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  1. geordiegirl

    Adam Hattan #5 The Queen has died! What’ll he do? 2 weeks delay on a Moo Moo Sharoo!

    Thanks to @RJF for the new thread title! Prev thread here: As you were!
  2. geordiegirl

    Adam Hattan #4 Going broke for DVC, $6000 on pins for oooh Gary C

    Thanks to @guccigang for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: Vlog series just finished and I think we all agree it’s been a snooze fest Were upset that there was reduced housekeeping...
  3. Venom

    Adam Hattan #3 Hand under chin, crap eating grin

    Well you Tattle lot, we’re on the 3rd Adam Hattan thread ! :m:m Winning title was by @Mark81 , so what’s Mr Money Grabber been up to since the last thread ? - Him and freeloader Gary C vlogged a Disney Cruise and it was just so drab and cringe. The first vlog lasted a full 2 hours and just...
  4. Millyve

    Adam Hattan #2 Lives Rent Free, Desperate to go to Disney, Money-grabbing with Gary C

    New thread, thanks to @TheRealCarolDanvers for the title. Adam hasn’t really done much to do a thread recap! He’s releasing a children’s book despite hating children. Released a top 50 WDW & vlog moments, which was frankly 1hour & 15minutes wasted of many peoples lives. Speculation on how he...
  5. disneys

    Adam Hattan - Disney Expert & Classic Snake

    Anyone here watch Adam Hattan? I have a LOT of thoughts on this man. Who’s ready to spill the tea? ??‍♀️
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