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  1. T

    DontHoldBack #10 Group chats, TikTok spats, Are the Dream Team rats?

    Thanks to @Trapped_soul for the winning title with 13 votes. If someone would like to do a recap as I've not been keeping up, all I know is DHB keeps making new accounts and tiktok keeps taking them down 🤪
  2. T

    DontHoldBack #9 Group Chats are bad.

    Thanks to @zyxwvu for thread title, if anyone wants to add a recap..
  3. IR0201

    DontHoldBack #8 Kath? who the fook is Kath? Enter at your own risk, you'll need beverages

    Here you go you fuckers 😘 NoseyRosie (it won’t let me tag you), your title was awesome but it wouldn’t fit 😭 @My2pWorth thank you for an epic title!
  4. mumz

    DontHoldBack #7 Unfairly banned, the begging TikTokers should be canned

    Thread title from @PoopooKaKa Recap Mr & Mrs DHB both got banned from TikTok Device bans too Can only be watched via IG or FB for now until they can come back All the begs seemed to have formed a collective as all worried about their begging incomes DHB continues to expose them His fight for...
  5. mumz

    DontHoldBack #6 Derby And Blazy Sitting In A Tree, Along Comes Darryl And Exposes Their Fake Hypocrisy

    Thread title from @Tryger88 Love him or hate him DHB is a TikTok regular He comes with receipts He has a team behind him who like digging for truth Says out loud what a lot of people are thinking Will take time to respond to everyone personally who messages him or reaches out to him, even if...
  6. mumz

    DontHoldBack #5 Voice-note-gate & Snakes in the camp

    DontHoldBack Some love you some hate you You travel the lonely road of truth The path less travelled and gravelly With a team of super sleuths There's been hurt there's been joy But opinions strong with proof Burdens are heavy and wearing Accusations, lies, "Oh Strewth" Don't hold back...
  7. IR0201

    DontHoldBack #4 Dhb and team with not be beat, they come with proof and provide receipts

    Here you go peeps! Does anyone want to do a recap? I could but frankly I don’t want to 🤣
  8. zyxwvu

    DontHoldBack #3 Wants to save ALL. This makes other's skin crawl, DHB TEAM is the best. Will out live the rest

    Welcome to Thread 3 Title credit goes to @Atttttccc . Had to cut it down to fit. I hope DHB and co appreciate the cheesiness of it 😂 Recap: - DHB continues to speak the truth. - Mankey, Diddy, Beg and co continue to be triggered by it. - DHB and co, alongside tattle, continue to be blamed for...
  9. My2pWorth

    Dontholdback #2 DHB brings receipts, Becks inspects & James detects

    Thanks to @lululalalulu for the thread suggestion with the most votes. Well the recap is, DHB is gaining more popularity by exposing the begs. The charity scams were exposed and we are waiting on Action Fraud/Police outcome. Lives are becoming good healthy debates. If you cause drama/bully...
  10. C


    What's everyone's thoughts on him? He's had a lot to say about the whole smithy drama! And a few other creators... just watched the most dramatic live between him and Lawrence and then him and road man Ralph who looks completely stoned!