Jack Monroe #125 Tweeted it, completed it, deleted it

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Jelly Bean

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Interesting Jack is trying to reinvent the appalling shit show that was DKL. And the fact it was her highlight of the year 🥴 Always the tedious stories about how much work and preparation it took. Yet every single day she was incompetent.

Happy New Year everybody. Your wit and wisdom has often been a great help on a shitty day 💗
Happy new year ninnies! Thanks for all the fish!
Can I hijack this as a thread suggestion?
Jack Monroe #126 2020 - so long and thanks for all the fish.


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She's trying to be all edgy. The only ~embarrassing~ thing that she could have paid for is, let's face it, sex toys, and she's already got a drawerful of them. No one cares.
Surely, unless you honestly do something along those lines as a proper job, you can't claim your drawer of cocks as a work expense anyway?

My husband's accountant was a lady friend of his who had a massive crush on him. Meant his books got done very thoroughly 😂

Is it bad I'd prefer James May's book over Jack's?


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A guid new year to one and all in this canal of frauen und herren! Thank you for all the chat, the laughs, and especially the support when I feel miserable. I should also thank Twat for all the chaos that leads to this thread and the nasty little Sleazebag Scofield for bringing me to Tattle.

May 2021 be all you wish for and may all your doughnuts look like Fanny's.


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As I understand it, Jack has chosen NYE 2020 to start mithering on about wanting software that will read all her old bank statements to explain what she spent her money on. As usual she needs answers, but not that answer, or this one, tried that one, completed it, completed, no not that.
She can’t ask her business accountant to do it because he was her Sunday school teacher (presumably in the years before she was the Sunday school teacher?) because being a stereotype, he might be 😱 at some purchases.
The Canal has reasonably assumed this relates to the “drawer of dildos” she mischievously revealed one day information nobody asked for but also who could forget the jaccidental nonsense tweets that brought us Zoe Catastrophe and the mysterious “ J 1g” messages....?
In any case like most narcs she wants someone to say “I’ll do it for you!” Or “I’ll give you the money”
I’m broke and it wouldn’t take me an hour to go through my personal account and tell you what I spent it all on (food, food, food, batteries, stamps, shampoo, food, toilet roll, food, travel pass, food, three t-shirts from primark 🥕food...you get the idea).


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In Icelandic ( 📐;)) the full greeting is "Happy new year and thanks for the last one!" My sincere thanks to all the Frauen and Herren who have kept us all afloat on the Sea of Sanity in 2020 with wit and empathy. Virtual, distanced hugs to all who need or want them, and may 2021 be a year of joy for you all. Happy New Year! 🎉🎉
Ooh! That crossed my mind the other day. I was thinking that maybe the whole “long” Covid thing was not only for attention, but also as an excuse for an extension.
It kind of echos her whole “burnout”* drama, where she eventually came to the conclusion that she just could. not. work. therefore making it easier to ask for an extension.
It was this tweet that made me suspicious. “Closing days before Christmas isn’t ideal”.... no but it’s almost unbelievably convenient for her!

*did she fuck have a burnout.
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Sorry I’m way behind, please forgive but the word we I take as two or more. We know SB didn’t have the ‘Rona’ 😒 so pretty much suggests LC had her isolation period there. Again sorry for dragging up the past I just get so enraged and admittedly a few gins in.
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