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  1. SGE32

    Misha Grimes #12 Another day another freebie, Misha as always is being greedy

    New thread here guys, we hadn’t given title ideas so I just made one up
  2. SGE32

    Misha Grimes #10

    Misha Grimes #10
  3. Taetae95

    Misha Grimes #9

    Hey guys, made a new thread as the old one was getting super long! A few people thought it best to keep the title simple this time round x
  4. klady

    Misha Grimes #8 Content should be for only fans, reddits aware but she doesn’t care

    Thanks to @Former_Antelopee for thread title❣️
  5. OliviaPope

    Misha Grimes #7 what a bore, put some clothes on we don't want to see any more

    New thread Top voted title @salmaaax
  6. Crisps

    Misha Grimes #6 dating a prat in a junk filled flat

    We were well overdue a new thread!
  7. M

    Misha Grimes #5 Grimey by name, grimy by nature. Misha or Jake, which ones faker!

    I think I've made this right but I noticed the last thread was on 55 pages. This was the most liked title I could find by @Pippylong0509 with 50 likes :)
  8. Easilyannoyed

    Misha Grimes #4 is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's Misha going away before LD again!

    New thread hope its worked thank you to @Hamandmushroom for the suggestion with I believe 26 likes!
  9. S

    Misha Grimes #3 Brains? Class? Misha’s got none. Not worth the Clout Jake, you better run

    Thread title thanks to @Sophie1994 I think here’s got the most likes. Apologies if now. I’ve never made a new thread so I hope this is correct. Again apologies if not 🤣 I’ll kick the new thread off with a run down of Misha’s new video. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Misha’s WORKIG...
  10. Oohthedrama

    Misha Grimes #2 overdoing workouts her hair looks bleak, takes a family to fix a leak!

    Title suggested by @Glendstar ! A collaboration with @Angel52 🙂 Continue here.
  11. Lipglossxox

    Misha Grimes

    Started a thread for Misha Grimes. What does everyone think about her? I liked her but realised she speaks in a really patronising sarcastic tone pretty much all the time and it’s super annoying. Thoughts on her?