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  1. WhatABore

    Emilywalters_journal #14 Emily sat on the cat while LDD shoved his LD into Brenda's

    New thread. Had to change it slightly 😜 Thanks to @dexy98
  2. conrea37

    Emilywalters_journal #13 The mole has been removed but the tattle mole is here to stay

    Thread title by @el1234 anyone care to do a recap?
  3. WhatABore

    Emilywalters_journal #12 Baby won’t nap so she makes flapjacks in her big birthing sack

    New thread 😊 Title courtesy of @el1234
  4. ChampagneBox

    Emilywalters_journal #11 AttaPoll surveys shoppium and Vinted, no money for the kids but she’s minted

    Welcome to thread 11 all! Well done to @MissFlowers for the thread title! so at the end of the last thread Emily FINALLY put Amelia in something more than a babygro. This wasn’t done of course without calling us Karen’s for dare suggesting a babygro isn’t enough for winter…but still, I...
  5. ChampagneBox

    Emilywalters_journal #10 hubby wants to do a runner, all Ella wishes for is a mum who’s a bit funner

    New thread time! Well done to @dexy98 , I couldn’t fit it all in though, sorry! 😭 still spending money she says she doesn’t have In recent week there’s been speculation her and moley have split up/taken some time out, potentially over the absolute TEA shared on thread 9 by someone who’s...
  6. ChampagneBox

    Emilywalters_journal #9 Buying £20 brownies like she’s minted yet sells second hand babygrows on Vinted

    New thread time! It’s been a while 😅 well done to @Rose94 for the thread title! The recap is basically the title…moaning she has no money but funnily enough brownies keep appearing 🧐 if only warm baby clothes appeared as much as brownies…
  7. WhatABore

    Emilywalters_journal #8 Neglecting baby for the gram, she has as much maternal instinct as a piece of ham

    Thread title had to be cut down. Isn't quite as catchy! Sorry! Thanks to @uglybettybetty for the title though!
  8. Rose94

    Emilywalters_journal #7 Wearing same top, sacked off dog, shoving food down her gob

    New thread, title was picked by me :) Anyone wanna recap? Self reporting myself because stupid me didn’t realise the title was too long 🤦🏼‍♀️ please can it be “Wearing same top, sacked off dog, shoving food gown her gob”
  9. WhatABore

    Emilywalters_journal #6 I lied about the gender..little freebie is due in September

    New thread 😊 Title thanks to @ChubClubThug
  10. N

    Emilywalters_journal #5 Laying down after 1 chore, everyday there’s brownies at the door

    New most liked thread title thanks to @prillytheturtle , also I had to cut it down because it was too long for the title, so apologies!! recap: failed calorie counting, failed diets, headaches, moaning about having to homeschool her small child, lots of buckets of tea, online hate that she...
  11. WhatABore

    Emilywalters_journal #4 yellow toothed, getting chubby oh and do you know I have a hubby?!

    New title thanks to @Missgobby124 😀😀
  12. conrea37

    Emilywalters_journal #3 Emily looks like a milk maid with her sloppy Dutch braid

    New thread title by @antisocialmedia, only one I could find! Please correct me if I've missed one. Recap: Her child got her first haircut (??!!) Child is no longer referred to as a toddler (finally!!) Took child out for dinner because it was an #ad Doing #ads for tesco when her "hubby" works...
  13. conrea37

    Emilywalters_journal #2 She's a SW flop, with fondness for overpriced choccy & a mesh top

    Thread title by @ChubClubThug but too long to fit. Continue here!
  14. antisocialmedia


    Here you go