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  1. L

    Goodman Sisters #13 Four years later and still no life, but forever stalking Walker's wife

    Previous Thread; Well Done @4FoxAche !!! second winning thread title in a row. Recap Lardy & Dumpy are bullying Annie That is all
  2. 4FoxAche

    Goodman Sisters #12 The Prolapse is still trying to upset Annie; hope Sprog 2 ruins her fanny

    So the winning title was suggested by @4FoxAche (thanks all) Old thread: Prolapse - Has announced a pregnancy Turkey Teef - Doesn't give a shit - Getting an...
  3. L

    Goodman Sisters #11 She’s the most fertile infertile woman ever, FYI.. you’re a dog ✨💫

    Big congratulations to @Kjj & @Nonyaxx912 On the winning thread titles I managed to merge the two !!! Excellent work We may need a few recaps; Recap 1: It’s… a shock to say the least We got through 24 Lauryn Goodman Threads and 10 Goodman Sister Threads and i don’t think any of us could have...
  4. PenelopePitstop

    Goodman Sisters #10 We’re looking at your pictures smugly, we need no convincing, we know you’re ugly

    Congratulations to @TheLadyTea for the winning thread…. Carry on gossiping… can anyone do a thread recap
  5. 4FoxAche

    Goodman Sisters #9 Lauryn Goodman, the only pussy KW didn’t want to keep 🐈

    Thank you @TheLadyTea for the title. RECAP Lauryn is still bitter, deluded and despite all the beautification surgery, not aesthetically pleasing. Chloe is thicker than her older sister but actually seems to like her kids (more than Lauryn does anyway). Teeth are still ridiculous and...
  6. L

    Goodman Sisters #8 The Lions, The Witch & The Strawberry

    Well done to @N0s3yr0s3y on the winning thread title !!! Recap: Lauryn Goodman of Brighton created a fan page for Kyle Walker and refuses to delete it This to me is more concerning then anything we say on this thread. Feel free to add more Previous Thread...
  7. L

    Goodman Sisters #7 LG desperate to be a WAG, Thats a shame coz all she’s got is £ from absent baby dad

    Well done to @jimginjan on the winning thread title( apologies I had to shorten it as it didn’t fit !) Thread 6 was very interesting ! Amelia - MIA Grunt - Doing anything but his job Heidi - Slim ( so I’m told) Chloe - Still unable to cook Carron Mi Joolie- has her own insta account Loz...
  8. L

    Goodman Sisters #6 Curly Ellie Won’t Make Him A Walker JGGOL Ringing Venues Like LG The Stalker

    Well done to @e.l.lofthouse for the winning thread title ! It had to be edited as it was too long ! But well done, you have slotted right in to this wonderful thread ! I would do a recap but not much has happened, once again we remind Lairen she has #Endo & #Anxiety. As she sometimes forgets...
  9. PenelopePitstop

    Goodman Sisters #5 Lauryn will never be mrs annie v walker

    Congratulations to @Lucymyers for the thread title…. Not had time to do a recap as I am on the train to Manchester to stalk Beggy….
  10. TheLadyTea

    Goodman Sisters #4 Lauryn Goodman…Kyle Walker’s biggest regret

    A lacklustre recap Lauryn - Still in her boxroom, still complaining about her son, trying to go back to court for more money, exposing LG’s personal life and hoping that the papers will contact her. Chloe - House is still cluttered, still can’t cook and is a terrible, performative friend to...
  11. TheLadyTea

    Goodman Sisters #3 Brighton slapper wishes she were Annie, can’t cast love spells with a baggy fanny

    Honestly nothing to recap, we are the funniest parts of Lauryn’s miserable life😂 I think we all get the message now but to reiterate, we can’t say anything about the High Court case other than the fact that there was one. Welcome back everyone! (Especially you, Loz) Carry on!
  12. L

    Goodman Sisters #2 Eeny, meeny, miny, moe Lairyn Goodman’s still a hoe

    Hey, Welcome to thread 2 Not much to recap as thread one was a slow one Words to describe each of them from last thread Amelia - Jacko Chloe - Shady Lairen - Backgrid Grunt - Miserable Carron - Con Message From Mods; The only thing that can be said about the high court case is it...
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