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Dublin based social media influencer and blogger.
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  1. forgotmyacc

    Aoibhe Devlin #16 Aoibhe Lingus the inventor of aoibhiation

    Thanks to @TheTeaRooms for a cracking thread title with 81 likes ! Aoife is still a dose, still not declaring ads, still photoshopping herself into oblivion and still in her da's gaff.
  2. forgotmyacc

    Aoibhe Devlin #15 It's not all chicken and beef

    New thread.... thanks to @Bangonthedoor for posting it and @EllBelle for suggesting it as a title!! Continue on.... Recap. She's still a tit.
  3. Cáca_Milis

    Aoibhe Devlin #14 Livin in dads runin out of ads gets a strangers foot in a pic so yiz think it’s a lads

    Thanks to @TheTeaRooms for the most liked suggestion. Had to edit it to make it fit! Carry on tattling!
  4. usefullyuseless

    Aoibhe Devlin #13 Two years on still chasing Juan, changing shifts & dragging the kids ain't romantic

    Congratulations to @TheTeaRooms for the winning thread title suggestion. You win a bouquet of roses from a secret admirer. Oooooooooh. Actually they're from a flower subscription service. I can't be arsed to do a recap, the last thread took 5 months to fill 😭
  5. usefullyuseless

    Aoibhe Devlin #12 She thinks her travels make us green but she's no jetsetter, just a layover queen

    New thread title thanks to meeeeee coz I'm such a gas ridey bitch just out here living my best life. IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW AMIRITE? Can someone please do a recap. Míle buíochas.
  6. Ryan80

    Aoibhe Devlin #11 You’re fooling NoJuan

    New Thread title by @uncleted can someone please do another epic summary like @TheTeaRooms did for the last thread
  7. Ryan80

    Aoibhe Devlin #10 From Moonpig to Hun Buns, she invented the lot. But we all think she's lost the p(i)lot

    New Thread which IMO is the best thread title ever. Thanks to @Cáca_Milis for the title with contibution from @BashmentLady for the best sentence I have ever read on tattle "she's lost the p(i)lot" Anyone fancy doing a recap????
  8. Turmeric123

    Aoibhe Devlin #9 About as edgy as a balloon

    Can someone do a recap please
  9. Malone

    Aoibhe Devlin #8 Aoibhe and her incurable case of Juanderlust !

    Thanks to @TheTeaRooms for thread suggestion which had the most likes 👏🏻👏🏻
  10. M

    Aoibhe Devlin #7 Carrying the aviation industry on her back, followers know I’m no craic

    Thanks to @igotupat5am for the title! Full title: AoibheLingus. Carrying the aviation industry on my back, long term followers will know I’m no craic Thread Number 6! I messed it up I think, it posted before i fixed it!
  11. P

    Aoibhe Devlin #6 Fupa troopa & selfie’s on the floor, yer Juan is the new Mrs Corr

    New thread for Ms Devlin title thanks to Meoulpal. Anyone want to do a recap... There is a lot to fit in ;)
  12. L

    Aoibhe Devlin #5 Lockdown rules don’t apply anymore, Catch my FUPA on the surgery floor!

    Thread title by : @Meoulpal 😘
  13. Cáca_Milis

    Aoibhe Devlin #4 Poor Aoibhe never got a ring, took 2 kids for Juan to depart their fling

    Thanks to @Tellmethis for the title. I had to abbreviate it a tad as silly Tattle appear to have shaved even more space from the title bar Full title is "Poor Aoibhe never got a ring, only took two kids arrivals for Juan to depart their “fling" Loving the arrivals and departure references...
  14. Yel

    Aoibhe Devlin #3 Back for the swipe ups, she knows her followers are schmucks

    Thread title by @Beebles Full title was Aoibhe Devlin #3: Tattle left her traumatised, but it was actually the truth that left her mortified, back for the swipe ups, she knows her followers are schmucks
  15. R

    Aoibhe Devlin #2 Aoibhe and the verrrrrdy mysterious Instagram posts

    New thread on our Aoibhe, credit to @havinalol for the name!
  16. Oohthedrama

    Aoibhe Devlin

    a thread for Aoibhe Devlin, a “Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger” currently works as cabin crew and lives in Dublin Ireland