Mother Rendall #3 Wiped nasty words aff ma face wi a lumi, profits are up so sue me!

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Is sepsis something you can specifically get in your knee?!! I thought you either had it in your bloodstream or you didn’t, maybe develop somewhere but I don’t think you can have sepsis in your knee can you 😂😂
You can if there is a bacterial infection in the fluid that lubricates your knee but not sure it comes and goes like that. My Dad gets sepsis every time he gets an insect bite but they test his blood to make sure it's gone. She's hell of a blasé if he does get sepsis considering how serious it way she'll be a nurse :rolleyes:


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MR bathroom must be all that ugly plastic wet wall as they have done it to quick to be plastered and tiled ..can’t wait to see if she puts AD on the big reveal..if she’s making so much cash from lumishit you would think she’d at least get a new kitchen floor..she will be tagging kitchen companies next #beggingforshit


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I'm sure she said on her story it was wet wall no doubt it'll glitter and tacky kinda like the hinch range... Everybody's got it 😂😂 I'm hoping it's a new sofa next along with kitchen flooring cause it's all holes 🙈 she's no wanting to pay for much hoping folk take pity on her and gift her stuff when she's clearly got the money to splash on other crap or she's clear paying everything 😂😂
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