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  1. ChampagneBox

    Lifeofcharlouise #11 Endless boot fair tat, Charlie left the chat, you don't have to post reels twice you tw..

    Welcome back! well where to begin?? every thread is a shit show but Charlie has finally left the mad house!
  2. ChampagneBox

    Lifeofcharlouise #10 moaning about traffic on the school run. You don’t work, you’ve got all day hun!

    finally time for a new thread! anyone want to recap? its been a while, can we even remember what she’s been up to? more of the same… BoOt FaIrS King Parker looking like he’s about to sit SATs when he’s not even 2 Charlie *who?* never being acknowledged even though Parker is literally half of...
  3. ChampagneBox

    Lifeofcharlouise #9 I've got this whole thread to myself!

    Onto thread 9! FINALLY Char has something actually to herself, this thread! apart from grating on us all and especially me with this ‘all to myself’ nonsense, what else has char been up to? boot fairs every Sunday, buying up crap she definitely doesn’t need, and probably reselling on Vinted...
  4. ChampagneBox

    Lifeofcharlouise #8 hotels dead, still not wed, Parker still being overfed!

    Welcome to what I’m sure will be a very interesting thread what with King Parker, Parkerpants, Bebe, finally turning one in a few days. HOW is he nearly one? The mind boggles. Anyway, Char is sunning herself on the fair isle of lanzarote with Parker and Charlie in tow. That is to say, only one...
  5. ChampagneBox

    Lifeofcharlouise #7 still can’t dress for her figure, can her portion sizes get any bigger?

    new thread time! winning thread title by me 🙋🏻‍♀️ we’ve moved on from calling him Parker Pants and ‘Parksy’ is now the nickname of choice for the second coming 🧐 but his original title will always be ‘NICU Grad’ as Char will never let us forget he was in the NICU when born. In fact, to shove...
  6. ChampagneBox

    Lifeofcharlouise #6 Lord Charquard & Parker Pants- the homegrown boy who made it earthside

    Finally made a new thread! well done to @capriallie for a cracking thread title 😂😂😂 Parker-Pants is on track to become an Olympian by the time he is one…or reading war and peace or giving TED talks. But when will he be one? Who knows…even char can’t keep his age straight (blame the MuM bRaIn)...
  7. ChampagneBox

    Lifeofcharlouise #5 Liesofcharlouise

    Ordered by most liked posts on thread 4 and this was the top result, apologies if I haven’t done it right! Thanks to @Eyeseeyou She had the baby early, baby and mum appear to be fine, the birth almost coincided with Digbys birthday🤔 coincidence? Who knows. still had to post her 34 week bump...
  8. Readread

    Lifeofcharlouise #4 Is she pregnant?

    Don't think there's much to summarise? But can someone tell me, is she pregnant?
  9. Readread

    Lifeofcharlouise #3 Hashtags lilwayne, made up stories becoming a pain

    Thread number 2, ladies and gents! To recap: - She is still mispronouncing words such as ciabatta (see-a-batter) but won't pronounce words like quesadilla. Yet she claims to be a food blogger. - She's back on her gym kick, using Charlie's "home gym" which is actually a dingy garage. - She's...
  10. Readread

    Lifeofcharlouise #2 Spelling Mistakes and Graze Boxes She Definitely Didn’t Bake

    Part 2 Summary of previous thread: Charlie has gone AWOL - probably because he’s working 3 jobs Meanwhile Charlotte has been making ‘lists’ consisting of showering, washing the dog She’s weirdly made BFFs with her neighbours and their children She pretends to make graze boxes full of Asda...
  11. C

    Charlotte-Louise @lifeofcharlouise

    Anyone else follow? Always liked following her but she seems to do a lot of ads now..