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  1. Bidscavan

    Rochelle Humes #8 We're a celebrity, get us out of here.

    Congratulations to @Bobby Orange on the winning thread suggestion šŸ„³šŸ„³šŸ„³ Anyone want to do a quick recap of last thread?
  2. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Rochelle Humes #7 Trading authenticity for validation

    We were long due a new thread. This was the most liked thread title taken from one of her own 'inspiring' Instagram posts. She likes to brag and she likes matcha. Anything else to recap? Last thread:
  3. coconochanel

    Rochelle Humes #6 fulltime working mum? pull the other one hun!

    New thread thanks to @Okgolightly for the winning thread title.
  4. coconochanel

    Rochelle Humes #5 Boast, brag, gloat but can she keep her marriage alfoat?

    New thread thanks to @Salacious for the winning title thread (y) :ROFLMAO: recap for any newbies... Rochelle has been a busy 'boss mama'... her new interior show launched on channel W....she doesn't do much in it and it's rubbish (hence the channel its on!) She has been busy photographing...
  5. coconochanel

    Rochelle Humes #5 Obsessed with fags & designer tags, but should be more concerned who marv shags

    New thread thanks to @Joannabloggs for the winning thread suggestion. Recap for anyone who missed anything.... Our green tea and smoothie drinking healthy gal Roch was papped smoking a cigarette.šŸš¬ She disappeared on insta stories for a few weeks after that Then they went to Dubai for Christmas...
  6. coconochanel

    Rochelle Humes #4 Wife and mister or brother and sister

    New thread thanks to @Smiffy1990 foe title suggestion. so what has our no1 bragger been up to then..... Well she had a very hard day signing 5000 copies of her new cooking book for the morons who had pre ordered it :rolleyes: She has done a collab with Regatta and bought out some jackets she...
  7. coconochanel

    Rochelle Humes #3 Boasting and Roasting.

    New thread, thanks to @TriviaNewtonJohn for the title suggestion. recap for anyone new.... Rochelle may have been in the band The Saturdays but her fav day is Sunday (probably), when she gets to show off her perfectly burnt cooked roast potatoes She loves Pilates She loves going into Boots...
  8. R

    Rochelle humes

    I hear she has been chosen to replace a darker skinned presenter (Candice) on a documentary about childbirth. Aside from all the issues around that, I genuinely do not understand why she has been chosen to present anything. She did very badly on This morning. She came across wooden and false...
  9. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Rochelle Humes #2 Read the room?!

    New thread for Rochelle. I've never set one up before so hopefully this has worked. @Wifo1976 suggested the most popular thread name (I did include caps as originally used but I think it must get moderated to non caps as all the threads would look very shouty!) Rochelle seems to be very bland...
  10. N

    Rochelle Humes

    I'm surprised there's not an existing thread on Rochelle. Sorry if I've missed it. I've always respected that she didn't post her kids. Obviously this week it's all changed because her eldest was asking why she's not on social media. I think it's more likely that now that she's started her...