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  1. S

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #13 Taking pills to lose some beef. So she can get married to the testicle with teeth.

    @dangleberries1 well done on the winning thread title Manically trying to lose weight for her Trashy Trashlie wedding of the year 😂
  2. Ohheyyyyy

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #12 She’s so huge that her pronouns are fe/fi/fo/fum

    New thread, most liked comment! Quick recap - still parents of the year. Still a boss QVC babe. Still a size 16/18.
  3. kelly123

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #11 Crouching Liar, hidden Mingers

    @dangleberries1 suggested the thread title 👏🏻 Would anyone like to do a recap?
  4. reCAPTCHA

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #10 Skin like a glazed donut; face like a puffer fish

    New thread done. No idea who came up with it, sorry, feel free to credit yourself you superstar! Anyone up for a recap? She’s been same old Ashlie really; boring us with tales of Mr Worldwide. Getting rid of her step-daughters at every available opportunity, and reminding us how perfect her...
  5. reCAPTCHA

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #9 The Many Lies of Ashlie: Blended fam? More like MLM spam!

    Welcome to thread 9 for Ashlie, who lives in Leeds Wakefield with her baldy sugar daddy (Wingers 🤢), and Ashlie’s two spoilt sons. Wingers‘ two daughters apparently live with them, but in reality spend more time at their Grandparents. Ashlie loves to paint herself as step-mum extraordinaire...
  6. S

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #8 Who is tallest, Trashlie or Mingers? All she can cook is slow cooker fish fingers!

    Congrats to @LittleRa on the winning thread title. Anyone want to do an recap? Still passive aggressively having digs at Wingers Daughters Her boys are still the faves Still bins the girls off at every opportunity Pretends Wingers is taller than her Still thinks she works 70 hrs at week...
  7. S

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #7 walks around naked, makes us all cringe. Flashing her bum and her saggy old 🤭

    Thanks to @Dangleberrys for the winning title from the last thread Trashlie is currently humble bragging on her Cape Verde Holiday leaving the kids in rooms on there own As you were Tattlers….
  8. geordiegirl

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #6 can’t go on vacation, she has no vaccination!

    Thanks to @Dangleberrys for the new thread title (had to shorten it!) Anyone care to do a roundup? Previous thread here: As you were!
  9. D

    Ashlie Sugarrushed #5 changing the minds of government officials with just one letter.

    Title made no sense, edited to a comment on the last page of the thread. Number 5 for lanky liar Trashlie and her adventures in the McMansion with Mingers and the blended family. To recap - Trashlie has saved us all from Vaccine passports with a badly written rant to her MP, no doubt talking...
  10. C7645

    Ashliesugarrushed #4 Mansion of tat, face of a rat, lumis not working, fillers disturbing

    Congratulations @Whineandcheese on the winning thread title, had to edit to get it to fit! Anyone want to do a recap??
  11. reCAPTCHA

    Ashliesugarrushed #3 Take your Lumi and shove it up your Nooni

    New thread by me @reCAPTCHA. Round-up: Ashlee continues to flog her MLM business Lumi, despite creating a separate business page for it and swearing she’d stop boring everyone on her personal page. She refuses to accept that no fucker wants to know about the Lumi, the biggest hint being that...
  12. AfterLife

    Ashliesugarrushed #2 Don't be fooled by the rock that I got, I'm still Trashlie under this Botox

    Alreeeeeeet 🥴. Thanks to @Hadtodoit for the most liked thread suggestion, sure Trash-lie will claim she thought of it first YEARS ago though 😏 As you were..