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  1. Lmkgirl

    The Real Housewives #13 Receipts, proof, timeline, screenshots, everything.

    Thanks to the fabulous @go_walkies whom had the highest number of likes for the title... I hope I did this correctly. It has been ages since I've created a thread. RECAP....I feel a lot of us are a bit disappointed with the lack of shenanigans and interesting stuff going on in most the...
  2. Kay's Good Cooking

    The Real Housewives #12 Money can’t buy you class

    After @Ingognito.Queen ‘s post about our favourite Countess on the last thread, I thought a new one was in order as to preserve the elegance Highlights (feel free to add): -Salt Lake returns this week -Kyle is body-building or on something entitled ozempic (not entirely sure what this entails)...
  3. B

    The Real Housewives #11 Link to old thread 👍🏼
  4. Lmkgirl

    The Real Housewives #10 ..Jen in the clink

    Hope I did this correctly... Recap SLC is boring for everyone as we couldn't care less about the black eye. Jen is going to the clink. (Swiped from another poster. Sorry can't remember whom!) BH is on hold NJ is back Feb sometime NY couldn't tell ye what the story is 😊😊 Miami is steaming hot...
  5. C

    The Real Housewives of #9

    And on we go… I continue to hate Rinna & Kyle. Kyle loves to diminish people’s feelings. Kathy said she didn’t like Kyle jokingly putting her down, which they had examples of, and Kyle said she didn’t feel like that. How can they have a decent relationship if Kyle is the only one who gets to...
  6. Lmkgirl

    The Real Housewives of #8

    Continue my friends. Said I'd post a poll to see everyone's take on Jen Shah. Mods can you rectify poll question to say ............acknowledged she committed a crime?
  7. C

    The Real Housewives of … #7

    New Thread! 🥂 I thought I’d start us off with a few blinds … 👀
  8. C

    The Real Housewives Of.. #6

    New Thread, my peach/diamond/mojito/apple/champagne/ any other item holders 💀 Leaving this here because im dying for the new RHOBH news 🤣🤣🤣 any guesses? Mine are … 💎 LVP return (I wish!) 💎 Yolanda return (apparently she’s good friends with garcelle and they’ve been filming) 💎 Teddi return...
  9. Porkiepies

    The Real Housewives Of.. #5

    I thought it best to start a new thread before the BH reunion discussion begins...aka The Erika Girardi show 😉
  10. thegirlscout

    The Real Housewives Of... #4

    Carry on!
  11. rosejaxon19

    The Real Housewives... #3

    As we were guys! 😊 Watching NY last night and I start scary island tonight, honestly can’t wait. My thoughts so far, Jill is SO toxic, I now love Ramona which I didn’t think would happen and LuAnn is just a snooze fest. She’s so up herself, I genuinely believe she thinks because she has a...
  12. B

    The Real Housewives... #2

    New thread! Last thread here
  13. Practically Perfect

    The Real Housewives of.... (mixed thread)

    Ok so the housewives have been my guilty pleasure since Tre flipped a table - I used to have to aquire them online (ahem). ITVBe is pants as the delay in airing the seasons is ridiculous and also makes it hard to discuss on here, as we are probably all watching different seasons and casts...