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  1. Lizzy 93

    Lauryn Goodman & Sisters #80 Lauryn Goodman banned from all events coz of her penchant for married gents

    Well done @Kl111966 on the winning title Didn’t fit so I changed because to coz :( Short Recap Loz likes 0% Heineken Kiaro is the man of the house Kinara has legs like her brother Kiaro is a leader Kiaro wears his dad2 stop everyday and has now learnt that his dad is at a school, learning...
  2. Lucymyers

    Lauryn Goodman and sisters #79 Annie’s a looker Lauryn’s a hooker

    New thread for us thrush infested, NHS using peasants.... --- Recap Lauryn keeps posting fotos of her arse in hope that kyle is watching from a secret account. Annie is still being a queen, keeping silent, loving life, being the best mum and basically being everything lauryn isnt Kairo has...
  3. 4FoxAche

    Lauryn Goodman and Sisters #78 Brighton & Hoes

    Well done to @OGJessicaFletcher for the winning thread title. The shitshow continues. This week: - Kyle has moved back in with Annie and RRRR - Liaryn wants to move to Dubai - Liaryn is livid that she will be blocked from attending the Euros - Klarna and Klearpay were banned from attending...
  4. OGJessicaFletcher

    Goodman Sisters #77 Rachel Monk Please take a Bow… Now finish off that home wrecking Cow 🐄

    Welcome Back Lads Congratulations to @scotall for winning thread title you win a set up Pap Walk around Portslade 🥇 The outcome of the poll from the last thread; Lauryn thinks she is a responsible adult 😳 Make of that What You Will! @DJ83 has just revealed Lauren is Master Stalker...
  5. OGJessicaFletcher

    Goodman Sisters #76 Dumpy Stumpy wants a private arrangement 4 Rumpy Pumpy 4 Spunky in her Lumpy Bumpy 🍇

    Welcome Back Lads Everyone is Welcome (or maybe not) 🙊 Congratulations to me my thread title won 🏆 Thank You All for being Apart of the Journey. The outcome of the poll from the last thread; One of the Lads @Moneybags recently shared a dining room with Queen Annie they have got closer to...
  6. OGJessicaFletcher

    Goodman Sisters #75 These boots are made for stalking, that's just what I'll do👢

    Welcome Back Lads Well done to @Disneygirl89 on winning thread title you’ve bagged yourself some baggy thigh high boots! Thanks to an assist from @Ladxb21 ✨ Always Supporting Everybody is Welcome (Except PP) it’s not true what they say about us 🙊 We might be; Lunatics Chavs Unhinged Daft shits...
  7. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #74 Martha Goodman, not one single friend, we all want to know when will this end?

    Well done @Blondetech on the winning title 🏆 Recap: Baby Walker is here and loz has lost her marbles Buckle up lads it’s Catherine Lauren Rowland vs Rachel Monk I will not have any Snapchat slander or I’ll send legal ! Latest articles...
  8. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #73 Kyle categorically did not invite Lauryn, or any member of her family, to the Euros J

    Well done Rachel Monk on the winning thread title and @justhereforanoseylike for making it a suggestion 🏆🏆 A title missed last thread - 1 of each, 1 with no name, 1 sad single mother, 1 person to blame! #blessed J well done @Shickpea 🏆 💖 Thread’s lasting as long as Kyle in Lauren’s children’s...
  9. 4FoxAche

    Goodman Sisters #72 Annie always an unbothered Queen, Prozza just a desperate has-been! J

    Congratulations to @Blondetech on the thread title. Prolapse is losing her marbles that Annie has had a baby with her own husband. The stress is making her hair fall out and her eyes attempt to escape her face. Annie is moving to stop Liaryn's behaviour. Some gems from the media: - Kyle is...
  10. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #71 Wanted baby number 4, not scooped out of a condom on the floor - J

    Well done @no1knows2 on the winning thread title Loads of votes you got 🏆🏆🏆🏆 Just want to say if anyone wants to re enter we had some great ones last thread x 17th is for the eldest babe.. but today it happens to be Lauren’s sons birthday. It’s a shame Kyle’s baby news has taken over Messiahs...
  11. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #70 My name is Lauren Goodman and I want to be Annie Kilner when I grow up J

    Well done @Rose94 on the winning thread title 🏆 You had a few suggestions last thread didn’t ya ! @NoseyParker24 hope you like the addition on the thread title Welcome back to the shit show lads Quick Recap Kiaro Goodman is waiting for Mancity to call :( Chloe Goodman is having a bad week...
  12. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #69 tit blog, Face of a Dog, No Dad for the Sprogs

    Well Done @jimginjan on the winning thread title 🏆 Thread Recap: It’s all THEIR fault Kiaro has no school Kiaro has loads of mates going to his party Loz has curtains she closes by using her phone because she’s too fucking lazy to stand up Loz was spotted getting a prescription from Asda in...
  13. OGJessicaFletcher

    Goodman sisters #68 Kyle gave her a Shag she opened her mouth to a Mag been given a Gag never be a Wag!

    Well done @Rose94 Queen of thread title 68; with a little added extra by @NoseyParker24 very fitting as LG has been as silent as a mouse!! Edited slightly to fit! Kyle son’s were on the pitch at Wembley during the England v Brazil match sharing his honour of leading England out with RRR making...
  14. OGJessicaFletcher

    Goodman sisters #67 That isn't his Jamaican roots that's Sun Burn ☀️🔥🇯🇲

    Well done @NoseyParker24 Queen of thread title 67 🏆 Inspiration taken from Lauryn’s most recent TikTok of Diego in tiny Speedo’s 🤢 dancing with his Amigo’s on holiday in the Dominican Republic, while Proz shadow danced in the background so we didn’t see his face 🤡 Just a quick reminder she was...
  15. BirkenheadTranny

    Goodman sisters #66 she’s had more limited companies than she’s had sexual encounters with Kyle Walker

    Well done to @livingforthetea for a cracking thread title 👏 I'm going to hand over to the legendary @Lizzy 93 for one of her iconic thread recaps 🥳
  16. Lucymyers

    Goodman Sisters #65 Annie still blameless, Lauryn still shameless, baby still nameless

    Carry on campers Lozza Still single Still a liar Still a convicted benefit cheat Still delulu Still producing boring af blogs Still cant write a grammatically correct blog after her private education Still jealous to death of annie Still not revealed kw2 name...we know its kinara Still on the...
  17. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #64 FYI…You were never Kyle’s girlfriend

    Well done @Rose94 Short and sweet 🏆🏆 Best post of last thread voted for by myself also goes to @Rose94 ( please see below) New blog is out Check previous thread to read @Ittybittytittyclub Thank you queen We are: Lunatics Too broke for Pilates Unhinged Daft shits Annie Stans Chavs NHS users...
  18. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #63 The most famous #Walker is 3 and free but unable to attend Hudsons Party

    Well done to @Lizzy 93 on the winning thread title babe Excellent finish 🏆 I would personally like to thank Amelia for this one ✨ Thread 62 Business So it’s currently the 20th Feb 2024 and no February blog is out It will allegedly will be landing 23rd February according to LG Hudson had a...
  19. Lucymyers

    Goodman Sisters #62 We’re sick of the lies, piles, shoes and half clues,Kyle didnt pick u, boo fackin hoo

    I dont want to tread on anyones toes with my crusty valentinos by doin the recap --- Well done @spillallthetea
  20. Lizzy 93

    Goodman sisters #61 New low for walker according to his stalker, not enough funds left for the daughter

    Thank you for voting for me ✨ 🏆 Had to shorten the thread title which was #61 it’s a New low for walker according to his stalker, not enough funds left for the daughter Thank you for sharing your story @PartTimeNoseyWitch it was voted most liked post last thread for anyone that missed Really...
  21. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #60 I'm four but me mums a stinking bore

    Well done to @Lurkylurky88 Most voted post of last thread and was a fitting thread title so well done Key Points: We don’t know why she teaches him Spanish We THINK daughters name is Kinara Storm Walker We don’t have the link to the docs We don’t condone violence Kyle Walker is a c*nt Lauren is...
  22. justheretoread99

    Goodman Sisters #59 She thinks she canny but she’s an absolute fanny, the only queens are Sian & Annie

    Welcome back. Well done @MinnieXX on the winning title. Read the wiki. We don’t know why Kairo speaks Spanish. & BLW is now on a plant based diet. Queen Sian est 5th February 2024 7:30pm - Previous thread...
  23. justheretoread99

    Goodman Sisters #58 Proz exploiting the Spanish talker… Just face facts, you’ll never be a Walker

    Welcome Tattlers old and new. Buckle up, it’s a shitstorm out there. We are the: Lunatics, Annie stans, Daft shits and Sad Fuckers. We are chavs who use the NHS and have thrush. Current location: in the fucking sea. Newbies - read the wiki. Read the previous recaps. They won’t disappoint...
  24. Lizzy 93

    Goodman Sisters #57 “When will it end?”… when you stop pretending Kyle was your boyfriend…

    Well done to @scotall Not sure if it was a thread suggestion but well done anyway On your way to VIP status you sarcastic lunatic 🏆 Welcome back some Lauren Goodman #1 thread lunatics You walked so we could run Thread #55 & #56 Business Annie: Sources tell me she’s finally been able to laugh...
  25. Lucymyers

    Goodman sisters #56 The Brighton beast with a fandango full of yeast

    New thread ladies and gents