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Lauren Rose Goodger (born 19 September 1986) is an English television personality, glamour model, media personality and columnist. She starred in the ITVBe reality show The Only Way Is Essex from 2010 until 2012, debuting in the first series before departing in series 6.
In January 2013, Goodger took part in the eighth series of the ITV ice skating show Dancing on Ice, where she was partnered with Michael Zenezini and finished eleventh after being eliminated in week 2. In August 2014, Goodger entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in the fourteenth series of the show.

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  1. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #82 Insta under construction. Too thick to function. Has her arse had a reduction?

    There could really only be one winner after @chichi100 came up with this cracking suggestion. Congratulations! You win a rummage in the bargain bin of leftovers from the Jumble Sale of Doom. A quick recap: • New agent is attempting to do what Moleman tried and failed to manage - reinvent BYG as...
  2. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #81 Still selling crap at the jumble sale of doom, the great big catfish with face like a moon

    Thanks to @MrAllSeeingEye for the new shiny thread of 2023! Our BYG has been very quiet over Xmas and NY sparking our thoughts that she has either had a full body lipo and reconstruction or shes back with Charg .5 (could be both)! hasn't been seen since Christmas Day almost so we...
  3. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #80 Burnt yorkies, staged sex shop walkies. 1 gym session but still porkies 🐷

    A comfortable victory for @chichi100 to name thread #80 - well done you! Treat yourself to a hair steam and some Jolly Green Giant like our BYG - icon and role model. Quick recap: • Still selling tat in her jumble sale of doom - the shit is getting worse if that can be believed; • Still hasn’t...
  4. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #79 A hoard of waist trainers up for sale, never been used she's the size of a whale! 🐳

    Many congratulations to @Cucumber and eggs for the winning thread title 👏 and apologies to @troutpout69 if your early post (#6) was a suggestion for the next thread and not just a reference to the last one. She continues to sell more horrors in the jumble sale of doom. It appears she’s roped...
  5. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #78 Lemons and gingers, chocolate fingers, back to the flat where Jake's ghost lingers

    Thanks to @NotAgain? for the new thread title! Prev thread here: I think this photo sums up how we and LaHeadband feels about Big Loz and her dead ex-boyfriend and the mass jumble sale...
  6. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #77 Microwave seller, split with her fella, size 8 forever

    New thread! Thanks to @JakeM for the new thread title! Prev thread here: As you were Scrunchies!
  7. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #76 Lying Lozza nothing but a scam, selling stained clothes under friends and fam

    Thanks to @Sjr2607 for the shiny new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: Where the eff do we start?!!! She’s been the gift that keeps on giving this week… So, very apparent she’s being turfed out...
  8. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #75 Lady that does it alllllll, me a ball!

    New thread title thanks to @troutpout69 ! Our BYG is still the gift that keeps on giving!! She got Lacuteness’s ears pierced at Claire’s Accessories after looking at hoovers where Chaz .5 could clearly be heard in the background. She was caught vaping at a restaurant and being caught out in...
  9. BessieNessie

    Lauren Goodger #74 Big Loz, acting like a teen, gagging for the peen.

    Thank you @NinaStar90 for the fab thread title. 🎉 Some highlights of the previous thread (add whatever I’ve missed out) ClickBait had her baby and we’re all very happy for her. Congrats ❤ Big L has a new ‘IG fan page’ which is every bit as cringe as it sounds. Pls don’t talk about leaving...
  10. Platformcrocs

    Lauren Goodger #73 CGI face and a bizarre nose, someone please save bewildered Larose

    Last thread was running over big time so time for a new one! A few highlights from the last thread, I'm sure I've missed plenty so fire in! Loz bought herself a bewful Cartier bracelet and ring, both completely legitimate and not AliExpress knock offs She did one whole workout No sign of Chaz...
  11. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #72 Beanz meanz Loz

    Thread title courtesy of @styrofoamplates - your prize is a glass of beans with a sweetcorn side salad, enjoy! Afraid I can’t do a recap at the moment but thought it was worth starting a new thread as we were going well over. Last thread ended with drama just like the previous one - it appears...
  12. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #71 Elastic added to her lingerie, gyrating as she makes prawn linguine 🦐

    @MRSgs came out victorious with the thread title 👏 which related to BYG having to add some hair elastics to a pair of too small Primark knickers she’d decided to squeeze herself into to take photos, during the day, in the kitchen, whilst her 1 year old barricaded herself behind a pile of toys to...
  13. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #70 Playing with Laorse is too much hassle, so Loz turned her lips into a bouncy castle

    Congratulations to @Crowbag on the new thread title 👏 and apologies to @TheDarkling who had a suggestion that scored a little higher but was too long to fit - I did try and trim it down but with no joy. Quick recap: • Still confusion as to her outpouring of grief after the death of her ex Jake...
  14. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #69 Time to put down your phone and walk away, instead take Larose to the park to play.

    Thanks for the votes on my winning thread title, there were some other worthy contenders but mine was perhaps a little more toned down and we’re still in a strange place with knowing what tone to take. It’s really been a rollercoaster over the last few weeks. The last thread came after news of...
  15. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #68 A thread title now is not fun, let's leave her to sell the drama to The Sun

    Just as we thought things couldn’t really get much worse for BYG a story appeared in The Sun (on 5 August) that stated she had been taken to hospital (by a friend) in the early hours of Thursday morning with serious facial injuries allegedly caused by Chaz, who was arrested, questioned, and...
  16. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #67 Papped, preened & raising awareness, of what, no clue just wanna be famous

    Thanks to @HeCannitSeeMan for the new thread title 😀 Prev thread here: Roundup: Two weeks after the sad news, there was a 1st birthday party held for LaMorose at someone’s house and since then, a barrage of mag interviews have been...
  17. 265

    Lauren Goodger #66

    Welcome to #66 - Like the previous 2 threads, no thread title. Previous thread - Carry on people.
  18. M

    Lauren Goodger #65

    All, keep it respectful to everyone involved. Stop with the posting demanding the thread is locked. We really can't win on this - if we locked it for a month we'd probably still get complaints that it should be longer. This is someone who's a public figure and people are discussing over social...
  19. M

    Lauren Goodger #64

    All, please keep it respectful to everyone involved.
  20. Clickbait

    Lauren Goodger #63 The longest pregnancy in history, whilst Oddbod’s sexuality remains a mystery!

    Congratulations to @CrazyBaldhead for the winning thread title 🥇 a run away winner! Talking of running away - there still seems to be some drama with Chaz and speculation as to whether he’s done a runner 🏃 because of him and Big Loz posting passive aggressive inspirational quotes and doing the...
  21. quinzel

    Lauren Goodger #62 Loz on the beg for sweets & dinner, Ch'arge bent over for the spin the wheel winner.

    Old thread: Lauren Goodger #61 Floppy face, floppy fanny, where the heck is Crack Granny? | Tattle Life Thanks to @minamoon for the fab thread title (63 likes). Anyone up for doing a recap?
  22. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #61 Floppy face, floppy fanny, where the heck is Crack Granny?

    Thanks to @WordSalad for the immense new thread title! Prev thread here: This thread could be the one where we greet LaSecondcoming! Here’s one of our...
  23. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #60 Lozza The Hutt flogging a cheap hairdryer, Laorse’s diet comes from the deep fat fryer

    Thanks to @minamoon for the new thread title! Had to shorten it a bit to make it fit 🙂 Prev thread here: We are eagerly awaiting LaBored Mark II when she...
  24. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #59 Come on Lozza get out of bed, must be at least 40 minutes since you were all last fed

    Thanks to @Blowup80 for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: We were treated to the sight of Lozza the Hut and Chaz in a mag photo shoot with BYG in a large hospital gown...
  25. geordiegirl

    Lauren Goodger #58 She a lump, he a tool, poor La'horse freezing in the pool

    New thread title thanks to @minamoon ! Prev thread here: Roundup: Our BYG treated us to some unfiltered pics after getting her car done and they’ve made our year! Some pap...
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