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Bowel Bro is Rich Davies is a cancer influencer who claimed to have stage 4 terminal cancer.
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    Bowelbro #10 Tricky Dicky dies but there are still so many unanswered lies

    Thanks to @iamfake for the thread title with the most likes. Link to previous thread … --- Well the thread lives on and as for Dicky, where art thou?
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    BowelBro #9 we do not, I repeat do not believe you!

    Thanks to @MariaMariaSoContrary for the thread title with the most votes. --- Previous thread link …
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    BowelBro #8 Where’s the book, Rich you crook?

    Thanks to @Kittens1988 for the new thread title won with the most likes. Link to previous thread Rave on everyone!
  4. Noonoosanne2

    BowelBro #7 Lord of the lies

    As you were tattlers. Thread title thanks to @Patternmaker Wonder what will come out about Richard in this thread. Seems the lies are never ending
  5. Olgivy

    Bowelbro #6 Casino Broyale

    MissB123 is the winner of the new thread title. Previous thread Who else now wants a Chicken Royale from Burger King? Just me? OK.
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    Bowelbro #5

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    Bowelbro #4

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    BowelBro #3

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    Bowelbro #2

    Twittle on …
  10. W

    Bowelbro Happy 10K followers was said, now you get your own tattle thread

    As requested, a thread for Bowelbro. He’s a 36 year old with stage 4 bowel cancer, now periodically sharing his writing on Instagram and seemingly trying to get more reach by paying to advertise his page.