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  1. Yel

    UK Politics #4

    Continue here. Recap: mess.
  2. FenellaTheWitch

    UK Politics #3

    Kwasi Kwarteng out. Jeremy Hunt in. Can Liz survive?
  3. Yel

    UK Politics #2

    We finally reached a second thread! Thanks BJ for this chaos šŸ˜¬ The people left in the race are: Rishi Sunak - the ex-chancellor who raised taxes and was responsible for the loose covid stimulus that helped drive up inflation and house prices. He now promises to deal with the inflation he...
  4. thegirlscout

    UK Politics

    Hello, this is a thread to discuss everything about English/General U.K. Politics. I know there are threads for the devolved nations but I havenā€™t found one for England on its own. I also added U.K. because I know there is a cross over and as this is the first thread Iā€™m not sure if people...
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