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  1. blondeminion15

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #14 Eternally Unemployed

    New thread for instagrams hardest working gal. Luke still hasn't proposed and she's still living in her Ma's. Latest scams include botox administered at her kitchen table, carvery ready meals and glamorising sun damaged skin a là tanning beds.
  2. F

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #13 Princess tantrums to get her way, can’t maintain the life unless Luke pays

    Thanks to @Make It Stop for the thread title, had to edit slightly to fit! Is she even worthy of a recap? 😅
  3. pommynoir

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #12 Shan if you want the nips done, better start saving those tips hun

    Well done @littlemisssunshine2.0 on the winning thread title previous thread here: She’s been boring enough, but does anyone wish to recap?
  4. pommynoir

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #11 Thinks she’s Pam, Margot, Brigitte Bardot; don’t matter, Luke still unfollows

    Winning thread title by @farnaway had to edit slightly to fit old thread: as you were…
  5. MunHun

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #9 Shan’s D4 housing hack, lay on your back for a wrinkly sack.

    Thank you to @Capricorny for the brilliant title. Quick roundup of the latest antics from Sham Shan. She not long ago was in Edinburgh getting lashed ou’ve it by Stokesy. Upon her dirty up all week return to Dublin, our girl claimed to have been frightfully ill to the extent that she needed a...
  6. W

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #8 Back living with the folks, new meal ticket is Stokes

    I haven't been as active lately so I won't have a great recap, please feel free to add! Some things to note... Shannen posted a sunrise picture from INSIDE a house for Darkness Into Light and let on that she walked. No evidence of her walking. Later that day she travelled up to Belfast for...
  7. MunHun

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #7 Hit me back just to chat you biggest fan this is Shan

    New thread thanks to @Meoulpal for the title. Will try to do a summary tonight or anyone else wants to feel free.
  8. B

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #6 Iconic or decide

    New thread time, thanks @Capricorny for the title!
  9. B

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #5 Shan thinks she looks like Pam, & would go to the opening of a packet of ham

    Thank you the thread title. Anyone want to start the recap?
  10. W

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #4 Shan always in Lukeys van but now she’s off tryna flog fake tan

    Thanks to for the thread name. Had to edit it slightly to fit in. Someone feel free to do a recap on the last thread!
  11. N

    Shannen Reilly McGrath #3 Lies, scams and 100k fake fans

    Thanks to @weeklyrib
  12. B

    Shannen Reilly McGrath

    Irish, was on Love Island for a few days and has been desperately riding the coat-tails of it ever since. Started an agency and scammed young influencer wannabes out of money. Always on the beg on her instagram.