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  • About The Ingham Family (formally of 5)

    From Bradford, they are Dad (Chris aka Creepy), Mum (Sarah Ingham aka Lazy), Isabelle (Aged 17), Esmé (Aged 13), Isla (Aged 10), Jace (Aged 3), Mila (Aged 1) and Prinny a 7-year-old Poochon (who they leave for months on end at the grandparents when they ‘travel’) They set up daily vlogs which are edited by Dad Chris every night until 4am in the morning, allegedly...



    Rise to Fame

    The Inghams started vlogging after Sarah lost her mum. They went viral after pretending Sarah's Mum had secretly given Sarah a name for her sister's unborn child before she died. That video went viral and then they got famous because they buy their kids a million Christmas presents and have children that scream so loud at their main presents that they wake the neighbours.


    The Inghams started raking the money in, they were even on an Iceland Christmas advert. The Gilded Turkey. Sadly even previous Iceland superstars Kerry Katona and Peter Andre refuse to acknowledge their existence.

    Chris Ingham Allegedly Sleeps with Teenage Fans

    It came out in the newspapers that Chris allegedly slept with females and messaged a 16-year-old asking her to meet him at night to go skinny dipping whilst he was on holiday in Florida (where sexual activity at 16 is classed as underage) with his family and she was with hers. He also inappropriately messaged 2 other girls and met another in Leeds Ibis hotel, he allegedly still wears the beanie in bed, and his T-shirt, his socks, and his cheesy grin.



    He released a long video in response that doesn't really answer anything but says hell no he's not a p'file and waves anxiety medicine. This was deleted from his channel but the internet remembers:

    However Sussex police confirmed the screenshots were genuine. Unfortunately as Jess was 16 and our child protction laws are not tough enough, no action was taken. Us Tattlers hope to see Chris in handcuffs someday.

    They were dropped by management company Viral Talent after the allegations came out.


    They ignored it all and tried to sweep it under the carpet, he got "Sarah Ingham forever" tattooed over his arm and she didn't look impressed at all. Sarah is currently keen to get a tattoo as well. Possibly "MoneyForever" 💜.

    She had made him pay ever since, he drove hundreds of miles in their new tin can aka the caravan. For a huge euro trip to France and Spain. That's it, visited Lidl whilst there and that's about it. Ate croissants out of the plastic wrapping and pot noodles. Swimming and water parks nearly every day. The Ingham Family are fond of bikini thumbnails of the children. It gets them more views. They say they love to travel for the ‘agriculture’ however their holidays are basically swimming pools and beaches with no education whatsoever even though they often appeared to take the girls out of school.

    One girl released a video in response.


    An incredibly disturbing account of Chris's behaviour before YouTube
    Screenshot 2022-06-25 at 19.25.07.png

    Baby Jace and Selling Baby Jace Doll

    They had a baby to try and get their channel back but it bit them on the arse

    Exclusive statement from Granny Jane to a fan account:

    Sarah is high on gas and air. Confirmation that IS Jane's grandson.

    They made a doll that represents their baby (to sell it they initially said it was a replica, even comes with a fake birth certificate) for £344.


    Rumour has it that a Creepy Chris doll is on its way. Beanie, greasy fringe and icky grey top are standard. Press a button and it says "Niiicccce" and it sounds like Jimmy Saville.

    After hitting the headlines and getting backlash against the doll, Chris and Sarah sat down for a classic Ingham rant, now known as the "If ah wan a burga for me tea ahl av aburga for me tea" rant. Chris also help the doll in a very questionable way.

    Baby Mila and Baby Mila Doll

    On Mother's Day 2021, it was announced that Sarah was pregnant with her 5th child. They tried to keep it a SURPRISE Chris left the gender reveal boxes in the background in one of the February vlogs and Tattle saw. Tattle also found out Mila's name months before it was announced after a small business gifted a wall mural to Isla and posted both that one and Mila's on their social media. It was removed faster than Sarah can inhale a chocolate bar and the business hasn't been mentioned since.

    On New Year's Day 2022 Sarah proudly unveiled the new Mila doll (who is held with better care than the actual human Mila). She is being sold for a total of £434 for the doll, a hamper and a meet and greet ticket. The meet and greet is scheduled for the end of 2022/2023, depending on who you ask.

    Mila's Hip Issues

    Baby Mila was breach for much of the Pregnancy and only turned after 28 weeks. After her birth in July 2021, it was found that her left hip was clicky. She was referred to a consultant, who determined the hip was out of range at 54°, and referred her to Sheffield Children's Hospital. The Inghams were about to go on another van road trip so spoke to the consultant over the phone, and they said it was fine for them to go on holiday as the appointment wasn't urgent. The bit Chris and Sarah probably left out was poor Mila would be trapped into a car seat for weeks on end and that she was being held like a sack of potatoes.

    In December 2021, a couple of weeks after the Inghams returned to the UK, Mila was taken for her appointment. Trying desperately to squeeze out as many tears as possible, Sarah said Mila would now need surgery on her hip to put it back into place as it was dislocated. A cast would be required for months afterwards. The surgery would be in January.

    January came, and on the day Mila was supposedly due to have the surgery, Sarah decided she wanted a second opinion because she didn't understand how Mila's hip had gone "from one extreme to the other". Somehow she'd managed to explain what was wrong with Mila only weeks before. She seemed more worried about the impact of the surgery on the rest of the family than her 5-month-old baby.

    Leaving Baby Alone On Beach So They Could Swim


    They left their baby on the beach in a foreign country with the excuse that they weren't far away it was just the wide-angle lens that made it appear so, it hit the headlines.

    Chris Ingham Is A Rockstar

    Chris claims he plays the guitar, and once injured his hand performing a back-flip on roller skates, both of which are massive lies.


    Chris uses the surname 'DeLonge', after Tom DeLonge of the band Blink-182 on social media etc. He also used it as his surname in a letter he wrote to a local paper discussing UFO sightings. He described himself as a trainee pilot in that. He made a video about his OCD and mental health problems and said he originally wanted to be a meteorologist because of the film Twister (a 1996 film about storm chasers in Oklahoma) and was planning to either do a degree at a university in Oklahoma or do a degree in the UK with a year abroad in Oklahoma. He said his mental health got worse and he gave up A levels and when he came back to do them he wanted to be a doctor. He had a band called 'The Adventure', probably before the kids were born, which was described as alternate punk rock. It is unknown when his piloting dream came in.


    Chris is going bald and uses a beanie to cover the receding hairline.
    Screenshot 2021-01-24 192854.png
    Screenshot 2022-03-15 165248.png

    And he likes to dance to I'm a Little Teapot

    East 17

    In 2019 it was revealed that Sarah Ingham was a secret member of East 17, appearing in their Christmas smash hit 'Stay'. ;)

    Maldives Free Holiday During Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020

    A strong start to the year by The Ingham Family who managed to blag a free holiday to the Maldives.
    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and Chris complaining of feeling ill but stating that the pandemic was a fuss over nothing, they woohooed their way across the world in order to destroy the reputation of the hotel they were staying in.
    Chris spent the majority of the holiday sitting in the toilet and arguing with underage fans.

    Bus on the way back: Creepy’s face on that bus, he’s gone from woohooing in a scuba mask to boohooing in a corona mask.
    Welcome to the real world, you self-involved tosser.

    Stuck on the Forecourt of Dreams and Disused helipad

    For their 2020 summer holiday their old land rover broke down and they were stuck in a remote part of Spain staying on the forecourt of dreams. But still managed to bump into 30 of their fans in this small town (Minganilla).

    Cancer Toe Clickbait

    During the first European Roadtrip in the summer of 2020 views were super low after Chris got back with the new car and they'd travelled to the Island of Portugal so something needed to be done asap. Sarah noticed a bruise on her toe, jumped onto Google and decided to pretend she had cancer. Cue lots of tears and a fake miscarriage for sympathy. After lots of bad acting from Sarah it turned out the spot was just blood and the doctor scraped it away.

    Children Paddle on Loch Lomond With No Buoyancy Aids

    In 2021 they went paddle boarding on Loch Lomond far out, several times with no buoyancy aids and a local water safety expert tried to educate them. Chris told this unsung hero, now known as kayak Paul, that all his kids (then aged 15, 12, 9 and 2) were teenagers.

    The Scottish sun ran a couple of stories

    Baby Shower Cake


    Pool Party With Zoella

    Zoella was a long time fan of the Inghams and they had a pool party at her house. When the teen fan allegations came out a few days after this Zoella who hadn't released her video with them yet claimed it became corrupted.

    Alfie posted on Twitter to say they should be removed from YouTube and that he contacted them to no response. Sarah allegedly threatened to leak Zoella and Alfie's address:


    Death of the Drone in Scotland 2020


    New Ingham House

    They kept putting their old house up for sale, which means the estate agents are showing images of the house online, however, the Inghams blamed the haters for releasing their location and not the estate agents who did it.

    When they moved house, they started bragging about their new build and the area thus making it easy for people to be able to know where they lived, putting the girls at risk. They often say they don’t feel safe in their house, but will leave their teenage daughter at home to babysit when they pop out occasionally.

    They insist the marble effect tiles are real marble. Visitors are only allowed through the front door on their first visit so they can see the stairs. The house is falling apart faster than Chris can repair it. The décor of the house is mostly from Asda/B&M/The Range/Home Bargains.

    Stairs controversy.
    Due to the bad design of the new house, there is nowhere to access the room/s above the garage so external metal stairs were attached to the back, to retain them a minor amendment application for retrospective planning permission was sought.
    Since then the local council have received complaints from the neighbours, mainly objecting to the proximity of the stairs, that the Inghams film their garden, the children noisily run up & down the stairs and the possibility that they have converted the space for accommodation.
    Feb 2022.
    The amendment to the planning permission was discussed at length and it was proposed to reject the application. It was therefore resolved to object to the planning application.
    The stairs are still up, possible waiting for an appeal as the Inghams are currently (April 22) in Ireland on the WAW route in their converted DPD van.
    The Inghams have until Oct 2022 to screen the stairs off to hide the neighbour's garden. Since August they are currently #vanlifeing it around Europe, it is suspected they are due home at the end of Sept.

    Doors in new house look Cheap


    The aspirational staircase


    Christmas edition
    Screenshot 2021-12-07 195620.png

    Chavy Art for the new house



    Started to home school their daughters aka printed some worksheets out and leave them to it just to allow them to holiday travel more. History topics have included the Anger-low Saxons, Medieval Victorian times and Queen Victoria of France.

    Before they left school, home-school maths teacher Chris told Isla that the 8/10 she got on a test was full marks. We were often told Isla was "top of her class", even though such a position does not exist.


    Sarah started her small business ‘Baby and Me by Sarah Ingham’ where she takes designs off the internet to be printed onto blankets made in China then she sells them at an extremely high return. She exploits those who can’t afford them by having the option for payment plans. She also charges for postage even though they’re already expensive.


    Ingham Language and vocabulary

    They refer to words in a bizarre manner, quite a lot of these words are said repetitively in the same vlog and also together
    e.g. Oh my gosh, that's insane.

    - A very lot (Chris says this mostly)
    - Adorable
    - Agriculture (Sarah's word for culture/tourist attractions)
    - anyway
    - Advocado (avocado)
    - Baaaabe - said with zero affection
    - Bad boys - generally when referring to food items
    - Belly belly
    - beautiful
    - BiTs AnD BaTs
    - Block
    - Cah-ra-van (The Ingham way of saying caravan)
    - Chocolate
    - Chuldren (Sarah's way of saying children)
    - Clever boi
    - Corniche pastie
    - cryyyyyinggggggg
    - cute (said 37839282 in each vlog to describe everything from a mouldy banana skin to a baby gro, a dead rat to a rollercoaster and Chris's rank beanie to a hotel)
    - deeeee-vine
    - Deeeee-licious -A word to describe any old shit she throws together and serves up.
    - dinky
    - dinky dot (to describe the teeny tiny Ingham children, who are actually just normal sized children)
    - Disgooostin
    - Does anyone else…
    - epic
    - Etc etc
    - guys
    - Horrey-zon (Sarah’s pronunciation of “horizon”)
    - Hotel
    - Iv (Sarah can't spell 'I've' properly)
    - I absolutely LOV it
    - iddy biddy
    - insane
    - Joovet (duvet. Fun fact: duvets in the Ingham household are only changed once a year when they buy new ones and they never seem to be washed)
    - Juicy! (Meaning good in some way)
    - It's around 4pm now
    - Like
    - liTTal
    - literally
    - Lovving life right now
    - Medieval Victorian times
    - Mission - a word to describe the act of carrying out the most menial/rudimentary of tasks 🙄
    - Naughty Gorl
    - NeckLace (Pronounced nayk-lAAse by Sarah)
    - oh emmmm geeee
    - oh my
    - Oh-my-Goodness (the last word shrieked)
    - Oh my gosh
    - OMGeeee
    - Only Joking - A phrase used by Sarah after she says anything that she perceives could get them negative attention (it’s always fun watching her start an argument with herself in her own head)
    - pretty
    - Queen Victoria of France
    - rambino sth for when Jace was smaller
    - Road trip (any journey in the car)
    - see you tomorrow at 5 pm
    - Shringe (syringe)
    - Sooooooper sick
    - Sweetheart (in Creepy's effeminate voice)
    - Shhhhhhweeeetttaaaaaaaart
    - stoonin'
    - The Island of Portugal
    - thingy-mabobby-do
    - Trolls
    - Turbo-Arm - Meaning unknown, but very fucking annoying!
    - Vile
    - Weetabic (A single weetabix)
    - What’s up gorjis gurl
    - Wooohoooooo (Chris says this nearly every day)
    - You're sooooo welcome (said by Chris 3790808664 times in every birthday or Christmas vlog)

    Ingham Quotes.

    Lazy - “That little dog PRINNY!!!! NAUGHTY GIRL!! YOU DO NOT DIG IN MY GARDEN”
    Creepy - “ I AM NOT A K1DDY FlDDLER!”
    Creepy - “You’re so so welcome shweedheart”
    Lazy - "We're not a tracksuit family"

    Chris Ingham Family

    Dave Ingham is Chris's equally weird brother. Claims to be a singer/songwriter/director/actor <cough> Allegedly he is that absolutely hideous Twitter account PublicSafety. Shockingly he and Sarah did the wild thang. I don't think there are any more Ingham brothers for Sarah to get jiggy with.....

    Steve Ingham is Chris’s Dad, we often like to say hi to him in the threads. Hi Steve!

    Jane Ingham is Chris Ingham's Mother. Fondly referred to as Zelda, described as poison, evil and the ultimate troll ring leader. Enabler, manipulator and allegedly Queen of Tuna Sandwiches.

    Two former members of the Ifam came forward with screenshots of conversations where Zelda says she loves them, they're her besties, and they're gorgeous. She also asks them to spread hate, attack those who voice concerns or dare to show the real Ingham Family.

    It has also been revealed Zelda bullied Leah, Sarah's Niece online. Interesting the Ingham Family are apparently very anti-bullying

    Chris on a night out with Sarah's sister, Katrina
    Screenshot 2022-04-10 14.59.50.png
    Screenshot 2022-04-10 14.59.33.png

    Sarah Ingham Family

    Katrina Dixon is Sarah Ingham's sister. Too common and chavvy to enter the Ingham porn palace. Her sons are too feral to be invited inside the home. Leah is allowed in to boost numbers for promotional work at birthday sleepovers. It is also suspected Katrina took part in trolling Twitter accounts at the start of the allegations, notably one named Donna Kebab.

    Nanaaaaaaaar Jean is Sarah's grandma. Nannar is often taken out shopping around pension day so she can pay Sarah's shopping bill.

    Big Frank is an old friend of Sarah's that often appears on her lip in with his extended family.

    Mary Shortle

    There's also Mary Shortle the creator of the Jace and Mila babies. She is unhinged beyond words and is so far up the Inghams' bumholes that she is tickling their tonsils. She also likes feedback of a certain kind otherwise will attack people and children on her Facebook page.

    They also created an overpriced teddy of their dog through Mary Shortle to sell to their fans, some of which are vulnerable children and adults.

    Chris Ingham Medicated Breakdown Rant

    While alone on the boat coming back to rescue the family stranded on the helipad.

    Maggot In Salmon


    Fàilte Ireland Wild Atlantic Way Trademark

    During their van travels in Ireland they used the trademarked logo by Fàilte Ireland for the Wild Atlantic Way in thumbnails. As this was unauthorised Fàilte Ireland are believed to have asked them to change the thumbnail in mid May 22. They carried on using the trademarked logo and 11 vlogs disappeared due to a trademark claim at the end of May.


    All Tattlers are waiting to be shipped to Switzerland to go to a purpose built jail once Chris and Sarah's harassment case against us has played out. Mickey Mouse Jail is also fab man too,

    And Hayley is someone he slept with from chatting to her online. Nikki was Sarah's only friend, but they had a big fallout and occasionally send cryptic Instagram stories aimed at each other.

    Sarah Ingham does NOT, under any circumstances, eat sugar!!! She also dislikes ice cream but eats it frequently especially bubble-gum flavoured. She also hates Orange Twirls and is now in the possession of 100 boxes of them which she wants to give to homeless people.

    Chris prefers no towels or soap. He liked to wipe his snot on the walls of the house as a child.

    Sarah does not like tracksuits. They are not that type of family. Allegedly.....

    Chris keeps his t-shirt, socks and his beanie on during sexual relations and then makes them sign non-disclosure forms immediately after threatening to sue them.

    No alcohol, EVER. Just Strawberry Baileys, Parma Violet Gin and Rosé wine and slurpees.

    Chris and Sarah got the best legal team in the country to send letters to everyone to try and silence them, this is why we are having trouble with the rainforest at the minute. Rumour has it the solicitors realised they were working with a compulsive liar and dropped da foo!

    Over buy presents at Christmas and birthdays, obviously, this was what got their channel the big views, however, they often get children and parents moaning that it’s not fair to viewers who don’t get much. They even put a disclaimer on their Christmas 2020 video.

    In rants, they often declare that YouTube is their job just like a Brain Surgeon.

    They occasionally have rants aimed at the ‘haters’ when they receive any feedback that isn’t to their liking. Any comments they don’t like are usually replied in a bullying manner to the point that their fans are so terrified they start commenting with the words ‘No hate’

    Clickbaited a fake miscarriage when expecting their son Jace.

    Chris at the end of his tether with the allegations and being stopped at the Australian airport on their holiday made a poor me and my poor pregnant wife video, where instead of addressing the claims he blamed people. He swiftly removed the video, but unfortunately, it was copied and reuploaded by someone else. Like Chris’s favourite quote ‘if it wasn’t in the vlog it didn’t happen.’

    Travel on an excessive amount of holidays a year, leaving their dog with the grandparents for months on end.

    Sarah likes to support small businesses, however, this means getting gifted by them.

    Sarah would often receive personalised items for the girls and Jace gifted by small businesses, however recently she’s decided to start selling the same because ‘it’s business’

    Sarah has a very unhealthy shopping obsession and will go to B&M, Home Bargains, Matalan and Morrison’s most days.

    They’ve attempted to do their bit for charity, which meant giving homeless people on the streets cold McDonald’s burgers and then filming it.

    Chris appears to have been ginger as a child but states that his hair went darker (jet black but still with ginger eyelashes??) We the tattlers believe he may or may not dye his hair which is often hidden under a beanie hat... even in the hot summer sun.

    Isabelle is Sarah’s daughter from a previous relationship, Isabelle used to still see her biological Dad and his family until the Chris scandal happened. Sarah has made no attempt to cover up her dislike of Isabelle’s real Dad and even did a video hinting that it was him that had allegedly subjected her to domestic abuse (including a black eye drawn onto her face on the thumbnail) In January 2021 whilst doing a Q&A video, it was mentioned that although they had no influence on her decision, Isabelle no longer sees her real Dad and that Chris and Sarah are quite pleased about it.


    Sarah showing her true self


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