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I bet she’s sitting on her hands savouring this.
I hope she’s clicking refresh on tattle. Hi Jack 👋🏼 You’re a liar and are considerably better off than the majority of people contributing to your Patreon and ‘tip jar’ (sending you money with menaces), stop begging for money and get a fucking job. A proper one that pays what you need to keep you in the manner you’re accustomed to. Alternatively: if you call your dad he could stop it all ‘yeah’


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What astonishes me is the amount of people who are answering with serious relies to these questions not realising at all that she has not one iota of interest in what they have to say as she is only interested in herself and getting the attention she craves
Loads of them are the same type as she is. All falling over themselves to tell their own ailment tales hoping for some vaildation from their idol


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Well, you pay the bills in advance with the money you made from your most recent commissions. Five figures ought to cover it. Especially when there's effectively another person's salary coming in from Patreon every month.

You look for a cheaper property to rent for when that money runs out. With a parent who owns property, it won't be difficult to get somewhere as they can stand as guarantor. A two bedroom flat would be more than adequate for a single parent - after all, if any were to present as homeless to the council. they'd be doing well to get a three roomed property these days.

Once the money looks like it has genuinely run out and your accounts are up to date, you close the company and get online to claim Universal Credit. At the time of submitting the claim, if you have provided all the information required (such as said accounts and proof of cessation), you request a partial advance on the first payment. During this period, you put things such as expensive sideboards, desirable appliance brands and additional white goods in addition to the bare minimum of fridge and washing machine, works of art and designer clothing up for sale. As the adviser will require anybody with a child above 5 to be actively seeking work for the equivalent of a full time week (and be able to prove it), you complete your side of the jobseeking agreement and then you keep to it.

If you do receive any monies from self employment or work, you notify them at the end of each assessment period and provide evidence as appropriate and if any payments are due, you receive them the following week. It's beneficial to start your claim so that the assessment period falls mid month, so as to not fall foul of the two salaries in one period fuck up where it automatically assumes that you have suddenly doubled your income. You also submit a claim to your council for council tax relief, as that's not handled by UC.

When you are in receipt of UC, the electronic award notice will tell you if you're eligible for free prescriptions and dental treatment each month. Make a point of getting your NHS prescriptions filled during that period and be careful to complete the back correctly, so that it is clear you are a UC claimant. Or, with the last of your money, buy a prepayment certificate for the year if it's not clear whether you will actually qualify. Unfortunately, any private prescriptions are not eligible. It might be possible for an NHS GP to prescribe them upon receipt of a letter from a private consultant, but it's not guaranteed, as it might be expressly prohibited under NICE guidelines or local trust policies. But it's worth a try. If discontinuing any medication presents a medical risk, it is possible to request referral or self refer to local Drug and Alcohol services with a view to detox/managed withdrawal.

You abandon any notions of being the sort of person who owns their own house, you prioritise rent, any proportion of council tax payable, child maintenance, TV license, alectricity and gas. You cut down to one phone contract, because you still need to have internet access in order to fulfil the requirements of the jobseeking agreement and to manage your claim.

And you get on with it. One of the best things you can do is prioritise healthy food that provides a good source of carbohydrate, vitamin C, fibre and B vitamins. Such things as jacket potatoes with cheese and beans make it possible to do so, rather than picking items that have very limited nutrition. Taking a multivitamin helps, too.
Excellent post. If genuine, this is exactly what she needs to do - it's what I've had to do.

The only thing I would add is that if you are unwell enough you you may be entitled to the LCWRA payments (low capacity for work related activity). This makes UC slightly more livable on. You have to go through several assessments to get it to though and it's not an easy process. You can also apply for PIP (again there is an assessment process). If you have medical evidence (eg proof of diagnosis) then that helps.

Eta - something like a letter from your GP - or another medical professional who knows you well - saying you are not fit for work is also helpful.


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“But what if there’s nobody around you to notice?” - but you’ve noticed or you wouldn’t be writing this post in an attempt to garner concern and sympathy - so ask someone for help! A lot of people I’m sure are in a state of burnout but don’t even realise. She’s ridiculous!
‘As soon as my friends notice me doing XYZ they know I’m not fine’. Talking out of her rotten arse- again!

Next sweepstake. Winner gets a bitcoin from Vlad.
How long before the deletions start?
I’m going for 5pm


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In addition to shite, I smell a fishing expedition. Throw out a vagueish 'I don't have enough money to cover my outgoings on slop ingredients Cotswold furniture and tacky wigs and boom watch the patreon jar fill up. She has finally done her accounts and realised the crazy spending has left her with a deficit. The twitter comeback, ARM and 'potatoes' was a warm up act designed to re ingratiate herself with twitterers before bringing out the begging bowl. Very sly indeed Jackie. Also using her child for misty eyed rhetoric too.
yup, exactly what i said this morning. She will have been planning this, at least since yesterday, probably longer. That's why we got the picture of SB yesterday.
There will be more to come.


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“But what if there’s nobody around you to notice?” - but you’ve noticed or you wouldn’t be writing this post in an attempt to garner concern and sympathy - so ask someone for help! A lot of people I’m sure are in a state of burnout but don’t even realise. She’s ridiculous!
ETA - oops, sorry. I am so furious. Welcome to the real world. It may help to get a proper job and try hard to stick to it. Insulting people on sm is not a job, neither is posting cringing pictures, nor grabbing yellow sticker stuff from people whom really actually really need it. I will not even mention staying at a rather expensive location in Scotland. As one claims to have three medics and a huge team on speed dial- Please contact them.
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