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The wife of Chris Ramsey who made a name for herself mocking insta mum but then was seen as a hypocrite when she befriended many of them and became an insta mum herself. Also known for her podcast Sh**ged Married Annoyed.
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  1. M

    Rosie Ramsey #13 Grabbed husband’s coattail’s, exploited kids for likes. I’ve written a book about poo

    Thanks to @That Lad From Yorkshire for the new thread titleFull thread suggestion was: From grabbing my husbands coattail’s, to exploiting my kids for likes. I’ve only gone and ended up writing a book on shite Chris and Rosie have written a book about a poonami She’s started uploading cooking...
  2. Nuttyzebra

    Rosie Ramsey #12 country life was not for me, all my childcare is by the sea!

    Thanks to @geordiemama for the thread title. this is my first go at making a new thread so bare with me. In the world of CRW they've moved house and not mentioned it, even on their 💩 obsessed podcast. And they won an award at the comedy awards where CRW showed off all her chins and a very...
  3. WilmaHun

    Rosie Ramsey #11 Family life is so hard to bear, thank god for Sandra our full time Au Pair

    Thread title by @Harhei Anyone wanna do a recap?
  4. WilmaHun

    Rosie Ramsey #10 Gold digger, we don't snigger with her

    Thread suggestion by @Gloria Rostron Old thread here
  5. Mrs Cucumber

    Rosie Ramsey #9 it's such a hard life being Chris Ramsey's wife!

    Previous thread here: Thread title by @MamaHan12
  6. B

    Rosie Ramsey #8 CRW whine, wine, whine, wine, whine.

    Well done @Biscuit or cake fab title. Would someone care to do a roundup. Ta
  7. Mufasa

    Rosie Ramsey #7 CRW her #ads are bogus, we all know that her toast's made from Hovis!

    New title from @Scragbags which I actually can’t stop chuckling at, it is so good 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Last thread catch up: Rosie finally quit moaning about everything and anything and showed some real gratitude for her extremely privileged life. Oh no hang on a min...
  8. UnknownTattler

    Rosie Ramsey #6 Don't call me CRW she wails, as she rides her husband's coattails

    New thread, I feel a bit mean for this title now, but Rosie has said herself that she's riding Chris' coattails so 🤷‍♀️ :LOL: Summary: The Ramseys have moved to a swanky new house 🏡 Will she stop moaning now? Probably not.
  9. UnknownTattler

    Rosie Ramsey #5 Chris Ramsey's wife

    New thread, the most liked suggested title was 'Chris Ramsey's wife has got a sore head, should've taken maternity leave instead' by @LittleRa , but it was too long to fit, so here is the shortened version, which was also the next most liked title by @They See Me Trolling... :ROFLMAO: Anyone...
  10. UnknownTattler

    Rosie Ramsey #4 baby's here, where's my wine, bring on the free stuff, it's #ad time

    First time creating a thread, so hope I've done it right. Do I have to thank myself for coming up with the title? :LOL: Summary of last thread: Rosie whinged a lot, did a lot of ads, and baby Ramsey has arrived ☺
  11. Mrs Cucumber

    Rosie Ramsey #3 have you heard she's pregnant?!

    Anyone want able to do a update? New title from @birdiefly246
  12. Mrs Cucumber

    Rosie Ramsey #2 Has a gorgeous son, loves a sing along, where's the wine gone?

    Thanks to @SaturdayNightIsWineNight for thread name. First one I've done so hope it's right! Apologies if wrong!
  13. J

    Rosie Ramsey / Rosemarinoramsey

    Rosie is an extremely versatile and talented individual. She is an actor, presenter, Radio DJ, Live host, singer, Vlogger and Instagram star. On screen, she has appeared on “Married to a Celebrity: A Survival Guide” and “Parenting for Idiots” for Channel 4, as well as interviewing WWE Superstar...