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    naomiella21 #12 #naomieBANJO Baby on the way, but it’s all about Nay

    Winning thread title Thank you again @QuirkyFlamingo @Esme Do we have a round up of the lovely Naomi BANJO Pregnant wcash content baby cash cow dumpee number 3
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    Naomiella #11 Ring on her finger, bells on her toes. She shall dump those kids wherever she goes.

    NaomiBANJO #11. Ring on her finger, bells on her toes. She shall dump those kids wherever she goes. Thank you @xLJ03x for the title 44 likes @Eesmewill do the fantastic tldr we have aload to catch up on Including the wedding of the decade that she planned all by herself dont forget and the...
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    Naomiella #10 One fun stag and a moaning old nag

    Thread 10 for nobody naomi The "hun" of Jordan from diversity Thank you again for threadbtitle @QuirkyFlamingo With 43 votes @Esme will do the tldr for the boring thread consisted of more time out from parenting,2 hens,1 "surprise" and one in veggy showing off her vag
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    Naomiella21 #9 Fake teeth, Banjo beef, always giving Jordan grief

    New thread for naomi @Esme would you do the honours of a TLDR catch up for us please Title suggested by @QuirkyFlamingo and won with 40likes
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    Naomiella21 #8 selfish parent me? Hun it's my ADHD

    Thank you @Jkop Winning with 33 likes Very close next one was32 @Esme will you do the honours of the TLDR Naomi is still a selfish non parent influencer
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    Naomiella #7 Kids being ill is no good for the gram. Drag them out poorly for horse riding spam

    Thank you for the thread title @xLJ03x 18 likes from page 48 on last thread Esme would you like to do a TLDR
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    Naomiella21 #6 parenting’s a battle, getting tips from Tattle

    Thank you @QuirkyFlamingo for the title again @Esme Do you have a TLDR?
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    Naomiella21 #5 reluctant mum? Relatable hun lol

    Thank you for thread title @QuirkyFlamingo Someone please do TLDR
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    Naomiella21 #4 Diet so crap she has Domino's on speed dial, can't and won't parent, nanny should run a mile

    New thread for naomi Ella jordans "hun" Thread suggested by @xLJ03x had to shorten to fit but close Naomiella #4 Diet so crap she has domino’s on speed dial. Can’t parent, won’t parent, nanny should run a mile. Someone please do a TLDR on this bad parent giant child wannabe celeb hun *edited to...
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    Naomiella21 #3

    Jordan from diversity "hun" Major covidiot Spends more time away from her kids than with The nanny basically brings them up Makes the most unnatural "content" Her time with kids is either dressing in designer clothes to meet other z listers in parks or taking a nearly 2 and 3 year old shopping...
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    Naomiella21 #2

    Jordan from diversity misses Claims to be an instagrammer and its a 24.7 job but has various breaks and never produces quality content Never spends time with her kids as they are either sleeping 14 hours a day or with the nanny on days she does has them she moans never declares things as ads or...
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    Naomi Jordan banjo from diversity fiance,all iv seen her do is moan about her children,out everyday,get her hair done and show off designer othes and bag.yestetday said both kids were ill with colds still toom them out for breakfast (we're in a pandemic,ill=stay in encase its cover no?) And go...
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