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Sometimes vegan (eats flesh and dairy while on holiday - which is twice a week even during covid) and allegedly a wellness infuencer who is signed to gleam futures.

Was engaged to Joe Woodward, the son of the rugby coach Sir Clive Woodward but they broke up during lockdown - maybe due to her hiding peanut butter from him and freaking out over wanting toast. Doesn't really stand for anything, will advertise anything. Although will never declare freebies or affiliate links. Thinks influencers are gross and she's better than other influencers. Drives a gifted jaguar to press trips and gifted yoga breaks. Doesn't use public transport - takes taxis everywhere and refuses to wear a mask even when sick.
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  1. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #43 A flamboyance of annoyance

    It wasn't suggested as a title, but it's one of the most liked posts and it's litcherrally pawfect! so lilamay thank you! Recap? her biological grandpa died, didn't go home for the funeral, she made one story about it, but she's making non stop stories about her hair, her (non existing) ass...
  2. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #42 Forky forked off and Niomi has a MUCHNEEDED Bali time off

    Sorry for the delay, I'm on a vacay. A much needed one πŸ˜‚ No flamingo poses I promise. No official thread titles suggestions have been made so here is a combination of everything that has already been said before. A messy mess as our beloved Nimbobs. There is a bingo going on!
  3. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #41 AD, AD, AD

    .. but not an influencer! Thread title by @janedowe :whistle: FYI
  4. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #40 Frozen face and dead eye stare, hoping Forky misses me and my fried blonde hair

    Well hello guys! Congrats for the 40th Nimbobs thread!!! So glad to have you all in my life, you guys are litcherally so kind and amazing, I'm so glad you guys. Oh wait.. I'm starting to sound like someone I know....... Well anyway! Title thread by @meowmeowmeow3030!! (25 votes) πŸ₯³ πŸ₯³ πŸ₯³ πŸ₯³...
  5. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #39 Everyone has a house, a husband and a baby while I have a shed, a thermomix and a Forky

    Thread title by le moi. Thread recap? it's litcherally all in the title. That's it. (Pawfect) Introducing The First Tattle Fashion Week 2022-2023 recap instead: (Pawfect)
  6. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #38 My bum is out, my trip was free, why's everyone so mean to me

    Thread title by Pundertaker, the thread is litcherally on fire. Recap of last thread:
  7. Shutterbug99

    Niomi Smart #37 I'm NOT an Influencer...Get Me Out of Here!

    Thanks to @sitkx for the thread title inspiration and also to @tattle420 for I'm a Nobody...Get Me Out of Here, which also works! Whew! In case you missed it: Dimbobs and Dick Van Fork got LOST IN THE JUNGLE...
  8. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #36 On her deathbed still talking 'bout Joe, Niomi please just Let It Go!

    Welcome to the 36th thread and the final one where we talk about Niomi still talking about Joe! yeah right.. AS IF! Oh guys.. Oh moon... Oh Tattle! Nimbicile is still talking about her lost dreamy/toxic perfect/bastard lost love. As a Gemini myself who is still processing her own break up with...
  9. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #35 if this is the year Forky will propose, Nimbobs will say yes in the flamingo pose

    πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ HAPPY NEW YEAR NIMBOBS TATTLERS!!! 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩 First new thread of the year! and what a year!! We went from thread 16 to 35 with A LOT of new members!! yoohoo! As for our favorite Nimbecile, she had quite the year too: - she isn't an influencer anymore, she is a (read with the most...
  10. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #34 No mask in sight, can't quarantine right, fake dating forky out of spite

    A new pawfect thread you guys, like litcherally! Thank you to @DeviantMuch for the thread title and the recap because it sums it all up really πŸ˜‚ All right, seriously, let's try and do a proper recap of the most boring week yet in the life of Liomi. So.. Niomi had Covid > she isolated for...
  11. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #33 Vaccine expired, almost YouTube retired, we tattlers are just tired

    Well isn't this the most active thread for the most boring person ever on Tattle? Welcome to the 33rd hunger games, I mean Nimbicile's worst nightmare, I mean Niomi Smart's Tattle thread! Thread title by your faithful servant, LE me, by 71 votes, very grateful to you all. Extra special mention...
  12. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #32 Mystic Nimbob & the Philosopher's Shed

    Hi yall! Thread title by the one and only @Pundertaker !! Sorry no recap from me this time because I seriously have no words for what's happening lately with NioME :censored: Oh.. this.. is still going: Oh moon!
  13. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #31 Forky the porky and fourchette la baguette

    Ladies and gentlemen, here is your new thread! Sorry for the delay, I litecherally had the longest day at work and just got home!! Thank you to everyone who collaborated for the thread title, most of all @Lionsden and @Nitfey, it’s just pawfect. Special mention to the other contender, also by...
  14. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #30 She's licherally almost thirty but still clueless, bitter and thirsty

    Ladies and gentlemen, one thread per week.. Aren’t we LICHERALLY the pawfect queens of productivity? (Warning: take a shot for every LICHERALLY in this post thank you) So obviously the winning title was Niomi Smart #30 [email protected] You, but I was afraid that the thread will be deleted or something and...
  15. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #29 miso happy, miso thin, miso single, miso dim!

    Happy 29th thread yaaall just as the number of Nimbob's years on planet earth.. Title thread by the amazing @Pundertaker inspired by @lilamay (almost 40 votes :love:) Special mention to: - Niomi Smart #29 Colon cleanses and #gifted cars can’t cure lonely Lie-omi by @Tshads404 πŸ˜‚ - Niomi Smart...
  16. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #28 Still smarting over dreamy Joe, giving fascist Forky a go.

    Good morning loves.. Time for a new pawfect thread! Thank you for the pawfect title @Hannah Banana and for the inspo @ILikeToWatch So the last thread was almost all about the WE away with her new fling the non official relationship reveal with Forky Bradley whateverhisnameis.. they spent the...
  17. Callan

    Niomi Smart #27 from selfish to shellfish

    Hi friends, here's our new thread and a small recap for all the latest Niomi related excitement. - Seems that Niomi is still not over her broken engagement with her IG posts and stories that often seem targeted at dreamy Joey. - Heavily promoting her new fake bestie personal...
  18. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #26 More sponsored trips away, more opportunities for nimboobs on display.

    @ECH asked and @Hannah Banana delivered! Thank you for the amazing thread title! Recap: THE MOVE - THE VIDEO! Finally Princess NimBOOBs moved to the new house, and we haave been graced by a video about her meltdowns, how she's doing this alone (aka without a boyfriend because she did have a...
  19. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #25 Like a fried haired cockatoo, legally bland and talking poo

    No real thread titles were made but this last minute suggestion was really good so let's go with it! It's by @Coldfeet 😍 So recap.. oh man.. the recap of nothing! she went on a podcast blahblah she finally came back from her family holiday still no videos still minimum effort on instagram...
  20. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #24 Not-So-SmartSkin, posing naked to prove I’m thin, Joe put our photos in the bin

    New thread you guys! The winning title by @AliceInUnderpants πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ with 48 votes, slightly changed because Tattle doesn't accept very long titles. (Original: Not-So-SmartSkin, hanging on boats to prove I’m thin, Joe’s put all photos of us in the bin) (Extra)Special mention to the second title...
  21. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #23 The chronicles of Nio-Me, Myself and I

    New thread ladies and gentlemen <3 Title by: @palmer :love: I don't think Niomi would still relevant if it wasn't for us tattlers!! Recap: - a thousands Ads with Dior with the most cringy poses ever - Dior just sent her a 2k Β£ bag and she just wants to cry.. We want to cry too Nimbobs wa...
  22. coriander

    Niomi Smart #22 Vinyasa flow, not over Joe, 6am walks with nowhere to go

    New thread! Thanks @Pundertaker for the title :ROFLMAO: Would anyone like to do a recap?
  23. judgejohndeed

    Niomi Smart #21 I'm a YewChewber. I'm an Influenca.

    Title by @Ramster93! Anyone want to do a recap?
  24. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #20 I’m on the right path, I manifested him in the bath

    Thanks @judgejohndeed for the thread's name with 50 votes ;) I'm reposting this genius post by @PreciousVenus as a recap of the last thread... it's the most liked post and it made me wet myself πŸ˜‚ Last thread link <3
  25. LolitaBlah

    Niomi Smart #19 It’s not sustainable but I love it

    Thread title by @judgejohndeed with 58 votes πŸ˜‰ Nothing much happened to be honest I don't really know what to put as a recap for the last thread.. this is the best recap by @palmer : "... we're 11 weeks into 2021 and Niomi has posted a total of 3 videos since the new year, including two...
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