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Susie Verrill is a social media influencer signed to gleam futures and is Greg Rutherford’s girlfriend. After some unsavoury tweets she uploaded a video apology on her now private instagram.
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  1. Fifah1907

    Susie Verrill #9 Still not married to an OLYMPIC CHAMPION

    Went back to the most liked post to get the title. Forgot to check who it was sorry!
  2. JellyDonut

    Susie Verrill #8 What’s she bringing to that relationship other than salami nips and aff links?

    Winning thread title by @Lipsofchicken Anyone care to do a recap of Susan Verrill the disgusting racist’s last thread?
  3. B

    Susie Verrill #7 Did you know she breastfeeds?

    Sorry weeweegie I couldn’t shorted your title to fit. This was the next one.
  4. H

    Susie Verrill #6 Calm down Susan, you're hardly Judith Chalmers.

    Thanks to @OneLineResponse for the title. Marks and Spencer’s PR gifted her Mother’s Day stuff which she was creaming all over on stories. ‘Apology’ has been deleted. Susan has waded into various topical debates and then deleted her stories because she was inundated with replies too thick to...
  5. O

    Susie Verrill #5 Shopping Guru, very woke. Thank goodness for swipe-ups or she'd be broke

    Full title by @SureSureSure Racist Susie: Shopping Guru for the woke - thank goodness for Swipe-ups or she'd be broke. The racist non-apology has been deleted. Now hoping for a "weird and wonderful" son who likes make up and Barbies.
  6. OhhBacon

    Susie Verrill #4 What a fail, racist Susie is in the Daily Mail.

    No 4 for Susie, there are racist tweets and tweets about children with disabilities and overweight people at the end of thread 2, we will try and repost them all here. If you have read the Daily Mail article there are more tweets here. Here are a few and her Insta statement that was quickly...
  7. Oohthedrama

    Susie Verrill #3 She hopes it'll blow over, or her wedding will be in Dover!

    New thread. might be best to leave conversations about other family members (like ex sister in laws and siblings) on the last thread. report anything admin might need to keep an eye on, or any posts that break the rules. Thanks! And... continue here. title suggested by @No_f_in_clue 🙂...
  8. N

    Susie Verrill #2 woke in the streets, racist in the tweets.

    New thread for Susie Verrill now she's deleted twitter after the racist tweets
  9. L

    Susie Verrill

    I usually don’t mind Susie but today she’s been all over social media kissing the Sussex arses about the royal baby debate🙄. She actually said it made her cry ! I reckon old susie trying to get an invite to rub shoulders at the palace.