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  1. Duchesspink

    The Sculpted Vegan #11 Not Sculpted, Not rich, next con Only Fitness

    It's well past the time for a new thread on Kim Cunstable the Non Sculpted Non Vegan Quick recap - still drinks more than she trains, has lost one child who decided to move out at 16 and cut all contact with his family. Baby of the family Jack is training to be the next uni bomber making bombs...
  2. Shimmering

    The Sculpted Vegan #10 Not Sculpted. Not Vegan

    New thread!
  3. Shimmering

    The Sculpted Vegan #9 how to be an alcoholic and get a turkey neck in 90 days whilst buying followers

    New thread, title courtesy of @Lilijumper Can someone do a recap please?
  4. L

    The Sculpted Vegan #8 Kim Constable, onlyfitness her new con

    New thread title were keeping it simple - Kim Constable the con artist sorry artist formally known as The Sculpted Vegan. Shes getting worse than Prince changing her name Thanks to @TanyaG and @snoopiez for the thread ideas If you could do a recap don't worry Kim doesn't read this so you...
  5. L

    The Sculpted Vegan #6 The lying, leather tits, whose bought followers are as fake as her plastic face.

    Just a copy of her followers to show how many she has bought Congratulations to @Cutthebull some words were used in other threads so put leather tits as we all love it and keep forgetting to use it. If you would be so kind as to do a update of last thread that would be amazing
  6. L

    The Sculpted Vegan #5 Owner of Shreds R Us, Failed freeloading travel blogger/beggar

    New thread title thanks to @TanyaG, sorry your whole title couldn't fit it all in original title should of been. 'Kimbo Jongo, Owner of Shreds R Us and the biggest ego on the planet, Failed freeloading travel blogger and delusional pathological liar' If you could do a thread recap that...
  7. L

    The Sculpted Vegan #3 The sculpted scammer-del boy trotter, all bad comments will be deleted

    New Sculpted Vegan thread, unsure if we should have another thread for her new vegan horse riding instagram account, tattle will probably delete it as being fake 😁 Recap from last thread Her amazing App failed 😢 Her new routine of daily cold sea water swimming failed after two goes. Her...
  8. E

    The Sculpted Vegan #2 fox fur wearing, bee venom face, pivot at full pelt, matchy match Hermes belt

    New sculpted vegan thread! We have BIL kissing, pivot galore and an insider claiming the empire is about to fall down on her bee venomed head!
  9. E

    The sculpted vegan/ Kim constable

    I can’t see a thread about her! I’m weirdly fascinated. She’s a real opportunist narcissist: she was all about sleeping with all her 4/5 children in one huge bed when attachment parenting was a thing, all about radical unschooling when that was controversial, anything for attention. She’s also...