Emilywalters_journal #7 Wearing same top, sacked off dog, shoving food down her gob

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I’d be absolutely mortified to be eating McDonald’s in my hospital bed whilst being induced knowing full well that I had already eaten a roast dinner AND fish fingers, mash and peas. What on Earth must everyone else be thinking! And McDonald’s is to cheer her up because her first induction method didn’t work! Fuck me, grow some balls hubby and tell her no!!


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Moan, moan,moan!!

Just be thankful the NHS are there doing their job. Poor people sharing a ward with her
She’s such a moaner! Think of the poor women on there giving birth to a baby they have lost or a poorly baby. Doesn’t realise how lucky she is

Well after all that grub I certainly hope she doesn't go into active labour tonight or I feel very sorry for that midwife 💩 🤣
Exactly this 😭😂 WHY would you eat that much junk right before giving birth


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Has she even got off her arse?

I had a baby 4 months ago and was induced with the 24 hour pessary, same as her.
I was coming back for the checks and back out walking round again! All day long!
Same! Iv had 3 inductions all before due date and I never sat still.. walking is a must to help get things going even my first which was 38 weeks was only about 30 hours from first pessary obvs everyone’s different but I do think walking helps she’s done fuck all since she got the hospital she’s a pain in the arse…. Sure she will be posting again soon tho moaning about the pain in her fanny 🤣🤣


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What's she texting her Mum for anyway.
I thought updating her stories constantly was so she didn't have to text people 😂

How many people would she normally be updating if she's still updating her mum and obviously husband?

If I had a bunch of family texting me constantly during induction/labour (none would give that much of a shit) they'd get told to f**k off 😂

Although saying that, they probably don't care. But this is Emily, she thinks everyone does.
Probably texts her aunts cousins brothers uncle who she's not spoke to in a year to tell them they're sticking things up her.
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