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Lauren Rose Goodger (born 19 September 1986) is an English television personality, glamour model, media personality and columnist. She starred in the ITVBe reality show The Only Way Is Essex from 2010 until 2012, debuting in the first series before departing in series 6.
In January 2013, Goodger took part in the eighth series of the ITV ice skating show Dancing on Ice, where she was partnered with Michael Zenezini and finished eleventh after being eliminated in week 2. In August 2014, Goodger entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in the fourteenth series of the show.

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  1. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #60 Lozza The Hutt flogging a cheap hairdryer, Laorse’s diet comes from the deep fat fryer

    Thanks to @minamoon for the new thread title! Had to shorten it a bit to make it fit 🙂 Prev thread here: We are eagerly awaiting LaBored Mark II when she...
  2. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #59 Come on Lozza get out of bed, must be at least 40 minutes since you were all last fed

    Thanks to @Blowup80 for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: We were treated to the sight of Lozza the Hut and Chaz in a mag photo shoot with BYG in a large hospital gown...
  3. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #58 She a lump, he a tool, poor La'horse freezing in the pool

    New thread title thanks to @minamoon ! Prev thread here: Roundup: Our BYG treated us to some unfiltered pics after getting her car done and they’ve made our year! Some pap...
  4. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #57 Stolen pics and paid for gussets, Unleashed Talent wanna discuss it!

    Thanks to @HeCannitSeeMan for the new thread! Prev thread here: As you were Scrunchies!
  5. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #56 Lozza, Lozza, wide as your prams, crocs on your feet, or should we say spams?

    Another cracking thread title from @FlirtyThirty - congratulations 🎉 Quick roundup: • She did a photoshoot in a cheap, flimsy swimsuit and looked a right state. • There is still no YouTube content despite suggesting she has loads to put on there. • After showing him in the background of her...
  6. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #55 Oh dear Lozza you look a state Your jacket is pleather and your face is a plate!

    New thread! Thanks @Clickbait for the new title! Prev thread here: As you were Scrunchies!
  7. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #54 Queen of Scams, Fists Like Hams

    Congratulations to @FlirtyThirty who narrowly edged out @WordSalad to win the new thread title crown 👑 @WordSalad you should try again for the next thread as it will remain true for that one as well! (Thread #53 Post 955) Quick roundup: The YouTube video had still not arrived so she recorded...
  8. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #53 All the press coverage for the Bisto Kid Is making Big Loz flip her lid

    New thread Scrunchies! Thanks to @Clickbait for the new title!! Onwards and upwards for the next instalment! Prev thread here: Roundup: She’s still preggers Chaz went...
  9. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #52 BYG and Chaz are toast, left to beg on her own for Larose and Laroast

    Congratulations to @fluffy_peanut on the thread title 👏 - a long time lurker turned title winner 👑 As promised I’ve put together a poll for the Scrunchies to pick what the new baby’s name will be from some amazing suggestions in the last thread. You can choose 2 options. Quick recap: After...
  10. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #51 Here comes Laureen, the petrol court Queen!

    Thanks to @FlirtyThirty for thread title!!! Prev thread: As you were Scrunchies! Roundup: * Lozza and Ch’arg/Benny Hill have split (allegedly) *Our BYG still hasn’t taken LaBored out in the fresh air but reads here as she gets...
  11. 265

    Lauren Goodger #50 #FreeLarose

    Welcome to #50! Well done to @Eureka for the winning title. Previous Thread - Carry on Scrunchies! Billy no mates then!
  12. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #49 Obviously you read this site, let us help bring Larose up right

    Thanks to @NinaStar90 for the thread title! Previous thread here: Happy Christmas Scrunchies! Roundup: * Big Loz says all three of them had COVID and...
  13. 265

    Lauren Goodger #48 Fattyboombatty eats rusks with spam, whilst roaming the streets with an empty pram.

    Welcome to #48. 🤗 Well done @Crowbag for the suggestion. Previous thread - Carry on Scrunchies.
  14. 265

    Lauren Goodger #47 So Oddbod has legged it, doesn’t Lozza feel silly, but what will be next for his flaccid willy?

    Welcome to #47 Well done to @pinkstar16 for the title which I had to adjust, don't think I can use the word willy in the title so I'm playing it safe. Previous Thread -...
  15. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #46 She was a ball. Chaz was a bike. He got new teef and rode off into the night!

    Congratulations to @Caw1982 for the very apt thread title. Charlie has now left the building. Special mention goes to @NinaStar90 for this belter. Poetic in its simplicity, and so very clever. Roundup to follow…
  16. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #45 he new teef, me not well, got hair in knot, but love baby gel

    A truly brilliant thread title, congratulations @Purpledahlia 🎉 Old thread is here: Quick roundup: Big Loz is boring us to tears 😭 and there have been noises of demotion...
  17. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #44 Motherhood expert in 3 months flat, no one wants a Q&A you awful tw..

    Congratulations to @annabelle_bronstein for the winning title which I’ve had to amend slightly to fit and hopefully be allowed by the Mods 🤞🏻 Fairly quick round-up as she’s been boring AF and in sloth mode. She had a shit birthday party at the rented bungalow with basic party food and very few...
  18. xyzcba

    Lauren Goodger #43 La'Rosylee-cuppatea, loz'll make you obese by the time you're three

    Congrats to @Crowbag on the new thread title. Very fitting we hit a new thread on her birthday. BYG has been smothering poor baby Larose in mountains of oil; predictably she complained in a Closer article that she's been trolled about her new mum Bod, then said in her stories she doesn't know...
  19. fluffyglitterbug

    Lauren Goodger #42 Yung gel, stop filtering yaself, even though you have a bum like a shelf

    CONGRALASHUNS TO @Facehugger FOR THIS BEWFUL SUGGESHUN FOR THRED ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 🤳🤳🤳🤳 (had to adjust slightly, but added some selfie emojis to make up for it 😘😘)
  20. fluffyglitterbug

    Lauren Goodger #41 No wind machines or ratty paps, OF have banned my flaps!

    Congratulations AGAIN to @HeCannitSeeMan for this winning thread title! Our BYG has been spotted out in the wild for the first time since Nanny Paté made her entrance into this world. General consensus is that Lozza looks fine 4 weeks post partum (apart from the ridiculous bolt on arse) but is...
  21. fluffyglitterbug

    Lauren Googer #40 youse wanna see my birf in water? Click yes to see ma perfic daughter

    Congratulations to @HeCannitSeeMan on the winning thread title! NannyPaté LaRose is finally with us. Lozza has shared some truly bewful moments of her in her birfing pool. We have seen Ch'Arg's real teeth (hoping Lozza will beg him some Turkey Teefs soon!) Lozza is selling her giant cesspit...
  22. fluffyglitterbug

    Lauren Goodger #39 Bewful reveal didn’t go to plan. Easiest option, back to Only Fans

    New thread! Congratulations to @annabelle_bronstein for the winning title with 30 votes 👏👏👏👏 After eleventy seven months of waiting, we were finally graced with the arrival of our bewful yung gel's offspring. Lozza and Ch'Arg created a stunningly bewful and original moniker for sproglet -...
  23. 265

    Lauren Goodger #38 Hail the safe arrival of Lozza's kid, already being touted for the highest bid

    Welcome to #38 and well done to my La Perla Queen @Jersey Girl for the thread title, I've never seen so many reactions!! Previous Thread - Lozza had the child but gave...
  24. Katie8ee

    Lauren Goodger #37 From Lindo wing to bingo wing, still no Laulie so scrunchies sing.

    Thanks to @Badirene for the fantastic thread title. Sadly our @Clickbait is on hiatus and like someone in a shit film at the Oscars who never thought they would win I just wasn't prepared! Would someone like to do the honours and do a quick run down? I just woke up about three minutes ago and...
  25. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #36 She’s gone nude, we’ve all spewed, we all know Chaz just wants a dude.

    With another thread of very strong title suggestions, congratulations to @Facehugger for this one 🎉 Yungel is still pregnant. Aside from some more anti-vax nonsense, some more badly photoshopped nude photos and discovering she is a ball, nothing much has happened. @Intoxicating shared a video...
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