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  1. Lazarus

    UK General Election 2024

    A general election has been called for 4th July. Is there a clear winner in your eyes? Will you be glad to see the back of the Tory government, or should we expect more of the same if Labour get in? what means the most to you and what are you keeping an eye out for when the election promises...
  2. thegirlscout

    UK Politics #7

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  3. Blueblue123

    English channel migrant crossing crisis #6

    Continue here Recap: the government is set to vote on the Rwanda bill but a group of Tory MPs don't think it'll work
  4. thegirlscout

    UK Politics #6

    Carry on posting! 🗳️ The big news over the past few days has been the Conservative Party Conference. My question is does anyone have a link to a list of promises or ideas that Rishi wants to implement like cancelling part of HS2 and scrapping A Levels? I can only seem to find articles...
  5. kev1974

    UK Government to ban disposable vapes

    Any thoughts? For me it seems long overdue, these things are a curse - health concerns, especially in children / young people - littering - lithium ion batteries in each one that's discarded, whether littered or put in the bin, not being disposed of properly - people using them in some offices...
  6. Blueblue123

    English channel migrant crossing crisis #5

    Carry on...
  7. Blueblue123

    English Channel migrant crossing crisis #4

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  8. kev1974

    English Channel migrant crossing crisis #3

    Carrying on from Part 2 Today's story is that they're not happy about their central London hotel rooms that they're having to share. Apparently the toilets are not being cleaned. That could be easily fixed with the provision of some bleach, cloths, and a couple of toilet brushes, no? Or a ferry...
  9. Falkor

    UK Politics #5

    Carry on discussing!
  10. Yel

    UK Politics #4

    Continue here. Recap: mess.
  11. FenellaTheWitch

    UK Politics #3

    Kwasi Kwarteng out. Jeremy Hunt in. Can Liz survive?
  12. Yel

    UK Politics #2

    We finally reached a second thread! Thanks BJ for this chaos 😬 The people left in the race are: Rishi Sunak - the ex-chancellor who raised taxes and was responsible for the loose covid stimulus that helped drive up inflation and house prices. He now promises to deal with the inflation he...
  13. thegirlscout

    UK Politics

    Hello, this is a thread to discuss everything about English/General U.K. Politics. I know there are threads for the devolved nations but I haven’t found one for England on its own. I also added U.K. because I know there is a cross over and as this is the first thread I’m not sure if people...