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Vegan and wellness infuencer that is signed to gleam futures. Is engaged to Joe Woodward, the son of the cricket coach Sir Clive Woodward. Unsure as of August 2020 after lockdown if she's brokenup with Joe as has been posting about things not going well and heartbreak.
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  1. palmer

    Niomi Smart #10 Tier 2 blues, a lot of booze and new screws...Dimbob no longer a snooze

    New thread for Niomi "Putting Myself First" Smart Title by @sarah17020661 The list of people Nimbob has been socializing with (despite COVID guidelines) keeps growing: Her mom, Verity Her stepdad, Paul Her little sister, Daisy May Her grandma, Terrina Terrina's husband, Ian Her aunt, Holly...
  2. S

    Niomi Smart #9 Self love from above. Is she a loon? No it's the moon.

    NEW THREAD, title from @Coldfeet.
  3. S

    Niomi Smart #8 Joey bails, smart skin fail, pahhhfect life won't get you sales

    NEW THREAD. Title from @Taetae95 - I had to butcher the grammar for the title to make it fit.
  4. Yel

    Niomi Smart #7 by her Royal decree, Joey is free

    Thread title by @anonymousgossip I tried to fit this one in but it was too long: she’s not princess Diana and anyone who can take a bite of a raw unripened cucumber and look straight at the camera and say “delicious” is a psychopath that can move on from a long term relationship without...
  5. Yel

    Niomi Smart #6 it’s smoothie bowl weather but they’re not together, feel new tea was the end of Joe’s tether

    Thread title by @judgejohndeed I'm not sure much happened on the last thread other than some good videos and pics. Niomi posted bikini photos and burnt some paper 🤷‍♀️ Let's not argue with each other over folic acid 😬
  6. chandlercheesecake

    Niomi Smart #5 Onwards, upwards, but not Woodwards

    Continuing from here - Title thanks to @El-la RECAP: Niomi has pretty much confirmed that her and Joe have split, with Joe being the one to break the engagement off. She has been keeping herself busy, hanging out with...
  7. Oohthedrama

    Niomi Smart #4 where did Joey goey?

    Title thanks to @lilamay 😂 so what’s happening with Niomi? bitch is mad and it shows. 🤣😂 she totally got dumped. and while we all sympathise 😬 it’s nice to finally get an answer. So long joe, but look on the bright side niomi, your thread is on FIRE and your Instagram engagement has never been...
  8. B

    Niomi Smart #3 Trouble in paradise, did Joey flee? We don't know yet but await the fennel tea!

    New Thread! Had to take out the iconic fennel tea line as i'd run of of space but thankyou to @lilamay. Recap - - More boring vlogs about her boring perfect life, though she did ask a friend to be a bridesmaid. - Moved into her brother in laws flat in London with Joe, went ham redecorating...
  9. E

    Niomi Smart #2 Glitch in the Gleam Bot, I'll just have to put Joe's fennel teabag back

    TLDR / Recap Niomi is as boring as ever. The most 'exciting' thing to happen was a weird editing glitch in a video where she started talking and messed up her words so stopped and her face went completely emotionless but she forgot to cut it out. Her diet is worryingly restrictive and it...
  10. emmer_moans

    Niomi Smart - Fake Vegan Selling Harmful Toxic Petrochemical Products

    Adding a thread for Niomi. Discuss here ? I must admit I'm a bit bored of Niomi's content. Her recent video on Brixton really only showed the gentrified parts rather than the well known and loved cultural gems. I do believe Niomi, as one of the Instagram/YT set, lives in a curated bubble of...
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