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  1. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #17

    A shiny new thread for tonights episode .... Old Thread here.
  2. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #16

    New thread for a new week of fun filled Corrie!! Old thread here ...
  3. R

    Classic Coronation Street #5 Just have a little patience cropper!

    So here it is guys, your sparkling new Classic Corrie thread. Thanks to Kachochoo for the thread title. Old thread here. Classic Coronation St #4 Goodbye to Betty, a brief hello to Bet, is it time for Richard to start killing yet? | Tattle Life
  4. Salted Caramel

    Coronation Street #15

    Previous thread here What are the names odds on Saving the Rovers being the Christmas storyline? Who is your dream landlord /landlady from the current cast?
  5. F

    Coronation Street Experience Tour

    Has anyone been on this? I went at the weekend and loved it. Would love to know others thoughts 🤔 I paid an extra £10 to meet one of the characters...must admit I was disappointed 😞 Not their fault!
  6. Cupid_Stunt

    Coronation Street #14 A load of old cobblers

    Thanks to @Ktb for the thread title suggestion. A quick recap: Eliza - annoying brat Cassie - Abi 2.0 repetition Stephen - Is his reign coming to an end soon? Aadi - He should be with Amy Link to the previous thread
  7. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #13

    Carry on talking cobbles .... Evelyn has left with Cassie, Sarah's pregnant, Max is still annoying and Kevin's back.
  8. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #12

    Paul has been diagnosed with MND. Rugby League player Rob Burrow has been to meet the actors.
  9. Cupid_Stunt

    Classic Coronation St #4 Goodbye to Betty, a brief hello to Bet, is it time for Richard to start killing yet?

    Thanks to @LennyBriscoe for the thread title (had to amend it a bit as it was too long) Brief recap: Bet came and went in a blink of an eye A pre-Evelyn Maureen Lipman appeared as Lillian Spencer Richard is just getting warmed up for more sinister actions after letting Duggie die and killing...
  10. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #11

    Carry on here folks ... In the last episode Alya was stabbed with Gary and Darien apprehending the attacker who was a friend of Max. Fizz and Tyrone tried role play to spice up their love life and Stephen pulled more angry faces and told Jenny that Leo and Teddy were together and didn't want...
  11. Doodlebug005

    Coronation Street #10

    Carrying on from #9 Recap… Summer and Aaron are in the process of agreeing to hand over their upcoming baby to a weird pair for cash… recently the couple have suggested that they put the husbands name on the birthcert even though he is not the dad Summer and Aaron stuttered an agreement The...
  12. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #9

    New thread for this Wednesday's exciting episode of Summer whinging and whining 😭 A picture of Bernie Winters and Schnorbitz for the uninitiated.
  13. R

    Classic Coronation Street #3 Save the cobbles residents are whining, whilst Deirdre and Dev are 69ing!

    Hi guys, welcome to your new Classic Corrie thread. As it was recently the 40th anniversary (in Classic Corrie), I thought I would do a poll. Thanks to ktb, for the fabulous thread title. The last two posts in the previous thread.
  14. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #8

    Let's start our new thread with some good. Sally Carmen has indicated that Abi is going to be rested for a bit.
  15. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #7

    A shiny new thread for tonights episode? Well, here it is. ;) Be prepared for more Imran/Abi drama.
  16. FenellaTheWitch

    Coronation Street #6 Max took a tumble, Beth had a grumble, Tim's no longer humble

    New thread. Don't forget, normal shows this evening at 7.30 and then non until Monday 7th due to football.
  17. Jelly Bean

    Coronation Street #5

    A goodbye to this legend :(
  18. R

    Classic Coronation Street #2 I say Coronation Street #2

    Hello everyone and welcome to your new thread. Thanks to Lenny Briscoe for the thread tilte.
  19. calmyourritas

    Coronation Street #4

    New thread! And for old times sake…
  20. calmyourritas

    Coronation Street #3

    Yay! Let’s go guys
  21. R

    Classic Coronation Street

    This is a place for discussing the classic episodes of Coronation Street. One of the most gripping storylines in the show's history is currently being shown - Jon Lindsay and Deirdre Rachid. I missed it when it was originally shown. It is really well written, and totally compelling.
  22. calmyourritas

    Coronation Street #2

    Another thread for us to moan about how rubbish this show is! Yay!
  23. theghosttown

    Coronation Street

    God... never ever did I think I would start a post about this. I have never been a soap fan particularly but I started a couple of months ago. Reason for posting this is the Geoff and Yazmeen storyline. It is honestly horrific, amazingly well acted but it makes my toes curl and want to put my...