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I asked her and nope she quit her job and is now a influencer. Another one I actually liked until all the ads and begging.
omg I wondered this as she never seems to be at work anymore. Would love to know how well the ads etc pays then as they’re fairly young and just bought a house!
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Ah that’s a shame, I thought she was really relatable and didn’t try and live up to the ‘insta’ life. I liked that she didn’t get a fancy new build like most influencers and just generally had a pretty normal, average life with average money (I hope this all comes across in the right away, im skint AF). It was just refreshing to watch someone and not be feeling like ‘how do they afford that’ ‘why can’t I do that’ and there was no ‘pressure’ etc.. I massively noticed in the last couple of weeks it’s been non stop crazy Ads like toothpaste and did wonder what the shift in her life must’ve been, so that explains it. I think she’s running that give away and talking about shopping second hand to still sound relatable and try and not fall into the typical influencer stereotype? I hope it all goes well for her and she doesn’t lose her identity too much! Also I love her dog 🥰

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I enjoy following but I do think she aspires to be lil sooo bad! Also wondered why she was doing constant ads and never seemed to be at work. Will still follow but the ads are putting me off. Also does it annoy anyone else how she always says “so yeah” after every sentence? And says brought instead of bought? 🙈 Petty but once you hear it you can’t un hear it!

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Another ad 🙄. Oh and wasn’t she saying yesterday eat all the goodies as life is for living blah blah... and now she’s making low calorie brownies. Contradiction much??


I used to really dislike her but then grew to love her food posts and photos. I think she is still one of the more grounded influencers but not a fan of too many adverts :( and giveaway in my eyes is not for relatability like someone mentioned but for growing followers as the rules require you to tag 3 people who will ultimately see the post and subsequently some will start following 🤷🏼‍♀️


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What’s with all the eBay outfits?!
‘Influencers’ will buy all they can from eBay - what ever it may be, so that they can then provide you with a swipe up affiliate link...just another way for the them to earn a few extra £££.
Thing with me is I wouldn’t mind if I’m following these people for like 2/3 years I actually saw them use and talk about the stuff they buy ‘all the time’ from eBay....but most of these people don’t...they’ve always shopped at places like river and top shop, where u know the clothes are ridiculously over priced....but now they don’t mind wearing the cheap shit off eBay because they know that there’s more people that will be able to buy a bargain £7 dress or something than if they shared the £50 top shop item they’d usually buy themselves 🙄.