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Noor Al-Hussein (Arabic: نور الحسين‎; born Lisa Najeeb Halaby on August 23, 1951) is the Queen Dowager of Jordan as the widow of King Hussein. She was his fourth spouse and Queen Consort between their marriage in 1978 and his death in 1999.
She is the longest-standing member of the Board of Commissioners of the International Commission on Missing Persons. As of 2011, she is president of the United World Colleges movement and an advocate of the anti-nuclear weapons proliferation campaign Global Zero. In 2015, Queen Noor received Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson Award for her public service.

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  1. focusdochas

    Lisa Jordan #11 Ali Express tat hiding the kids behind it

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  2. nervousshock

    Lisa Jordan #10 Gucci stuck to her feet even though she’s obsolete

    Recap: Lisa bought Guccis and hasn’t taken them off.
  3. nervousshock

    Lisa Jordan #9 Baby no. 4 but still a bore

    Lads and Ladies, the books are open for her exclusive news.
  4. D

    Lisa Jordan #8 Cork’s finest insta hun and mum, her content makes us ‘weak’ and her Luna brand sends us to sleep

    New thread! No suggestions so jus made this up on the spot!!
  5. focusdochas

    Lisa Jordan #7 A bore and a snore dressed in Barbie clothes

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  6. focusdochas

    Lisa Jordan #6

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  7. Gloria Rostron

    Lisa Jordan #5

    Lisa Jordan *No thread suggestions on the last thread.
  8. S

    Lisa Jordan #4 Luna

    Lisa Jordan - Luna
  9. P

    Lisa Jordan #3 Plugs Luna, loves a tacky gúna, kids in every ad yet won’t show dad

    New thread. Most popular title by @notsodumbblonde If someone with a better memory could do a summary of the last thread it would be appreciated.
  10. Oohthedrama

    Lisa Jordan ( #2

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  11. N

    Lisa Jordan (

    Not sure if many people on her follow her. She is from cork. What do you think of her? I love her she is very honest, her two girls are very cute.