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Alfred Sidney Deyes (born 17 September 1993) is an English vlogger and puzzle book author. He lives with girlfriend Zoe Sugg and is known for releasing merch.
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  1. coconochanel

    Alfie Deyes #15 I wanted to finish this title but got distr

    New thread thanks to @GossWhore for the winning title suggestion which is a nod to Alfie failing to finish ANYTHING! 🤣 Anyway recap for anyone who cares..... Alfie has decided to strip things back this year and take things slowly aka hardly do any work unless its an AD or shilling his...
  2. Yel

    Alfie Deyes #14 future self coffee

    It took many months for the last one to fill, I looked through the most liked posts and no good suggestions so maybe it's best naked. Speaking of naked; Alfie had to crop out his body from the new born pics because he didn't get his gym bod. If he stopped posting about the gym bod and actually...
  3. coconochanel

    Alfie Deyes #13 No he isn't attractive and we don't know that one fan.

    New thread thanks to @StephenTJackson for the title suggestion winning with 8 likes. update for newbies..... Alfie has gone on paternity leave 4 weeks before Zoe's due date then he posted on IG and upload a vlog 🤣 He got so bored he registered on here and posted about himself being hot *we...
  4. coconochanel

    Alfie Deyes #12 aka Alfie Davies Trying to get fit but he's still a Tory tit

    New thread update for any newbies.... Alfie is.... trying to get fit for the 100th time as he doesn't want a dad bod He bought a Peloton bike Hes planted some veg but yesterday he ate a giant Easter egg :ROFLMAO: and Zoe's played him like a twat and had him running around to her every demand...
  5. coconochanel

    Alfie Deyes #11 aka Alfie Neighs aldi price but still a lil bit savage.

    Thanks to @newtoyou for the title suggestion. Recap if anyone is bothered/missed it.... Alfie has.... got a new car a SICKKKK Telsa He went to the doctors about his acid reflux He broke covid rules by putting a gazebo up with sides and inviting his mates round for secret santa and....... He...
  6. coconochanel

    Alfie Deyes #10 Do your futureself a favour and finish something!

    new thread thanks to @Wowwwwwwwww for the suggestion. quick update for new members Alfie has... released some naff leather key rings well thats it TBH. :LOL:
  7. GossWhore

    Alfie Deyes #9 The lights are always on, but nobodys home

    Thank you @gloriouscheesecake for the title 😂💡🏠
  8. L

    Alfie Deyes #8 Condom hat, kendama twat

    New thread. Credit: @Wowwwwwwwww Previous threads:
  9. boredjess

    Alfie Deyes #7 Joe Sugg's sister's boyfriend/housemate

    Credits to both @cherry198 (for screenshot) and @Youtubegossip for thread title suggestion Link to previous thread Now.... many more toys will Mr Tory buy by the time we reach page 50?? 10? 20? 30?
  10. StephenTJackson

    Alfie Deyes #6 Engaged, "We're not in any rush for that"

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Alightened for the thread suggestion! Link to previous threads:
  11. StephenTJackson

    Alfie Deyes #5 What a ducking moron!

    NEW THREAD: Thanks to @Albert_Chris for the title, but I’m also taking some of the credit because it was basically part of my comment made into a thread title. 😂😂
  12. bazinga!

    Alfie Deyes #4 A poorly made GTA character

    52 Pages and no new thread here it is! mod edit, thread title by @flakylibra inspired by this photo
  13. jammy

    Alfie Deyes #3 Definitely NOT Gifted

    Clean the supermarket sushi from your veneers and get posting...
  14. jammy

    Alfie Deyes #2 Dull Adventures With His Dubai Dentures

    Send it....
  15. Yel

    Alfies Irrelevant Deyes of Arrested Development

    He's still putting out basic videos as if it was 2010 and he was 16. I'm surprised his views aren't even lower.