Jack Monroe #125 Tweeted it, completed it, deleted it

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I love Jack acting like she's an expert on live TV to people 'not in the know'.

HILARIOUS. Even with all of those tech runs and script runs (because it was all scripted down to the thanks very Matt much Matt) and iPad showing camera angles.....still TERRIBLE. But because she's such a desperate hanger on it was her fave moment of 2020?

Mine was the time I got to see my sister and my parents in a park but mmkay then
She *so* wanted to throw back to her DKL 'glory days' but no one was interested. I also liked the description of a 'galley' in that insta post, she's just desperate to be seen as some sort of live TV pro.


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Happy New Year!

I predict that Jack is going to use a lot of lard and fish for hashtag Veganuary.

Thank you all for being a wonderful distraction while I was pregnant in a pandemic, thinking I was failing my toddler daughter and wracked with terrible morning sickness. The best thing Jack has ever done is bring all us bullying ninnies together.

Off for a piss and a sandwich!
I suppose she can’t mention doling out an award to Marcus as her top moment of the year after le Twitter purge.

Guess being forensically!!! careful while staggering (on doe-like legs) to rinse beans in Manchester for GQ during a pandemic doesn’t quite fit the new narrative for her and BB.

*adjusts tin foil hat*


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You mean ; Manchester, Marcus and the meatballs wasn’t her highlight or that fizzing and hooting with joy moment that her Twitter Tantrum got her the DKL gig in the first place.

Give over Jack , the cat didn’t give a shit.
She did previously say her day with Marcus was the highlight of her career. God, she must be SO pissed about this Tom Kerridge thing. Haha.


I'll try!

Anything in brackets are a negative number Companies House and HMRC don't use - but ().

Basically, she has assets but her creditors (owing to) are a lot more than what she owns.

It's very, very low. So low it's a minus! However, as the company is a separate entity to her - this figure of -£ does not reflect her personal income and if a company chose to chase debt, the company can sue the ltd company and not the director as an individual and she will not be personally liable to pay. Hope that reads right!

HOWEVER as a company director she'll also complete a SA tax return which are private so despite the company accounts showing a loss, she could be putting more through SA and turning a profit (tax rebate = made a loss. tax owing = turned a profit)

I haven't worked in practice for a number of years and still studying so anything deeper may need someone more qualified to explain :)

New frauen and herren - welcome and HNY! We discussed the accounts at length in #78. If you CBA to go to that thread you can look at my posts from that time (I don't have much content - easy to find) and it's all there...

Gosh - into month 11 of reading this thread about someone whom I had only very vaguely heard of back in mid-March...thank you for all the laughs. I've been on this thread every day since 19 March, just as it was all kicking off with THAT MAN! Like many people, this thread and this community has been there for me, when I've been feeling very low.

I go into 2021 with a lot more hope than in 2020...I wish everyone a much better year cabal. Love to you all :).

I'm looking forward to seeing the next set of accounts around March 2021 :).


Morning to all you despicable fraus and a very happy new year to you.

Thank you for giving me a much-needed lift when things have been hard. Particular highlights have been the new thread recaps, Alan's terrifying gifs, the Sloppies and, of course, the incredible Slopbot.

You are a canal of funny, clever, kind and wonderful people.

Now fuck off xxx


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