanne (Aged 12) 09/04/2012.
    • Jace River Christopher (Aged 5) 27/03/2019.
    • Mila Rosabelle Sarah (Aged 2) 23/07/2021.
    • Aurora Bella Rosavie (Aged 7 months) 11/10/2023
    All of the children, except Isabelle, are Sarah and Chris'. Isabelle was born to 19 year old Sarah and another man. At some point in 2020 Isabelle stopped seeing her biological father. It's strongly speculated that Chris and Sarah brainwashed her into stopping seeing him so they could travel without him interrupting their lives. Sarah claimed Isabelle's father violently abused her but there is no evidence of this other than her words and she lies as easily as she breathes. Now an adult, Isabelle still has no contact with her biological father or her half brother, who he shares with his new wife.

    Sarah was adamant that she didn't want anymore children after Jace but Chris wanted more so they had more. With each new child she shops for copious amounts of clothes and says the baby is the dinkiest, teeny tiniest baby she ever did see.

    • Prinny an 8-year-old Poochon (who they leave for months on end at the grandparents when they ‘travel’)
    • 3 'female' Guinea Pigs named Shadow, Pepsi and Treacle who are currently missing and may be dead/have been sold

    They set up daily vlogs which are edited by Chris every night until 4 am in the morning, allegedly...

    TLDR Ingham Timeline

    Click on 'Spoiler' to view
    10/10/2015 - Chris and Sarah get married
    25/11/2015 - Sarah’s mum, Joanne, dies of lung cancer.
    22/12/2015 - First Ingham video posted
    August 2015 - Inghams start daily vlogging with Sarah as the main focus
    03/09/2016 - Isabelle's 11th birthday becomes the first Ingham vlog to go viral with over 21 million views to date.
    26/10/2016 - The first Christmas vlog goes viral with over 67 million views to date thanks to Isla’s reaction to a Baby Annabell doll
    Autumn 2017 - Chris quits his job as a cleaner at the airport
    September 2017 - Isabelle is moved to a private secondary school
    October 2017 - The Inghams move house
    28/10/2017 - 32 year old Chris attempts to get a 16 year old autistic girl to go skinny dipping with him whilst he’s on a family holiday in Florida, where the age of consent is 18.
    November 2017 - Isla stars in an Iceland Christmas ad with the clip of her reaction to the Baby Annabell.
    28/01/2018 - First ever Ingham Family fan meet and greet takes place.
    05/05/2018 - Chris and Sarah hijack Isabelle’s Lego meet and greet and turn it into their own personal meet and greet.
    12/07/2018 - Chris cheats on Sarah by sleeping with a 21 year old woman
    29/05/2018 - Chris propositions another teenage girl at Alton Towers
    9/06/2018 - Inghams are VIPs at the Capital Summertime Ball. Unbeknownst to them it will be their final ever gifted event thanks to Chris.
    25/06/2018 - The Inghams hit 1 million subscribers on Youtube
    30/06/2018 - The Inghams meet Zoella. Sarah falls down a hill. Zoe would later ‘lose’ the footage of that day.
    26/07/2018 - Sarah announces she is pregnant with her fourth child earlier than planned.
    27/07/2018 - Chris is outed for grooming teenage girls. Subsequently, the Inghams are dropped by their management and Isabelle loses her deal with Lego.
    July/August 2018 - People reach out to Sarah to offer her and her children refuge from Chris but she declines and sticks by him.
    11/08/2018 - A united Ingham Family set off on a gifted holiday to Australia.
    23/08/2018 - Chris releases a video denying the grooming allegations. This video is later deleted.
    September 2018 - Esmé starts private school.
    12/09/2018 - Sussex Police all but confirm Chris sent a 16 year old girl messages ‘of a sexual nature’. As the crime occurred in Florida he cannot be arrested by British authorities without a warrant/extradition request.
    October 2018 - A pre planned trip to Florida is cancelled.
    27/03/2019 - Sarah gives birth to a baby boy named Jace. He soon becomes the prodigal son who can do no wrong.
    19/07/2019 - Jace reborn doll released
    August 2019 - The Inghams hit the headlines again for abandoning a sleeping 4 month old Jace on a Barcelona beach whilst they go swimming. A wide angle lens is blamed.
    04/08/2019 - Chris and Sarah have a rant in a tent. He molests a baby doll and she announces she wants a burger for her tea.
    October 2019 - Sarah’s best friend since childhood, Nikki, finally realises Sarah has been lying to her when denying that Chris groomed teenagers. They are no longer friends.
    June 2020 - Chris buys a caravan
    September 2020 - Sarah fakes a cancer scare and a miscarriage.
    September 2020 - Following lockdown and several months of homeschooling, the Ingham sisters do not return to school after Chris decides he wants them home-schooled.
    May 2021 - The Inghams move house again due to ‘safety concerns’, blaming ‘trolls’ who look through their windows
    July 2021 - The Inghams hit the headlines for water safety concerns regarding their children after they fail to put buoyancy aids on them in a deep Scottish loch.
    21/06/2021 - Chris and Sarah have a rant in a bush. Chris is upset about having “bs written about me for no reason”.
    23/07/2021 - Sarah gives birth to her fifth child, Mila.
    Baby Mila reborn doll released
    December 2022 - Sarah releases a vlog stating that she does not want another child but Chris does.
    11/10/2023 - Sarah gives birth to her sixth child, Aurora, via cesarean section and begins to make serious accusations of wrongdoing against the NHS. Chris gives his daughter the same name as one of his victims.



    Rise to Fame

    The Inghams started vlogging after Sarah lost her mum. They went viral after pretending Sarah's Mum had secretly given Sarah a name for her sister's unborn child before she died. That video went viral and then they got famous because they buy their kids a million Christmas presents and have children that scream so loud at their main presents that they wake the neighbours.


    The Inghams started raking the money in, they were even on an Iceland Christmas advert. The Gilded Turkey. Sadly even previous Iceland superstars Kerry Katona and Peter Andre refuse to acknowledge their existence.

    Chris Ingham Allegedly Sleeps with Teenage Fans

    It came out in the newspapers that Chris allegedly slept with females and messaged a 16-year-old asking her to meet him at night to go skinny dipping whilst he was on holiday in Florida (where sexual activity at 16 is classed as underage) with his family and she was with hers. Chris used to claim Florida was his favourite place to go on holiday but they haven't been back since 2018, even cancelling a planned trip in October of that year so he could avoid arrest. He inappropriately messaged two other girls and met another in Leeds Ibis hotel. He allegedly still wears the beanie in bed, and his T-shirt, his socks, and his cheesy grin.



    He released a long video in response that doesn't really answer anything but says hell no he's not a p'file and waves anxiety medicine. This was deleted from his channel but the internet remembers:

    However, Sussex police confirmed the screenshots were genuine. Unfortunately, as Jess was 16 and UK child protection laws are absolutely diabolical, no action was taken. Tattlers hope to see Chris in handcuffs and making his television debut on 24 Hours in Police Custody someday soon.


    They were dropped by their management company Viral Talent after the allegations came out.


    They ignored it all and tried to sweep it under the carpet, he got "Sarah Ingham forever" tattooed over his arm and she didn't look impressed at all. Sarah is currently keen to get a tattoo as well. Possibly "MoneyForever" 💜.

    Sarah has made him pay ever since. He drove hundreds of miles in their new tin can, aka the caravan, for a huge euro trip to France and Spain. They visited Lidl, ate croissants out of the plastic wrapping and inhaled pot noodles every day. The Ingham Family are fond of bikini thumbnails of the children as it gets them more views. Chris probably has an entire folder full of inappropriate photos for thumbnails. They say they love to travel for the ‘agriculture’ and memories, however their holidays are basically swimming pools and beaches with no education whatsoever even though they often appeared to take the girls out of school.

    One girl released a video in response.


    An incredibly disturbing account of Chris's behaviour before YouTube
    Screenshot 2022-06-25 at 19.25.07.png

    Chris Ingham Family

    Dave Ingham is Chris's equally weird brother. Claims to be a singer/songwriter/director/actor <cough> Allegedly he is that absolutely hideous Twitter account PublicSafety. Shockingly he and Sarah did the wild thang. I don't think there are any more Ingham brothers for Sarah to get jiggy with.....

    Steve Ingham is Chris’s Dad, we often like to say hi to him in the threads. Hi Steve!

    Jane Ingham is Chris Ingham's Mother. Fondly referred to as Zelda, described as poison, evil and the ultimate troll ring leader. She’s a witch, enabler, manipulator and allegedly Queen of Tuna Sandwiches.

    Two former members of the Ifam came forward with screenshots of conversations where Zelda says she loves them, they're her besties, and they're gorgeous. She also asks them to spread hate, attack those who voice concerns or dare to show the real Ingham Family. She’s a groomer just like her son.

    It has also been revealed Zelda bullied Leah, Sarah's niece online. Interestingly, the Ingham Family are apparently very anti-bullying. Isabelle was made a “bullying ambassador” at her school.

    Chris on a night out with Sarah's sister, Katrina
    Screenshot 2022-04-10 14.59.50.png
    Screenshot 2022-04-10 14.59.33.png

    Sarah Ingham Family

    Katrina Dixon is Sarah Ingham's sister. Too common and chavvy to enter the Ingham porn palace. Her sons are too feral to be invited inside the home. Leah used to be allowed in to boost numbers for promotional work at birthday sleepovers but has disappeared in recent times. It is strongly suspected Katrina took part in trolling Twitter accounts at the start of the allegations, notably one named Donna Kebab. Sarah once bought her sister a car for a vlog. The window of said car was smashed in because Katrina owed money.

    Nanaaaaaaaar Jean is Sarah's grandma. Nannar is often wheeled out around pension day so she can pay Sarah's shopping bill. In 2020 she was treated to a holiday on the Island of Portugal. She sounds like she smokes 40 a day and has a veranda at her house. Sarah loves Nannar Jean so much that she didn’t know she’d gone to visit a friend one day and they had to call the police as no one was home to open the front door.

    Big Frank is an old friend of Sarah's who often appears on her lip, along with his extended family.

    Baby Jace and Selling Baby Jace Doll

    They had a baby to try and get their channel back but it bit them on the arse. They wanted more views, which they did briefly but they soon began to plummet again. Now they have a 4 year old boy who is out of control and desperately needs a few weeks with Supernanny.

    Exclusive statement from Granny Jane to a fan account:

    Sarah is high on gas and air. Confirmation that IS Jane's grandson.

    They made a doll that represents their baby (to sell it they initially said it was a replica, even comes with a fake birth certificate) for £344.


    Rumour has it that a Creepy Chris doll is on its way. Beanie, cupious BO, greasy fringe, receding hairline that starts at the back of it's head and icky grey top are standard. Press a button and it says "Niiicccce" and it sounds like Jimmy Saville.

    After hitting the headlines and getting backlash against the doll, Chris and Sarah sat down for a classic Ingham rant, now known as the "If ah wan a burga for me tea ahl av aburga for me tea" rant. Chris also held the doll in a very questionable way.

    Baby Mila and Baby Mila Doll

    On Mother's Day 2021, it was announced that Sarah was pregnant with her 5th child. They tried to keep it a SURPRISE but Tattle knew months before the announcement after Chris left the gender reveal boxes in the background in one of the February vlogs. Tattle also found out Mila's name months before it was announced after a small business gifted a wall mural to Isla and posted both that one and Mila's on their social media. It was removed faster than Sarah can inhale a chocolate bar and the business hasn't been mentioned since.

    On New Year's Day 2022 Sarah proudly unveiled the new Mila doll (who was held with better care than real Mila). She was sold for a total of £434 for the doll, a hamper and a meet and greet ticket. The not so secret meet and greet was held in March 2023, by which time Sarah the baby machine was pregnant again.

    Mila's Hip Issues

    Baby Mila was breach for much of the Pregnancy and only turned after 28 weeks. After her birth in July 2021, it was found that her left hip was clicky. She was referred to a consultant, who determined the hip was out of range at an angle of 54°, and referred her to Sheffield Children's Hospital. The Inghams were about to go on another van road trip so spoke to the consultant over the phone, and they said it was fine for them to go on holiday as the appointment wasn't urgent. The bit Chris and Sarah left out was poor Mila would be trapped into a car seat for weeks on end and that she was being held like a sack of potatoes.

    In December 2021, a couple of weeks after the Inghams returned to the UK, Mila was finally taken for her appointment. Trying desperately to squeeze out as many tears as possible, Sarah said Mila would now need surgery on her hip to put it back into place as it was dislocated. A spica cast would be required for months afterward. The surgery would be in January.

    January came, and on the day Mila was supposedly due to have the surgery, Sarah decided she wanted a second opinion because she didn't understand how Mila's hip had gone "from one extreme to the other". Somehow she'd managed to perfectly explain what was wrong with Mila only weeks before. She seemed more worried about the impact of the surgery on the rest of the family i.e. no holidays for a while than her 5-month-old baby.

    Baby Aurora - C-section and medical issues

    In April 2023 the Inghams announced, after much speculation on Tattle, that Sarah was pregnant again. They went to the beach for Isla's 11th birthday, but really it was to film the shitty pregnancy announcement. Sarah said she was due on 13th Oct 2023 but the EDD of the 6th Oct was spotted on a scan, a week earlier than she said. She has an obsession with the 13th date due to herself and Chris being born on that date, and it being Esmé’s due date.

    At the end of the pregnancy, she was seeing a consultant regularly and having growth scans as the baby was a dinky dot at an estimated 7lb 6oz. It was suspected this was another lie and more likely due to Sarah's weight, her age and potential gestational diabetes. She herself stated her BMI was over 35.

    They vlogged a lot about Sarah’s vagina cyst (Cystopher) and the decision of whether to have a c-section or a natural birth. Despite her attempts to win the British Soap Award for Best Dramatic Performance with her forced tears, Sarah never specified what the exact problem is. After making mountains out of molehills, she finally went and spoke to three doctors and it was decided that she was to have a caesarean section. At the same time, she was to have her tubes tied. Believe nothing Sarah tells you though as she lies as easily as she farts. After the birth, she vlogged that she regretted the decision to tie her tubes. The tubes debacle itself deserves its own segment of the wiki...

    Chris decided to name the baby as the 10 second shag in an Edinburgh Air Bnb was such hard work. He named her Aurora as he claims they first saw the Aurora Borealis the night they found out Sarah was pregnant in a motorway toilet block. Her first middle name is Bella, the name of one of his teenage victims. Her second middle name is Rosavie to chav it up a bit.

    Aurora is a naughty baby if she doesn’t sleep. Sarah puts her to bed at midnight and she wakes up at 4am for a feed before going back to sleep and then wakes up for the day at the soooper doooper early time of 10am.

    Sarah said this would be the final Ingham child. Chris initially agreed but then didn't say much before later admitting he wants more children. They said their last two babies were their final child but both times went on to have another because Chris wanted to. The wimp chickened out of a vasectomy so Sarah had to get her tubes tied... allegedly.

    Shit Midas List

    The Shit Midas list is a list of companies or a person whose reputation the Inghams have ruined, or tried to ruin, through being associated with them through being gifted something by them whether it be some clothing, toys or a holiday. Being associated with a child groomer was never going to end well.
    The list so far includes:
    - Rosabelle Manor Builder, Chris (no not that Chris)
    - Sinnaz (now closed) and Lee Deliveroo
    - Lego
    - Cotterpillar
    - Forest Holidays
    - Claire’s Vintage Treasures (closed)
    - Pringle Spider, Ice Cream Butterfly, and Garfield and Margaret the moths (RIP)
    - Kayak Paul
    - Nuby and the fired staff member
    - Flambards
    - Cashel Campsite receptionist
    - Matt Hancock
    - Social Services
    - Disneyland Paris
    - DisneyWorld Florida/Universal
    - Legoland Dubai
    - Alton Towers
    - Caravan Selling Place/Caravan and Camping Club
    - Flyte
    - Kayak
    - Atlantis Hotel Dubai
    - Hello Fresh
    - Air Up
    - Air BnB
    - Citron
    - The Little Jones
    - Piglet’s Pantry
    - Shein/Temu
    - Eden Project
    - Kinderkraft
    - Fàilte Ireland
    - Online Home Store
    - Emma Mattresses
    - Apukka Resort
    - The Little Jones
    - Fido E Bikes
    - Merlin Entertainments

    Chris's Controlling Behaviour

    As the years have gone on it has become more and more evident how controlling Chris is of the entire family. He is an incredibly insecure man and everything has to go his way or he’ll have a tantrum and throw coffee up the wall. Sarah is often against his big ideas but he has worked out how to grind her down until she says yes and manipulates her into thinking it was her idea in the first place. Chris is constantly critical of Sarah when she goes on shopping sprees for clothes, but it’s ok for him to spend thousands on big purchases such as caravans, cameras, ipads, coffee machines and cars. Chris and Sarah only own one credit card, which he keeps from her and she can only have with his permission. She has openly admitted that he keeps an eye on her purchases through an app on his phone. A significant portion of the money they have spent should’ve gone to their children for their futures as they earnt it, but instead they are pacified with occasional clothing hauls from Shein and Temu.

    It was Chris who wanted the children to be home-schooled. Sarah was vehemently against it, as were the children, but he soon manipulated them into thinking it was for the best and he brainwashed Esme into twisting Sarah’s arm. It was him who wanted to buy a caravan and go traveling to Scotland and into Europe. The first trip was a disaster but Chris has managed to drag his family out on at least two roadtrips every year, including when his wife was in the early stages of pregnancy and suffering from morning sickness. Numerous medical and maternity appointments were missed as a result of the needless roadtrips but he did not care, despite claiming to have medical experience himself so he should know how important they are. His current obsession is with the Arctic and it has resulted in at least one child having permanent skin damage caused by frostbite. At least Chris got to touch the Arctic Circle sign and sleep in a forest layby though.

    Chris is scared of what will happen if he lets the children and Sarah out of his sight. He is terrified of being caught for his crimes and of losing his new privileged lifestyle, which he has to thank his wife and children for as they were the reason the channel initially took off.

    Caravans and Motorhomes

    Chris wanted to get a caravan, they got a caravan. Chris wanted to get a new caravan, they got a new caravan. Chris wanted to get a Sprinter van, they got a Sprinter van. Chris wanted a motorhome, they sold the Sprinter van and bought a motorhome. Chris wanted to buy the Sprinter van back, he convinced a reluctant Sarah to buy back the van by using Esme and Isla. Anyone see a pattern here?

    During the first ever caravan trip around the NC500 in Scotland, Chris flew a drone into the sea. He keeps breaking drones. In 2021 he decided it was a good idea to drag his 32 weeks pregnant wife on a month long tour of the UK from Cornwall to rural Scotland.

    The first caravan trip abroad to France and Spain, at the beginning of the covid pandemic, was a disaster with the car breaking down and them spending a week at a garage in Minglanilla whilst being chased by 30 ifam. Chris got drunk on a boat (and the Prinnnnaaaaaaayyyyyyy song was born) as he dashed back to the UK, breaking lockdown rules to get the other car. In his absence, the kids spent their days riding their scooters on a helipad next to a cemetery whilst Sarah sat on her fat arse. Once Christopher had returned, the Inghams headed to the Island of Portugal for over a month. For her 16th birthday Isabelle received half a melon as a birthday cake. I’m not sure whether that’s better or worse than the chocolate cake she got a couple of years later that had been poked and nibbled by Jace.

    The Western Europe caravan trip seems to have turned into an annual tradition. Highlights of the caravan trips include the obsession with Praia Da Luz and Madeleine Mccann, the murder of several animals including a butterfly and a moth, a faked miscarriage, fake cancer toe, lies about being scammed out of thousands of pounds, lake after lake and swimming pool after swimming pool, the mispronunciation of several town names, a 10 second shag in a Portuguese cave and a few entertaining Q&As.

    Since 2023 Chris has insisted on taking a trip to the Arctic Circle. He says this will be an annual trip. Sarah was once again reluctant. She fell pregnant during the trip and started puking her guts up… cue a 24 hour dash back home. In 2024 Chris drove into a snow bank and nearly cried over it; he blamed the snow for dragging him into it but he’s a shit driver and has admitted to being stopped by the police before.


    The Ingham children have had no proper education since before the outbreak of the covid pandemic and are some of the thousands who have been let down by the authorities. The main reason for homeschooling was to allow them more (and cheaper) holidays. Jace has never seen the inside of a classroom, Isabelle hasn’t been to school since year 9, Esme year 5 and Isla year 3. The children are often left to 'home school' themselves. History topics have included the Anger-low Saxons, Medieval Victorian times and Queen Victoria of France.

    Before they left school, home-school maths teacher Chris told Isla that the 8/10 she got on a test was full marks. We were often told Isla was "top of her class", even though such a position does not exist.

    Jace’s home schooling journey has begun. He started learning his colours when he was aged 2. At 4, he could write his name with dot to dot and count to 10 and was studying for a degree in colour identification. Now he is 5 and Sarah is pretending to teach him phonics. He often looks off camera towards his liar of a mother before answering a question so she can mouth the answer to him. 'Teaching' is only done when it can be filmed for the vlog and often only happens after contact from the LEA or social services. In his spare time Jace enjoys bullying his younger sisters and leaving them with bruises, screeching, eating sugary snacks and playing with dinosaurs. 2 year old Mila is more intelligent and speaks more clearly than him. There are concerns over his progress and Sarah often rants about how they don't film every second of their day. Maybe not but what they DO film is deeply concerning.

    It is claimed by prolific liar Sarah that Isabelle got a 9 in her English GCSE. This is about as likely as Chris getting an A* in A Level Maths before that grade even came into existence. Isabelle can barely speak properly and stutters or waffles nervously whenever she does. It would be a miracle if she even got a 4. She is a prisoner in her own home with her days consisting of studying crystals, talking about cats and rearranging her bedroom. Isabelle has very little in terms of a social life. She has only one friend called Amy, who she goes and sees occasionally, but no one else. Sarah set up that friendship. Isabelle has no job and her role in the household is babysitter. She often sleeps in the same room or bed as 5 year old Jace when they go on holiday.


    Have a Poochon called Prinny who is left with Chris's parents whenever they go away on holiday. Occasionally they take her with them but this is very rare and they often don't collect her until several days after the return home. The dog is often desperately in need of a groom and her overgrown nails trimming, likely as a result of rarely being walked. Her diet lacks nutritional value and she is overweight. The Inghams did get her spayed after much discussion. Prinny has now been abandoned with Chris' parents whilst her owners have gone on an extended holiday to Dubai.

    In August 2023 hey got 3 Guinea pigs. Isla was begging her parents for one, even going so far as to create a PowerPoint on looking after it, so Jane and Steve purchased them all one as a surprise. Initially they got two Guinea Pigs for Esmé and Isla. Jane didn’t want Isabelle to be left out so returned to the pet shop for another. No one is sure whether they’re definitely female or not. Pet shops are notorious for sexing small furries incorrectly.

    As usual they didn't research properly to ensure they bought the correct equipment, blaming the pet shop/Amazon or the advice of the Ifam. Eventually they bought a larger cage. (vlog titled - Surprising our girls with new pets brings tears). They even took the poor things away with them on a caravan trip, which was within 11 days of getting them (vlog titled - What happened to our Guinea Pigs). On a trip to Alton Towers in April 2024, the Guinea Pigs were left alone overnight in the freezing cold caravan whilst the Inghams stayed in the Alton Towers Hotel. The Guinea Pigs are now living with an ifam whilst the Inghams are in Dubai and will be shipped to and from the Ingham house whenever they return home for a couple of weeks.


    Sarah started her small business ‘Baby and Me by Sarah Ingham’ where she takes designs off the internet to be printed onto blankets made in China then she sells them at an extremely high return. She exploits those who can’t afford them by having the option for payment plans. She also charges for postage and asks for tips even though they’re already expensive.

    Baby and Me was closed in mid 2023 'for the summer' whilst they ran away 'travelling' again. Almost a year later and there's no news of it reopening. The website is still live but no products are listed to purchase.


    Mary Shortle

    Victoria Shortle is the creator of the Jace and Mila reborn babies. Mary Shortle is the name of her shop, which she named after her mother. Her father is a horse. She is unhinged beyond words and is so far up the Inghams' bumholes that she is tickling their tonsils. She also likes feedback of a certain kind otherwise will attack people and children on her Facebook page. She may or may not be having a long term affair with Chris.

    They also created an overpriced teddy of their dog Prinny through Mary Shortle to sell to their fans, many of whom are vulnerable children and adults. Baby Aurora escaped having a freak doll made of her.

    Meet and greets were held for each doll at the shop of horrors. The Inghams stood behind a flimsy ribbon for protection and dragged some unemployed teenagers off the streets of Seacroft to work as security guards for the day. A party bag was given with stale cakes and sandwiches from Tesco.

    There used to be two Mary Shortle shops but the one in Leeds had to close and now only the one in York remains.

    Pool Party With Zoella

    Zoella was a long-time fan of the Inghams and they had a pool party at her house in June 2018. When the teen fan allegations came out a few days after this Zoella who hadn't released her video with them yet claimed it became corrupted.

    Alfie posted on Twitter to say they should be removed from YouTube and that he contacted them to no response. Sarah allegedly threatened to leak Zoella and Alfie's address:


    Baby Shower Cake


    Leaving Baby Alone On Beach So They Could Swim


    They left their baby on the beach in a foreign country with the excuse that they weren't far away it was just the wide-angle lens that made it appear so, it hit the headlines.

    East 17

    In 2019 it was revealed that Sarah Ingham was a secret member of East 17, appearing in their Christmas smash hit 'Stay'. ;)

    Maldives Free Holiday During Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020

    A strong start to the year by The Ingham Family, who managed to blag a free holiday to the Maldives.
    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and Chris complaining of feeling ill but stating that the pandemic was a fuss over nothing, they woohooed their way across the world to destroy the reputation of the hotel they were staying in.
    Chris spent the majority of the holiday sitting in the toilet and arguing with underage fans.

    On the bus transfer at the airport, Creepy went from woohooing in a scuba mask to boohooing in a corona mask.
    Welcome to the real world, you self-involved tosser.

    Coffee up the wall

    June 2020 - vlog - Teen wiped out on the trampoline.
    Chris stated he had a cup of coffee, it's halfway up the wall and it went all over the MacBook, which is now drying on the radiator but
    Apparently, the Bradford house sale fell through so Chris threw coffee at the wall in anger.

    Death of the Drone in Scotland 2020


    Stuck on the Forecourt of Dreams and Disused helipad

    For their 2020 summer holiday their old land rover broke down and they were stuck in a remote part of Spain staying on the forecourt of dreams. But still managed to bump into 30 of their fans in this small town (Minganilla).

    Chris Ingham Medicated Breakdown Rant

    While alone on the boat coming back to rescue the family stranded on the helipad.

    Cancer Toe Clickbait

    During the first European Roadtrip in the summer of 2020, views were super low after Chris got back with the new car. They travelled to the Island of Portugal and something needed to be done asap. Sarah, four years after losing her own mother to the disease, decided to pretend a bruise on her toe was cancer. Cue lots of tears and a fake miscarriage for sympathy. After lots of bad acting from Sarah, the spot was dried blood and the doctor scraped it away.

    Madeleine McCann Obsession

    During the summer 2020 roadtrip, the Inghams just happened to visit Praia da Luz, where 3 year old Madeleine McCann disappeared from one evening in May 2007. The Inghams decided to exploit Madeleine's disappearance by visiting the apartment she was last seen in. They claimed they didn't know it was the same Praia da Luz.

    An excited Chris made sure to get some good zoomed in shots of the apartment (apparently the ifam asked to see it) and showed us how far away the tapas restaurant is. As if he had any right to criticise someone else's parenting after he'd just left his baby son alone on a beach! It was such a fun visit for the Inghams that they went back to the apartment again. Sarah gave directions on how to get there.

    They returned to Praia da Luz in 2023 and once again mentioned Madeleine's disappearance whilst showing us the church. Despicable. There's a special place in hell for Chris and Sarah, along with whoever instigated Madeleine's disappearance.

    New Ingham House

    They kept putting their old house up for sale, which meant the estate agents were showing images of the house online. The Inghams blamed the haters for releasing their location and not the estate agents who did it. The Inghams themselves never hid where they lived and made it very easy to find out their address; very concerning with the amount of young children they have.

    In 2021 they started bragging about their new build house and the area, thus making it easy for people to be able to know where they lived. Chris and Sarah claim they don’t feel safe in their house, but regularly leave their teenage daughters at home to babysit when they pop out.

    They insist the marble effect tiles are real marble. Visitors are only allowed through the front door on their first visit so they can see the stairs. The house is falling apart faster than Chris can repair it. The décor of the house is mostly from Asda/B&M/The Range/Home Bargains. Raw sewage has been running down the outside walls and weeds are constantly growing on the driveway. The trampoline was blown over the fence into a farmer's field so Chris called the police.

    Doors in new house look Cheap


    The aspirational staircase


    Christmas edition
    Screenshot 2021-12-07 195620.png

    Chavy Art for the new house


    Children Paddle on Loch Lomond With No Buoyancy Aids

    In 2021 they went paddle boarding on Loch Lomond far out, several times with no buoyancy aids and a local water safety expert tried to educate them. Chris told this unsung hero, now known as Kayak Paul, that all his kids (then aged 15, 12, 9 and 2) were all teenagers.

    The Scottish sun ran a couple of stories

    Fàilte Ireland Wild Atlantic Way Trademark

    During their van travels in Ireland they used the trademarked logo by Fàilte Ireland for the Wild Atlantic Way in thumbnails. As this was unauthorised Fàilte Ireland are believed to have asked them to change the thumbnail in mid May 22. They carried on using the trademarked logo and 11 vlogs disappeared due to a trademark claim at the end of May.

    Escape the Matrix

    19 August 2023 - From post 103 thread 298.
    Chris released an MLM finance e-book called Escape the Matrix, which is based on his, so far, 7-year financial-free life. This is in addition to them earning off YouTube. He insists that he has made and his Ifam can make £10k a day, hours later this changed to £10k a week.

    Screenshots were posted showing some amounts coming into his bank account but people were convinced these were photoshopped or just transfers between other accounts.

    He has been on IG stating that the book is selling really well but apparently, it sold a whopping 271 copies but he claimed it was 3038.

    The book was priced at £12.99 but reduced to £10.00. It had a limited selling date of the 25th Aug, but this was changed to the end of the month as the desperate Ifam aren't paid until then. He also stated that the 'book' release will only occur after the 28th due to ebook copyright laws, this is to stop fools downloading it, altering it and then reselling it as their own.

    Tattlers speculated that he has either copied someone else's book as he is using other people's videos etc, or is affiliated with Andrew Tate's Escape the Matrix MLM scam.

    Finally advertised his book on the vlog - I'm getting ALL my hair chopped off!
    The 10k per day/week changed to potentially - there are people earning thousands a day.
    The book is now on sale, again, for a limited time only. No end date as yet.
    A Facebook paid membership forum was set up so fools can't access it.
    Chris is now constantly posting, on his IG page short videos of the children, stating e.g. while you chill in the pool earn 3k or get paid £££s to go to DLP.
    • He now has a Dropshop called selling overpriced Chinese tat. Fear not they are superior Chinese tat. Future trending tat before TikTok shows it off tat. Sourced via a US-based fulfilment agency.
    • His limited edition but still available ''Ebook'' is here - Escape the Matrix.
    • Started an IG account called zero2tenk to post his MLM and MRR crap.
    • Has another IG account called chrisinghammrr explaining his MRR crap and earnings.
    • He is now furiously flogging selling Master Resell Rights. Post.
    • Set up a Facebook group called Escape the Matrix Portal Forum - to join £9.99 a month. So far there are 70 fools members. Update - 11/10 = 58. 7/02/24 = 25. Update - Now closed. He has set up another one to con flog the crap.
    Aside from Escape the Matrix and his MRR, they also have fingers in other pies.
    • In 2022 Sarah was really going for it on the vlogs, advertising water bottles from Amazon. It turned out it was their company using a fake name FIT Ltd. When they caught up on Tattle they changed it. Chris is now flogging them via his IG page.
    • Since 2019 Sarah has sold baby blankets, fleeces etc., that are, she says, exclusively designed by her, on a website called babyandmebysarahingham. These products are obviously ordered from Alibaba using images she obtains elsewhere and then the prices are considerably marked up, with high P&P to boot. A tip option is lovingly added. Be generous y'all.
    • Alongside babyandme there is also Teen and Me by Isabelle and Sarah Ingham.
    ''Monopoly taught me that if you don't take risks, you will end up paying rent to someone that did'' ''The universe favours the bold''

    Andrew Tate wannabe

    Concerningly Chris (who he is undoubtedly modelling his MLM empire on, plus his disgusting IG attitude) thinks Andrew Tate is a role model.

    Theme Park Disabled Pass Abuse

    Chris announced on Vlogmas day 6 in December 2023 that they were linking up with friends who had annual passes & fast passes and that they intended to get some serious rideage done today - not the girls. They also said they may look into getting them next year as you get some banging perks.
    During the vlogs it emerged that they were using the Priority Access lane and not the Fast Track lane. This lane is for disabled people. You are allowed up to 4 people for attractions and 2 for parades/shows. (Fast Track, the proper name is Premier Access, is a separate paid-for system and annual passes do not include Fast Track passes)
    They also used the friend's access passes to see The Princess meet n greet.
    Also obtained a 15% discount in the DLP store for some toys - as he stated ''rinsed them proper''. and at dinner time for a meal.

    The 'friends' turned out to be a vulnerable ifam and her two children- surprise, surprise!! Esme at one point claimed the son of the family was her boyfriend. They once again used their ride passes at Alton Towers in April 2024.


    Talked about the Dryrobes that they were all wearing during vlogmas 2023. Bought them for Scandinavia but they didn't arrive in time and they had been in the garage since then unopened.
    Tattle was convinced they were gifted as no way would they purchase expensive Dryrobes.
    Dryrobe were contacted and they confirmed that they were gifted.
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we gifted some products for a specific project in Scandinavia back in January.

    The Great Ingham Secret of 2024 - Secrets and DuLies

    The Inghams started teasing about a big secret life change over New Years 2024. There was much speculation including a new baby, moving to America, Route 66 roadtrip, selling Rosabelle Manor, Chris having a sex change (lower surgery would be a challenge as its a dinky dot).

    On the vlog uploaded on 14th May 2024 it was finally revealed that the Inghams were in Dubai. Time will tell what they're running from but it's thought to be the taxman, the LEA, the dentist or social services; probably all of those. Chris thinks they're moving there permanently and Sarah said they were moving to their new house. Tattlers quickly found the apartment from a photo uploaded of the stairs and it was found that the apartment is an Air Bnb and only booked until 6th August. Someone has been telling a very very lot of lies.

    Having been caught in a lie, the Inghams were forced to change their story and suddenly the apartment is only temporary until they find a permanent house. Luckily one of their many (imaginary) best friends in the UK knows a realtor and he lives across the road from the Inghams' new house or something like that. Chris tried to tease us into thinking he was buying a house worth millions; he wishes.

    Stairs Controversy

    Due to the bad design of the new house, there is nowhere to access the room/s above the garage. In the identical house next door (which the builder originally built for himself) there is an access door on the balcony. However at Rosabelle Manor, external metal stairs were attached to the back, and to retain them a minor amendment application for retrospective planning permission was sought. The local council received complaints from the neighbours, mainly objecting to the proximity of the stairs. Other complaints include the Inghams filming the neighbour's garden, the Ingham children noisily run up & down the stairs and the possibility that they have converted the space for accommodation.

    Feb 2022.
    The amendment to the planning permission was discussed at length and it was proposed to reject the application. It was therefore resolved to object to the planning application.
    The stairs are still up, possibly waiting for an appeal as the Inghams are currently (April 22) in Ireland on the WAW route in their converted DPD van.
    The Inghams have until Oct 2022 to screen the stairs off to hide the neighbour's garden. Since August they are currently #vanlifeing it around Europe, it is suspected they are due home at the end of Sept.

    May 2023
    Chris sent in an amendment for the stair privacy screen.
    From the Council.
    The proposed method of screening (PVC 1.8m High Screen) is acceptable in principle. The details submitted in your email dated 9 May 2023 state the screen will be fixed securely to the outside edges of the staircase using heavy duty bolts and the screen will have plywood as a middle layer to add stability and to ensure the gaps within the screen are blocked up. On the basis this approach will be taken it is considered the details are acceptable and the condition is hereby discharged. You should ensure the screen is fixed to the external staircase at your earliest opportunity.
    Within three months of the date of this permission, details shall be submitted to and agreed in writing by the local planning authority of how the staircase will be screened to protect neighbouring amenity. Within six months of details being agreed, the screen shall be erected and thereafter retained.

    Chris Ingham Is A Rockstar

    Chris claims he plays the guitar, and once injured his hand performing a backflip on roller skates, both of which are massive lies.


    Chris uses the surname 'DeLonge' on social media, after Tom DeLonge of the band Blink-182. He also used it as his surname in a letter he wrote to a local paper discussing UFO sightings, where he also described himself as a trainee pilot. He made a video about his OCD and mental health problems (which he claims a doctor told him were "d-head thoughts) and said he originally wanted to be a meteorologist because of the film Twister (a 1996 film about storm chasers in Oklahoma) and was planning to either do a degree at a university in Oklahoma or do a degree in the UK with a year abroad in Oklahoma. He said his mental health got worse and he gave up A levels and when he came back to do them he wanted to be a doctor. He worked as a hospital porter for a while. He had a band called 'The Adventure', probably before the kids were born, which was described as alternate punk rock. It is unknown when his piloting dream came in.


    Chris is going bald and uses a beanie to cover the receding hairline. He combs his hair forward to create the illusion of a fringe.
    Screenshot 2021-01-24 192854.png
    Screenshot 2022-03-15 165248.png

    And he likes to dance to I'm a Little Teapot

    Maggot In Salmon


    Ingham Language and vocabulary

    They refer to words in a bizarre manner, quite a lot of these words are said repetitively in the same vlog and also together
    e.g. Oh my gosh, that's insane.

    - A very lot (Chris says this mostly)
    - Adorable
    - Agriculture (Sarah's word for culture/tourist attractions)
    - anyway
    - Advocado (avocado)
    - Baaaabe - said with zero affection
    - Bad boys - generally when referring to food items
    - Belly belly
    - beautiful
    - BiTs AnD BaTs
    - Block
    - Cah-ra-van (The Ingham way of saying caravan)
    - Chocolate
    - Cheese
    - Chuldren (Sarah's way of saying children)
    - Clever boi
    - Corniche pastie
    - cryyyyyinggggggg
    - cute (said 37839282 in each vlog to describe everything from a mouldy banana skin to a baby gro, a dead rat to a rollercoaster and Chris's rank beanie to a hotel)
    - deeeee-vine
    - Deeeee-licious -A word to describe any old shit she throws together and serves up.
    - dinky
    - dinky dot (to describe the teeny tiny Ingham children, who are actually just normal sized children)
    - Disgooostin
    - Does anyone else…
    - Dummie
    - epic
    - Etc etc
    - Goodly
    - guys
    - Hobbie
    - Horrey-zon (Sarah’s pronunciation of “horizon”)
    - Hotel
    - Iv (Sarah can't spell 'I've' properly)
    - I absolutely LOV it
    - iddy biddy
    - insane
    - Joovet (duvet. Fun fact: duvets in the Ingham household are only changed once a year when they buy new ones and they never seem to be washed)
    - Juicy! (Meaning good in some way)
    - It's around 4pm now
    - Like
    - liTTal
    - literally
    - Lovving life right now
    - Medieval Victorian times
    - Mission - a word to describe the act of carrying out the most menial/rudimentary of tasks 🙄
    - Naughty Gorl
    - NeckLace (Pronounced nayk-lAAse by Sarah)
    - oh emmmm geeee
    - oh my
    - Oh-my-Goodness (the last word shrieked)
    - Oh my gosh
    - OMGeeee
    - Only Joking - A phrase used by Sarah after she says anything that she perceives could get them negative attention (it’s always fun watching her start an argument with herself in her own head)
    - Pound - every currency in the world
    - pretty
    - Queen Victoria of France
    - rambino - nickname for when Jace was smaller
    - Road trip (any journey in the car)
    - see you tomorrow at 5 pm
    - Shringe (syringe)
    - Sooooooper sick
    - Sweetheart (in Creepy's effeminate voice)
    - Shhhhhhweeeetttaaaaaaaart
    - stoonin'
    - Ted/Little Ted/Micro Ted - Often misheard as "turd" thanks to Chris's effeminate voice, these are the nicknames for Jace, Mila and Aurora respectively
    - The Island of Portugal
    - thingy-mabobby-do
    - Trolls
    - Turbo-Arm - Meaning unknown, but very fucking annoying!
    - Vile
    - Weetabic (A single weetabix)
    - What’s up gorjis gurl
    - Wooohoooooo (Chris says this nearly every day)
    - You're sooooo welcome (said by Chris 3790808664 times in every birthday or Christmas vlog)

    Ingham Quotes.

    Lazy - “That little dog PRINNY!!!! NAUGHTY GIRL!! YOU DO NOT DIG IN MY GARDEN”
    Creepy - “ I AM NOT A K1DDY FlDDLER!”
    Creepy - “You’re so so welcome shweedheart”
    Lazy - "We're not a tracksuit family"
    Lazy - "Isla! You're ruining my clip"

    Banned words in the Ingham Manor
    - Florida/Orlando/America/Disneyworld
    - Police
    - Jess/Bella/Hayley
    - Dentist
    - Tattle
    - Social services
    - School/LEA/LA/ A levels/GCSE
    - Shower/Bath/Soap
    - Ibis
    - STI
    - Condom
    - Vasectomy
    - Size 18
    - Debt


    All Tattlers are waiting to be shipped to Switzerland to go to a purpose built jail once Chris and Sarah's harassment case against us has played out. Mickey Mouse Jail is also fab man too, allegedly....

    Hayley is someone he slept with from chatting to her online. Nikki was Sarah's only friend, but they had a big fallout and occasionally send cryptic Instagram stories aimed at each other.

    Sarah Ingham does NOT, under any circumstances, eat sugar!!! She also dislikes ice cream but eats it frequently, especially bubble-gum flavour. She hates Orange Twirls and was once in possession of 100 boxes of them, which she wanted to give to homeless people. She is friends with a woman who owns a company called Shop BG and they often sent bags of pick n mix.

    Chris prefers no towels or soap. He liked to wipe his snot on the walls of the house as a child.

    Sarah does not like tracksuits. They are not that type of family.

    Chris keeps his t-shirt, socks and his beanie on during sexual relations and then makes them sign non-disclosure forms on napkins immediately after threatening to sue them. He'll have sex in the Ibis, car or up against the coats.

    No alcohol, EVER. Just Strawberry Baileys, Parma Violet Gin and Rosé wine and slurpees.

    Chris and Sarah got the best legal team in the country to send letters to everyone to try and silence them, this is why we are having trouble with the rainforest at the minute. Rumour has it the solicitors realised they were working with a compulsive liar and dropped da foo!

    Over buy presents at Christmas and birthdays, obviously, this was what got their channel the big views, however, they often get children and parents moaning that it’s not fair to viewers who don’t get much. They even put a disclaimer on their Christmas 2020 video.

    In rants, they often declare that YouTube is their job just like a Brain Surgeon.

    They often have rants aimed at the ‘haters’ when they receive any feedback that isn’t to their liking. Any comments they don’t like are usually replied in a bullying manner to the point that their fans are so terrified they start commenting with the words ‘No hate’.

    Clickbaited a fake miscarriage when expecting their son Jace.

    Chris at the end of his tether with the allegations and being stopped at the Australian airport on their holiday made a poor me and my poor pregnant wife video, where instead of addressing the claims he blamed people. He swiftly removed the video, but unfortunately, it was copied and reuploaded by someone else. Like Chris’s favourite quote ‘if it wasn’t in the vlog it didn’t happen.’

    Travel on an excessive amount of holidays a year, leaving their dog with the grandparents for months on end.

    Sarah likes to support small businesses aka getting gifted something by them.

    Sarah would often receive personalised items for the girls and Jace gifted by small businesses, however recently she’s decided to start selling the same because ‘it’s business’.

    Sarah has a very unhealthy shopping obsession and will go to B&M, Home Bargains, Matalan and Lidl/Aldi most days.

    They’ve attempted to do their bit for charity, which meant giving homeless people on the streets cold McDonald’s burgers whilst shoving cameras in their faces.

    Chris appears to have been ginger as a child but states that his hair went darker (jet black but still with ginger eyelashes??). Tattlers believe he may or may not dye his hair which is often hidden under a beanie hat... even in the hot summer sun.

    Isabelle is Sarah’s daughter from a previous relationship, Isabelle used to still see her biological Dad and his family until the Chris scandal happened. Sarah has made no attempt to cover up her dislike of Isabelle’s real Dad and even did a video hinting that it was him that had allegedly subjected her to domestic abuse (including a black eye drawn onto her face on the thumbnail) In January 2021 whilst doing a Q&A video, it was mentioned that although they had no influence on her decision, Isabelle no longer sees her real Dad and that Chris and Sarah are quite pleased about it. Isabelle's biological father and stepmum clearly miss and love her, and have photos of her publicly available on their Facebook pages.

    Esmé doesn't wash her hands after going to the toilet.



    Sarah showing her true self