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  • Wiki originally created June 2021, periodically updated.

    Jo Good uses her BBC Radio London show to blatantly direct listeners to her personal, monetised social media platforms where she advertises many different brands. While on air she namechecks her Instagram and You Tube handle regularly (one example: listen back to BBC Sounds 3/5/22, 10 minutes in from the start of the show, where she admits she wants to increase her Instagram following and reads out her @middleagedminx handle twice).

    This page contains very little opinion, readers can make up thier own minds. This page exists as a record of Jo Good's public output, whether broadcast on her radio show, shown on her socials (@MiddleAgedMinx), which include weekly YouTube vlogs where has filmed: advertisements, her home, her mother's home, her neighbours and neighbourhood, her BBC workplace and colleagues, friends and social events, and her dog Matilda (edit: sadly now deceased, but replaced within a month with an 8-week-old pedigree of the same flat-faced breed.) She calls her dog and her 97yo mother "clickbait".

    jo good bbc radio london you tube middleagedminx.jpg

    The dialogue on the screenshots on this page was straight out of Jo Good's mouth, captured via You Tube's automatic captioning. Eg below. where she openly admits that she sells on YouTube, her vlog/ad platform that she uses the BBC to promote.


    JoGood BBC MiddleAgedMinx.jpg

    During her BBC Radio London show on Sunday 15th May 2022 she clearly stated that she does not promote her social media on the radio. This is a lie: she does, in fact, regularly give out her social media handle @MiddleAgedMinx - a few of the (many!) instances of this behaviour are recorded further down the thread in a dedicated log. One example: On her evening show on 19th May 2022 she gave her handle, ostensibly so BBC listeners could see a brief Insta livestream which was hosted by her own IG account. Surely this should have been hosted by a BBC-operated account? Listeners who went to her IG would have immediately encountered her hashtagged promotion for a pet food brand, and other promoted items.

    Jo Good aka Joanne Good has been broadcasting on BBC Radio London for many years. Initial mention of her on Tattle (on the BBC Radio thread) revealed many of us had been listeners or fans but found her becoming very disingenuous and annoying as her vlogging increased. The fact she was using her BBC platform to lure people to her YouTube channel (which contains adverts) prompted the creation of Jo's first Tattle thread - Jo Good, I vlog my dog, the BBC, my Mum and Me Me Me.

    Radio: For many years Jo Good hosted an afternoon show on BBC Radio London on weekdays, however at the end of August 2021 it was announced that her show would be moved to start at 10pm, back to the night time slot she did many years ago. She first said she was stressed and upset about it, but later declared she was excited to be back in the late slot and she and producer George had exciting things planned. This contrasts with a comment she made on her Insta (mere hours before her debut episode) that it was #humiliating.​
    Social media: Jo Good started vlogging on YouTube several years ago as @MiddleAgedMinx (currently 52.3K subs on YT, 28.3K followers on IG), positioning herself as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer. During the summer of 2021 she uploaded her 200th vlog and celebrated by buying a £690 dress, despite disingenously pleading poverty. (more on this subject further below).​
    Jo Good has stated that vlogging is her passion and becoming an influencer is her plan B alternative career. At other times she says she monetises her socials just to cover costs to pay her YouTube editor. Either way, she receives financial and/or material benefits from the brands she promotes on YouTube, as well YouTube's general ad revenue.​

    The main topic and point-of-view on her BBC radio show is Jo Good herself. On her show she: regularly promotes her monetised social media channels, declares that she lives in Marylebone, is 67 years old, used to live in Brighton, has a bulldog called Myrtle, drives everywhere in her Mini, is a yogi, doesn't cook, went to primary and secondary school in Australia, was a dancer, went to drama school, used to be an actress on Crossroads, toured the world with Derek Nimmo, is a show off, loves city life and couldn't leave London, loves the country and wants to live in nature, is an old hippie who lives by the seat of her pants with no pension (despite being landlord of at least two properties, buying designer clothes, including £1k Stella McCartney coats and £70 jars of Manuka honey). She vlogged about buying an Erdem dress worth £1,650, this was the week when the impending cost of living crisis was the main news item, with BBC Radio London giving special coverage with dedicated segments during most shows. Not long after this she showed £600 shoes and a £2K Bottega Veneta bag she'd just bought.

    She has partnered with various companies on YouTube. Tattlers thought at one stage that she'd been told off by the BBC about promoting her vlogs while on air, as her regular namechecks of her handle stopped suddenly, but mentions picked up again in July 2021 and continued with her ceaselessly giving out her Middle Aged Minx social handle, in an effort to attract listeners to her vlogs and ads - Tattlers ask:

    Should Jo Good be directing the BBC's listeners to her personal, monetised social media channels?

    jo good bbc influencer free stuf.jpg

    Jo Good Bella Freud.jpg

    (Jo, who is a fan of £450 Bella Freud jumpers, asked if she should buy one that had a sweary phrase on it, so Tattlers created this one for her as imaginary merch).


    Jo Good:
    Our protagonist, also known as Joanne Good, @middleagedminx, MAM. Lately the acronym GOB (Grasping Old Biddy) is being used on the threads. This is not to be ageist but is a more accurate descriptor of her vintage, GOB herself admitted she is no longer middle aged.

    She is a a 67 year old Capricorn who calls herself a show-off and has declared that she's envious of everybody and everything.
    Jo Good identifiable.jpg

    *YouTube autocaption changes Marylebone to Maryland.

    Matilda: Jo's English bulldog. Matilda passed away in November 2021. Jo announced on her radio show that Matilda had died, giving the cause of death as "a heart attack" in Mutti's garden. There was an outpouring of condolences from Tattlers, most of us dog lovers, having affection for Matilda, knowing how much of Jo’s life revolved around Matilda, and knowing it would be upsetting for Jo’s mother, Mutti. Announcing the death on Instagram Jo posted a photo of a hand holding Matilda's paw; plastic sheeting was visible under the dog. A couple of days before the death Jo had said Matilda would soon be visiting the vet, about “her teeth”. Announcing the death on her YouTube vlog, Jo included an advert for a skincare company saying it helps skin that is "raw from emotion". RIP Matilda.

    Jo has stated that she got Matilda purely because she wanted a bulldog, doing no research or nor giving consideration to the breed's specific characteristics or needs. Bruce Fogle (father of TV presenter Ben) was on Jo's radio show in 2021 and said he remembered Jo being a "naïve owner" when she bought Matilda (it seemed as if he'd been her vet in the past). In her earlier days Matilda underwent a serious operation at the Royal Veterinary College in an attempt to improve her breathing, , the issue stemming from the deformites/inherent health problems due to being bred for appearance, rather than function or health. Matilda also had an operation to correct another in-bred feature; the loose folds of skin around face and her eyes, she was shown after the op with the stitches.

    MAM used to push Matilda around in a dog pram, and when in MAM‘s car, Matilda was usually unsecured, as seen in many vlogs, often filmed while driving. Matilda was also at times left unattended in the car, again vlogged by Jo. Matilda was either 13 or 14 years old when she died (Jo has stated both ages) and was almost completely deaf and blind towards the end of her life.

    Myrtle: A mere month after Matilda's death Jo Good collected an 8wk old pedigree pup called Myrtle from a breeder in Liverpool. When the imminent arrival of a new pup was announced, Tattlers became curious about this very convenient timeline, wondering if Jo Good had been on a waiting list for the pup (who came from the same breeder as Matilda) or if Jo was merely lucky that the stars were aligned and little Myrtle was ready and made available to her so fortuitously after Matilda's visit to the vet "for her teeth" death, said to be due to a heart attack in mother's garden on a Sunday afternoon.

    Jo gave 8wk old Myrtle a yak chew (suitable for dogs over 4 months), the pup swallowed some of it, the chew swelled in its stomach, Myrtle didn’t poo for 48hrs, so needed two trips to the vet which Jo described as "expensive".

    Jo is pushing the narrative that Myrtle is not as deformed as other pups of her breed. She thinks she has long legs like a pony and said she thinks Myrtle's face will grow long. This seems unlikely, Tattlers said Myrtle's face might be long - like a pain au raisin is long. Myrtle is already being used to sing for her raw supper in undeclared ads on Instagram.
    Jo Good dog new pup puppy Myrtle.jpg

    On her vlog on 20th February 2022 Jo showed a trip to a carwash, Mutti was in the passenger seat with Myrtle out of her cage sat on Mutti's lap. During the vlog Jo said she would show Myrtle's reaction but it was not shown. Viewers asked in the vlog comments why Myrtle's reaction wasn't shown; Jo gave the reason that she didn't want to "humiliate" the dog by showing its behaviour. It seemed (see screenshot dialgue below) that the dog lashed out in some way. Not long after this event Jo said on her radio show that Mutti hadn't been well, and mentioned a trip to hospital with someone for a tetanus injection, Tattlers suspected these events might be related but it was never confirmed by Jo.
    jo good myrtle dog mother 1.jpg

    jo good myrtle dog mother 2.jpg

    Mutti: Jo's 97-yo mother who lives in Sussex.
    Jo drives there almost every weekend. Jo's older brother has moved in with Mutti, having returned after many years living in Amsterdam; he has recently been named as Nigel, by Mutti in a vlog - he is never featured in her vlogs and only occasionally mentioned. Jo has said he is not a show off, loves reading and does not have a mobile phone.
    Jo Good Middle Aged Minx mother mutti.jpg

    One vlog featured Jo in her mother's home, showing all personal care products Mutti has used over the years. She did this presentation with without any consideration for her mother's privacy or dignity, Jo actually admitted that her mother would hate if she knew she was doing it.

    In her YouTube vlog of 23rd January 2022, Jo Good included a clip at the end of the vlog showing Mutti with new pup Myrtle, despite earlier admitting her mother wouldn't want it shown. Jo explained that she placed the dog on her sleeping mother, it then climbed up to her neck and went near Muttis face; the frail, elderly lady seemed startled and appeared to be recoiling. Jo Good said earlier in the same vlog that Myrtle had bitten her nose and hands and, despite knowing the young dog is nippy, put the animal near her sleeping, near-blind 96yo mother. Jo said she included it because it was "funny". A comment about this on her YouTube channel was later deleted by Jo.

    Filipe: A guy in his 20s who edits MAM's vlogs. He was a film student when he started eding the vlogs, he now has a job in the industry. Jo laments in her vlogs "I have to pay Filipe", often when he is in the same room., which comes off as rude, resentful and patronising. Filipe used to live with his mother but later moved in to a flat with a friend (since named as Chris, a friend of SLTRF and shown on a vlog). Filipe has his own YouTube channel featuring his music, mainly cover versions. Filipe Oliveira on You Tube

    In April 2022 Filipe appeared in an amateur production of Spring Awakening. Jo attended and vlogged, she made much comment about the school theatre it was held in being in Bromley, or Beckenham, wherever. What she meant was if was off-off-off-off-off-West End.

    Sandra: The caretaker for the whole block of flats where Jo lives, of course Jo refers to her "MY caretaker", as if she retains her services personally.
    Sandra lives on-site with her husband Jim "in the basement" as Jo often points out. MAM made use of Sandra to film when she was desperate for vlog content during lockdown, listening out for her hoovering then interrupting her for a conversation, which was usually very patronising. Sandra would answer in a perfunctory manner, seemingly not wanting to engage with this resident any more than she has to. Sandra does ad-hoc dog sitting for GOB, who has mentioned giving Sandra punnets of strawberries for her trouble.

    Tattlers wonder if it is Sandra or hubby Jim who is tasked with cleaning away Jo's dog's urine from the communal roof terrace.

    JO Good Middle Aged Minx sandra.jpg

    Jo Good more Sandra.jpg

    Jo Good patronising sandra.jpg

    George: George Burton, a BBC Radio producer who often worked on Jo Good's afternoon show and moved wth her to her evening show in September 2021.
    He is often shown on the YT vlog, and seems to be a fan of fashion and skincare. He, and Jo, are constantly concerned with being filmed in flattering light. He often says to Jo that he doesn't want to be filmed but she continues. He was filmed on MAM’s Flog of the 27 June, partaking of her hastily-prepared free Hello Fresh meal in her flat, invited as MAM said she owed him some food, after saying he'd often buy her lunch in the studio. He is an alumus of the Sylvia Young theatre school.


    MAM's YT commenters often mention how handsome George is, as does MAM and other colleagues, seen when their BBC workplace is exploited as a filming location. Tim Davie, BBC Director General, stated soon after taking on his post that employees should not be using BBC locations and resources in this way.

    Tattlers have asked how it might be perceived if a young, female BBC employee were to be filmed by an elderly male BBC superior, including comments about their looks prompting further comment from followers on YouTube.

    "Big" George:
    "Big" George Webley was a musician and broadcaster who MAM dated until his death in 2011.
    He was married and it's not clear whether he was separated, in an open marriage, or cheating. Even though he and MAM were together for several years (including living together for months on end in his Marylebone pied-a-terre while her nearby flat was renovated), MAM claims she had no idea about his wife. But she later magnanimously conceded that if she had known she would' ve agreed to "share" him.

    London cabbies were big fans of George, and MAM presumes this goodwill extends to her, saying that they all know where she lives and always call out to her. She rarely uses their services as she drives everywhere, only occasionally making use of her over 60s bus pass.
    jo good cabbies.jpg

    Anna Webb: A "dog nutritionist" who appears in the media commenting on various aspects of dog ownership, health and welfare.
    Her socials also contain many instances of undeclared ads. She is proud of living in Hackney, apparently in a garden flat. Jo has mentioned that Anna once moved out of London to the country but quickly realised she'd made a mistake and came back. When Jo travelled abroad Matilda stayed with Anna.

    Anna has started offering consultions one day a week at an upmarket doggy "townhouse" in Chelsea, which she and Jo have named during the radio show several times, also giving the address.

    Julie Burchill: The writer/journalist is a friend of MAM. Burchill was sacked from the Telegraph for a tweet perceived as racist (suggesting that Harry and Meghan should have named their new baby in honour of George Floyd.) MAM remained suspiciously quiet when the subject came up on her show.

    Tattlers have wondered if Julie knows that Jo Good is a cheerleader for the Sunday Times columnist India Knight. MAM is a big fan, regularly quoting IK's columns, praising her topics and her writing. Whereas JB's take on IK (a woman who remained with her partner, a man with a track record of drunken violence, who pleaded guilty to watching the very worst category of child pornography) is somewhat different.
    Read JB's article here

    Julian Clary: She calls him "my only celebrity friend". Jo will be hosting a launch of Julian's book at the Barbican in October 2021. She often promotes his stage shows (including panto) on her radio show. Julian's sister Frankie lives in Mallorca and MAM has visited her there in the past.

    SLTRF / SLTCF: This is an abbreviation for Simon Lycett The Royal Florist, which is how Jo Good refers to him (Simon does not style himself thus). Update: Since late 2021 Jo is now referring to him as Simon Lycett the Celebrity Florist. Did he lose a royal contract?

    He has been seen on the vlogs visiting Jo, bringing champagne and magnificent bouquets. He appeared on a US TV show about floral design, "Full Bloom" for HBO Max. As of summer 2021 the first season of Full Bloom could be seen in the UK on More 4. Simon co-hosted Jo's Christmas day radio show in 2020 and is an occasional contributor on BBC Radio London, sometimes featured more prominently eg when he reported from the Hampton Court garden event in 2021.

    From October 2022 her will appear every Thursday night on GOB's BBC Radio London show, in a segment called The Flower Power Hour.

    WFBH: Wayne From Buckhurst Hill - a regular caller to BBC Radio London, who usually comments on music and style.
    In July 2021 he left comments on MAM's Insta post (which was an undeclared AD for Chantecaille) asking if she was on commission. She replied they'd only sent her a jar of cream (of which the value was £200+) despite the fact she had partnered with them in the past, and she was showing more than one item. WFBH went on to say that she'd always loved a freebie including theatre tickets. Not long after MAM deleted Wayne's comments, but they were screenshot for posterity on the Tattle thread
    See screen shot here
    We don't know if Wayne is aware of Jo's Tattle threads.



    A fashionable part of London's City of Westminster where MAM lives.
    She regularly mentions that she lives in "W1", or "right in the centre of London", "in cafe society", "on Marylebone High Street", trumpeting its proximity to boutiques, Harley Street, Selfridges, Regent's Park, Fitzrovia, Mayfair, "I can walk to Soho" etc. She hosted the Marylebone Christmas fair on the 10th November 2021, but did not turn on the lights. She is booked for the same evebt in 2022.

    Non-declaration of ads on @middleagedminx YouTube and Instagram accounts:
    Some of the brands Jo Good has partnered with / received freebies from / been sponsored or paid by:
    Yvette Sports, Lily Silk, Function of Beauty, Cherryz, Paula's Choice, Next Beauty, Hello Fresh, Sole Bliss shoes, Gatineau, Chantecaille, Super Facialist, Current Body, Hobbs, Sainsbury vegan makeup line, Natural Instinct raw pet food, "ambassador" for Paleo Ridge raw pet food, Beauty Pie, TUI holidays, Sleeper fashion, RIxo fashion.

    See screenshots supporting the above on the Tattle threads dedicated to "Influencers being shady..."

    To note re YouTube: Each time a video is uploaded, YouTube asks the creator to give a simple Yes/No declaration when asked if the video contains any paid promotion. Choosing YES places a banner on the video while it plays. This has never appeared on any of Jo Good's Middle Aged Minx ads.​
    To note re ASA: Jo Good's videos rarely* contain the word AD where applicable in the TITLE, as required by the ASA. (The ASA require this to ensure viewers are fully aware that they will be watching a video that contains advertising before they decide to watch). MAM has sometimes included AD but it is usually buried in the description box only, which cannot be seen on all devices. *Notable is the fact that, for the first time ever, she put AD in the title of her vlog on 27th June 2021, when more than half of the video was promoting Hello Fresh. That vlog was not, however, declared to YouTube as as Paid Promotion (see above).​

    Jo Good will often claim a video "is not sponsored" using various hackneyed excuses, that she was given something by a friend or is showing something she had been given previously, or just received something "in the post". She attemps to imply that if she doesn't get cash then it's not an ad. She also uses the tired old influencer excuse, "received with no obligation to film" - fine Jo but once you do film and then post it - it's an AD!

    jo good beauty haul.jpg

    On her BBC Radio London show Jo Good interviewed the owner of a London fish supply business during lockdown, more than once, ostensibly to speak about how he had to change the way he operated with the challenges of the pandemic. Not long after this, one of Jo's vlogs featured her receiving a delivery of wet fish from the same supplier, delivered to her home address.
    Jo Good dressed crab.jpg

    The Jo Good threads contain many examples of the above transgressions, supported by screenshots, captioned dialogue etc.
    JO Good freebie.jpg

    A commenter on her @MiddleAgedMix You Tube vlog of 4 June 2021 called her out on ad transperancy, Jo replied claiming that she was transparent with ad disclosure. Attempting to defend herself, she pointed out the ONE instance in which she labelled a vlog as an AD in the title of a video, BUT she did not acknowledge the commenter's valid point that the vlogs did not contain YouTube's required "Includes Paid Promotion" banner. Did she (or a channel admin) lie and select the NO option when asked specifically if paid promotion is in the video?

    Jo Good middle aged minx not sponsored.jpg

    Jo's vlog of 14 July 2021 featured her promoting a non-invasive, machine-delivered procedure which is meant to tone up flabby upper arms. An initial course costs £3,000 for 4 sessions, and further upkeep is required. Jo stated on the vlog that the treatment was gifted to her, and used #gifted in the description BUT such hidden "declaration" is not sufficient to satisfy the ASA, nor YT's T&Cs.

    On her YouTube vlog of 18th July 2021 Jo Good states that she needs to "cover her tracks" as viewers are "very quick to comment" regarding how she handles ads, freebie and sponsorship declarations - she said she finds it "tricky". Tattlers have wondered why - as a monetised advertiser - she doesn't avail herself of the comprehensive information available on the ASA's website, and You Tube's T&Cs. If it is beyond her comprehension she should seek professional advice in order to ensure compliance.

    Broadcasting from her flat:

    She had, at times, broadcast her radio show from her flat approx once a month on Monday from 10pm to 1am. As there are 50 other flats in the building Tattlers wonder how her neighbours tolerated this, as many guests are packed (not socially disctanced) in her tiny living room. Does Westminster council permit use of residential accomodation for use commercially in this way?

    Roof terrace:
    The block of flats she lives in has a flat roof which can be accessed by all residents. This does not prevent Jo referring to it as MY roof terrace, stating in a press interview that the space feels like her own.

    She admitted on her radio show that her dog was not allowed up there but she lets it urinate on the roof terrace when she doesn't want to take it downstairs. She kept a dog bowl up there permanently, which indicated to residents of the 51 other flats that she did not respect the shared space. A neighbour directly below complained about the scraping sound when the dog pushes the bowl around on the hard surface.

    Jo Good used to do yoga there very early mornings (but she has since given up yoga) and dragged her duvet up there to sleep on the hard surface on a hot night.

    She uses the roof to host poorly-catered social events (at some times in breach of Covid restrictions) and uses the location to film herself doing 1970s style twirling modelling of her tent-like dresses. A rooftop "breakfast" she hosted consisted of coffee and "kwor-sorrrns", another time her catering consisted of strawberries on a plate.

    In the summer of 2021 a resident in the building added David Austin roses in pots to the roof terrance. Jo thought there might be a "pagoda" installed. A hose was also installed which Jo Good immediately said would be useful so one could shower in a bikini, or hose pedestrians below on Marylebone High Street.

    Jo sounded quite annoyed while recounting the story of one June evening, when she was hosting people on HER terrace and other residents, suddenly came on to the roof top. Could this have been to indicate their intention to also enjoy the space going forward? MAM noted that they were all "very English" in pretending that the others weren't there. It sounded like a stand-off, might the neighbours have had enough of MAM hogging the whole space, so made a point, en masse, to reclaim it?

    She confessed on her radio show that she was not permitted to let her dog on to the communal roof terrace of her flats, but then stage whispered "but I do!" Her neighbours in the 51 other flats - some of whom she believes listen to her radio show - must've seen this as a massive "up yours".
    matilda penny.jpg

    matilda weeing.jpg

    A notable rooftop incident was on a freezing day during lockdown when MAM was shown (Vlogmas 7) dishevelled and dressed in a duvet, shouting from the railings, ostensibly to the street below, "I'm self-isolating". We believe this was in response to discussion on the Tattle threads that, in isolation, she would be missing the attention she craves and might end up shouting to the crowds below for attention.
    jo good isolation waving.jpg

    jo good duvet roof terrace.jpg

    Jo Good has often said she is is "poor" or "penniless", even as a joke this is tone deaf and offensive coming from this property-owning, employed, high-spending, woman of privilege, who is both a landlord and a tenant in London W1, some of the priciest real estate in the word.

    Jo declares that she is "penniless" because she likes designer clothes and has not saved into a private pension (at 67 she will receive the government state pension. She will also have a Freedom Pass for public transport, and free prescriptions, and will no longer have to make NI contributions while working). Her lack of funds is constantly mentioned on her vlogs in tandem with her famous "beggy face" and "poor me" posture.

    She conveniently "forgets" to mention her income from property and attempts to give the impression that she lives in a rented studio flat. In fact she lives in a much larger rented flat in the same building and owns the studio, which she rents out.

    She often laments that she "will not inherit". Tattlers have wondered why this might be, as her 97 year old mother still lives in the Sussex family home. Perhaps she and her brother have already benefitted from equity release, or might the house be left only to her brother, who is older and lives in the house?

    She claims that her vlogging income is to "pay Filipe and buy food for Matilda" (beggy-face screenshots with captioned dialogue of this is on the threads), but at other times she states the vlogging income is not a hobby and the income will be her pension.

    Her vlogs are a commercial enterprise, therefore BBC licence-payers might question why Jo Good is allowed to promote her monetised, social media channels on the BBC.

    One of Jo's viewers from the US came to the Tattle threads saying she'd been worried by MAM's perilous financial state, citing the increasing incidence of elders in the US who are homeless, or houseless living in vans or tents, worried that Jo might end up the same. The US poster was shocked to discover that Jo Good's situation is not as dire as she laments.

    Jo has "forgotten" to mention cosmetic procedures she's had, and been evasive about who paid for them, in an effort to make herself look worse off financially and to beg for freebies. Including a Harley Street body sculpting procedure that she was later forced to admit was given to her free.


    Her role as a presenter on BBC local radio is to serve the local listenership but she makes it all about herself wherever possible.

    The introductions she gives to guests and contributors are read out as if she's reading a shopping list. More enthusiam is mustered if she thinks the person might be beneficial to her in other ways. For example, she squeals with delight and excitement when social media influencers appear.

    She pronounces the names of each of her guests in at least three different ways, only occasionally getting it right. She makes jokes about the fact she can't pronounce names, an unbelievable discourtesy to her interviewees and colleagues.

    Jo Good's interviewing technique consists of reading out scripted questions, unless she can pivot the conversation to herself, at which point she talks over the guests and maintains the topic as it relates only to herself. She has unashamedly admitted that she steers interviews to make it all about her.

    She has very little general knowledge, or specialised knowledge, so can only go off-piste on the one subject she knows about: herself.

    She undertakes very little research on featured people and topics, instead she reads from cribbed notes that her producers have prepared. She often responds to interviewees in a way that makes it clear that she's not heard something they've just said.

    She interviews many authors on her show but never reads the review copies of books she is gifted, always saying she didn't have time, or saying the book had been nicked from where it was stored at the BBC, or that it was delivered too late. She claims she has always been avid reader who used to devour books, but has not done so lately. She has said that she has passed on copies of certain books to her brother, who is a keen reader
    Jo good book.jpg

    She loves interviewing influencers on her BBC show (eg SacconeJolys, Sali Hughes, Nadine Baggott and Louise Pentland, Lily Pebbles) always gushing furiously and managing to mention her vlog too to attract more followers.

    Jo Good drops her Gs when talkin' hence we sometimes reference this when quotin' what she's sayin'. This is not a classist judgement but is mentioned as it's inconsistent with certain "posh" affectations she displays eg: her RP pronunciation of suits, si'yoots.

    A must-listen broadcasting cringe on Sounds 02/03/22 from 33:30
    Listen to hear her desperate to impress US podcaster Ira Glass - was she trying to audition? :ROFLMAO: Straight into asking if he's in New York then telling him about herself, boasting that she does daily live, organic radio. Keeps talking over him, talking too much, says how she tells her team to follow up stories, telling him what he does and how he works, too self-absorbed to realise that he can be trusted to speak and explain for himself. She didn't seem to know what he meant when he spoke about an NFT, the way she moved the subject swiftly on.

    The merest research of his work in the UK would've saved her from displaying how out of touch she is. She asks if he will bring his shows to the UK then asks if he's heard of Jon Ronson, whom he's worked with extensively. Ira replied in the affermative, sounding amazed that she'd asked that, adding that he's worked with him "many many times".

    When pushed again about working in the UK (she is trying to audition) Ira says he's just put out a podcast of a story from Birmingham; he says it was about the Trojan Horse affair, talking about the letter that was sent etc..... then.....the penny drops for Jo... that....Ira might the UK.

    "BIRMINGHAM HERE? OUR BIRMINGHAM?? That's hysterical" she squeals. "..that's hilarious... of all the cities that's highlighted in the Trojan Horse affair, that's HYSTERICAL!". Somehow I think Jo Good did not know what the Trojan Horse affair was, hysterical it was not. She probably thought it was a farce about adultery and a condom a la Jilly Cooper. How could she be unaware of it, after her regular claims of spending 6 days a week in a newsroom for the last 20 years? At the end of the interview she straight-up asked him to tune into her radio show when he is in London :ROFLMAO:

    Jo: Don't call Ira, he'll call you, OK?

    Jo Good drives a BMW Mini, she has featured her car in her vlogs, exposing the number plate. She also has a sticker on her car advertising her You Tube channel. She can be seen clearly in many vlogs behind the wheel of the moving car, with her hands off the steering wheel talking and looking into the camera, not the road. Her dog is never secured in the vehicle.
    Jo Good Middle Aged Minx driving Mini.jpg

    In July 2021 she said she would be handing her car back as the lease had expired. She said the payments are too expensive and mentioned that she was trying to reduce them but still "have a new Mini".

    At the end of September 2021 she announced she took delivery of a new Mini, emphasising that it is leased and she pays for it monthly. Her old car was green, the new one is black (she said black was the only colour available the time), and a lower spec than the old one, but has blingy wheels that were chosen by George. She doesn't like the tech in the car, she just likes to have a radio.

    In a YouTube vlog of December 2021, she can again be clearly seen driving down Park Lane while looking and talking into her vlogging camera with both hands off the steering wheel while her vehicle was moving.

    Jo says she is passionate about theatre, that it feeds her soul but seems only to attend when given work review freebie tickets, and she admits that she usually leaves during the interval, she did this even before she did her evening show. (Screenshot of this is on the threads).

    Her most notable role as an actress was as a recurring character in Crossroads in the 1980s. She made guest appearances in The Bill, Only Fools and Horses, and critically panned 70s exploitation film Killer's Moon. Jo has repeatedly stated that she does not want to go back to her acting career; yet frequently reminisces about it and name-drops.

    She misses the backstage atmosphere she enjoyed when she was an actress.

    In 2021, Jo added her support to a campaign to protect actors' livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that she herself is a working actress. This is despite the fact that she has not acted in over a decade (by choice she says) and, as mentioned, has often stated that she wouldn't want to act again.

    Dog "expert":
    Jo Good has positioned herself as a "dog expert" by hanging around with Anna Webb (with whom she authored the book "Barking Blondes"). She also featured Anna on a weekly dog-lovers' segment on her radio show called "The Barking Hour", this is now "Barking at the Moon" on her evening show, on Thursdays.

    She drove around in her Mini with her (late) dog Matilda, who was elderly, blind, and deaf. One vlog episode showed her leaving Matilda unattended in her car while she went to an osteopath appointment in Notting Hill. When a YouTube commenter mentioned this, Jo Good dismissed it, giving the excuse that she was parked just outside. The truth was very different, the car was seen quite clearly on the video (its exact location is apparent to anyone who knows the area) parked on Portobello Road, approximately 150 metres from, and certainly not in sight of, the upstairs clinic on Pembridge Road. If the car window had been smashed by someone wanting to dognap Matilda (a common offence around Notting Hill), Jo would not have heard the alarm from that distance. Tattlers ask how she has the nerve to appear in the media as a dog expert when she demonstrates such neglectful behaviour.

    Vet Bruce Fogle knows Jo Good and (in an interview on her radio show) described her as a "naïve owner" when she bought Matilda. One wonders why the breeder would sell (£££) to someone so inexperienced.

    She has admitted she can't train Myrtle, saying she doesn't tell Anna the half of it, presumably because she couldn't be bothered paying attention to any advice. She regulary mentions that members of the public laugh and take photos of her dragging or carrying the reluctant dog around Marylebone.

    Promoting products/services she doesn't actually use:
    Jo has a history of eating disorders and a very restricted diet, she has spoken openly about this on air and in the press. For ‘cooking’ she owns one saucepan and one knife which is a bread knife.

    Despite saying that she "hates food" and has "restricted eating" she partnered with Hello Fresh and posted videos of herself yum-yummingn and gushing over their recipes, even though it is unlikely she ate the food. Her unimpressed commenters pointed out that HelloFresh sponsors just about everyone on YouTube and they use too much packaging but this doesn't concern Jo Good as she has done more HF ads since.

    In response to commenters observing that she's obviously not as poor as she claims, Jo extolled the virtues of an online pound shop that she has probably never bought from in her life. This appeared to be a paid promotion as she offered a discount code. She again promoted this company at Christmas 2021. She said she loved their sweets (she doesn't eat sweets) and cleaning products (she doesn't clean her house.) Jo has advised her fans that boxes of Tunnock teacakes, and bottles of Zoflora, from a pound shop make great presents for special occasions. Most hilarious of all, said she uses their notebooks to take notes for her radio show research! :ROFLMAO:

    She had a sponsorship agreement with Yvette Sports (Chinese activewear brand) and made a pitiful attempt to pretend she had taken up running in order to "promote" their sports bra, but immediately citing an ankle injury. The very same day that she posted her vlog promoting YS, she said on her radio show in the afternoon that she hates clothes being delivered in plastic bags, and that her neighbours were, annoyingly, constantly receiving delivery packages.

    Claims of being a vegetarian and a non-drinker:
    Jo says she is a vegetarian, and doesn't drink. She often mentions eating fish and chicken - for example: fish cakes from her local fishmonger; free fish delivered to her home from a company who had been on her show; and fish in her free Hello Fresh boxes. She ate a steak in the vlog on 1st August 2021.

    There are many times when she mentions that she's been drinking alcohol. One example when she and Anna Webb went to dinner at the Royal Lancaster Hotel and shared a bottle of wine. (As Jo Good has featured the Royal Lancaster on her BBC London radio show several times it is suspected that the meal was a freebie, however it was not declared as such on the vlog). On her vlog of 18th July 2021 Anna Webb can be seen pouring glasses of wine during the ad Jo and Anna did for Hello Fresh.

    It seems that she drinks when comped, or at catered events or when a visitor to her home brings a bottle. There is an instance on a vlog where she has gone out for a cocktail but it was not clear who paid. After her demotion to the night shift she had a pity party with Nadine Baggott at the Ivy Café and said she had three drinks. In a vlog in September 2021 she hosted a rooftop dinner party for three and bought one bottle of Whispering Angel. The main course was a small ready meal lasagne (meant for two but the guests said they were so hungry they demolished the baguette).

    On her radio show on 7th December 2021 she said she went out for a meal and drank "pro-shekko". She again said she doesn't drink but later in the show said she had a pornstar martini during a weekend away with friends in Rye. The same show featured a segment asking listeners to call in about their favourite bars, of which Jo has many.

    Her vlog showing the annual Claridge's Chirstmas dinner with SLTCF and his husband features on-screen text apologising that they were all worse for wear.

    No-one is judging her drinking or eating meat - Tattlers merely ask why does she bother to claim she doesn't drink and is a vegetarian?


    Insensitivity when interviewing a child with autism
    On 16/08/21Jo Good interviewed 14-year-old Jonathan Slater. She spoke to him and his dad Brett about the 1,000 mile bike ride Jonathan was doing to raise money for refurbishment of his scout hall, the 7th Hanwell. Jonathan has hydrocephalus which affects his balance, and he has autism which affects his communication and social skills.

    The interview was on BBC Radio London on Monday 16th August and can be replayed on BBC Sounds, starting at 03:07:00.

    Father Brett was his son’s support on the challenge. Jo opened the interview by twice calling Jonathan by his father’s name Brett. She was corrected (presumably by a producer) at 03:07:45, and said, “I should have checked this out myself”. This could have been very confusing to Jonathan, who deserved the courtesy of the interviewer being properly prepared.

    At 03:11:25. In relation to father and son working together, Jo Good asked, "Have you fallen out Jonathan?" Jonathan, having taken the question literally as some autistic people might, replied "Fallen out of what?". At this stage Jo gave a snorting snigger and then asks while still chuckling “Have you ever had an argument?...” It seemed as if Brett was sensing Jonathan was becoming uncomfortable at being laughed at, so interjected, “As a father I’ve got to come in here on this one, I am so proud of him and he is taking everything in his stride”.

    Tattlers expressed that they thought Jo Good, in her role as a BBC interviewer, would benefit from awareness training to be more understanding of interviewees with autism, and the BBC was contacted about this.

    Cultural insensitivity:
    On her show on 24th August 2021 at 3.37pm Jo Good said "... I know how aborigines were invisible... I never saw an aborigine at all, and I lived there for 14 years".

    Jo Good constantly refers to the fact she lived in Australia for a large part of her childhood, yet is so disengaged from the place that she uses an outdated and offensive term to describe that country's indigenous people.

    Use of this offensive word was also the fault of that show's producer; knowing Jo Good's general ignorance of almost everything a producer should have anticipated this and educated her on the correct terminology.

    Using the BBC to namecheck EDF and whining about her lekky bill:
    On 19th August 2021 Jo Good opened her show complaining about her £1,200 electricity bill AND NAMED THE COMPANY AS EDF when she had not sought their side of the story. It was imagined that she probably got a big bill because she's never bothered changing her contract and/or provider and has allowed her contract to revert to the standard tariff, with her previously-agreed direct debit amount no longer sufficent to cover the new rate. But no worry, it gave Jo Good the chance to play the blubbing victim, in tears on her radio show.

    She asked listeners for information and advice, even admitting she didn't tell her producer she was going to talk about it. She called out to EDF to get in touch with her - is she too busy and important to hang on the phone like everyone? She then claimed that EDF had no phone number (despite saying she'd been on the phone to them) and also claimed they did not have an email address - but a Tattler found both in 5 seconds on Google.

    She arrogantly asked "What do people do who don't have their own radio show?" BBC licence payers are paying for Jo Good to use the radio station for her personal grievances.

    Jo Good updated listeners about the EDF bill on 24th August 2021 at 1.46pm, saying that she was required to give 5 day's worth of readings, the result being her bill has now been reduced to £70. Would readings at this time of year compare fairly to the time period she referred to (beginning Oct 2020), with dark days and including lockdown, when she would've/should've been indoors almost all the time, except for a few hours per day at the BBC? She said she didn't want to know how or why it is now only £70; is she avoiding going in to detail so as to not to reveal any special consideration she might have been afforded? Is this very favourable, swift outcome as a result of her escalating the matter on air?

    She again pondered. "What do people do who don't have their own radio show?" This is yet another admission that she exploits the platform she is afforded by the BBC, for her personal benefit.

    Tattlers asked if Jo Good loves being useless because it gets her attention. She was almost in tears on her show about her EDF bill. She asked listeners to carry our personal research for her and accepted their sympathy because she can't manage the most basic of domestic admin tasks.

    Tattlers wondered how Jo Good would get on in the real world of work, if - after becoming so upset about an unexpected bill - she had to get on with her day and drive a bus, teach a class of children, work in an A&E ward, or deal with a difficult client? Would she be able to rant and cry on her bosses' time, neglecting her contracted duties? No, but such behaviour is apparently tolerated by the BBC (on the licence payers' dime).

    Tattlers were shocked when DURING LOCKDOWN Jo Good attended a dentist appointment in Belsize Park, filming herself for YouTube coughing in her car just before entering the surgery and admitting she has been short of breath but "didn't want to cancel the dentist". Did she declare this to the clinic when asked, or did she deny she had any Covid symptoms when asked?
    Jo Good Middle Aged Minx dentist.jpg

    Jo Good Dentist2.jpg

    During the 2020 lockdown, Jo ignored the restrictions and documented herself going around as usual, even travelling out of London, sometimes claiming it was for work purposes which was evidently false given the circumstances. During lockdown she drove 9 miles to Nunhead cemetary, saying she was going to record for her radio show but no such piece at that location has ever aired on her show, however her vlog showed her meeting a friend with a dog there.

    She continued to use her apartment's communal roof terrace at a time when residents' access was not allowed because of the lockdown.

    Her drive to Battersea Park involved her travelling much further than allowed at that time of lockdown. When there, she encountered DJ Fat Tony - she tried to engage him in conversation and film him for her vlog - however he can be seen apparently keen to get away from her while she was calling his name to his back.
    Jo Good Battersea.jpg

    jo fat tony.jpg

    While she was supposed to be self-isolating Jo Good did not remain behind the door of her flat as was legally required but instead roamed the common areas of the building, up and down the staris and rolled around on the floor in front of the Christmas tree. She had no shame in filming herself doing this (remember the strict Covid restriction level at the time), of course this period was waaay pre-vaccine.
    Jo Good 14 days.jpg

    jo good isolation.jpg

    jo good running around.jpg

    During Covd restrictions some people came to the attention of he police when allegedly flouting the rules. Jo Good, with her uncurbed activities, was lucky to avoid detection. Tattlers imagined how it might've looked if MAM's unrestrained wanderings had been intercepted, inspo being the viral photo of a woman who was stopped after travelling two miles from her home for a coffee at Borough Market....
    jo good police.jpg

    Jo Good filmed herself claiming to Sandra the caretaker of the flat "I've been here all over Christmas" (remember the travel restrictions at Christmas 2020?) However, many Tattlers did not believe that to be the case and it was thought the dialogue with Sandra was staged as the exchange sounded stilted and was unconvincing. This also does not chime with the fact that she was on air on Christmas day with SLTRF who helped her with prepared veg to take to her mother in Sussex for Christmas dinner.
    Jo Good Christmas.jpg

    Again during lockdown, Jo Good filmed the window of an opposite neighbour, asking, with faux concern, why the young woman who lives there never went out. This was during lock down when no-one was allowed out for more than one hour per day, and the WFH regs were in place. Jo admitted that this was an invasion of her neighbour's privacy, but did it anyway and shared it on YouTube for anyone to see. She even asks if the neighbour knows who she is.
    Jo good neighbour.jpg

    Jo Good privacy.jpg

    Jo Good peeping.jpg

    Jo Good spy comment.png

    Jo Good spy comment2.png

    "Karen" hissy fit at Mini garage:
    On December 17, 2020 Jo Good opened her radio show with a long, strident monologue about her "Karen" style "Where's the manager?" hissy fit earlier that day at the Mini garage. As there were were probably witnesses to Jo Good's rudeness, Tattlers asked if she used her platform on the radio to rush into the studio, fess up and "own it" before anyone spilled the beans about her rude and arrogant behaviour that morning. She sounded very keen to explain that it was all due to the stress of Covid, and asked listeners to call in with similar stories, probably to make herself feel better about the incident. Her arse-covering monologue went on for the first 15 minutes of the show - for which we pay a licence fee

    The backstory was that she turned up to the BMW garage in Kentish Town at her appointed MOT time BUT hadn't booked the express service, so was asked to return later in the day to collect her car. "How am I going to get back to W1 ??" she whined. The 65yo tiny idiot woman actually couldn't work out how to leave, then come back later (bus? cab? walk?) so insisted the manager rush her car through while-you-wait, and then complained that she had to hang around "sitting outside on a cold wall".

    She must've expected that a fully equipped, indoor waiting area would be available for her under the Tier 3 covid restrictions. She admitted that she took her wrath out on "the girl" (as she patronisingly referred to the customer service assistant who had to deal with her).... but apparently that's OK if you hastily use your radio show to apologise (not because you are sorry but because you had time to think about how it would look if a witness piped up).


    To Tattlers: Please use this space to record instances of Jo Good mentioning her socials on her BBC radio show. Please note the date and the time it appears on the BBC Sounds playback in the format hour : minute : second (01:23:45) so each instance can be found easily by anyone who listens back to hear for themselves.

    To readers: The few instances noted bleow are just some of the many times Jo Good has promoted her socials on the BBC. In fact she does it every episode of her show. She has said she thinks BBC management never lsten so she says what she wants and "never get an email" (from management).

    On her YouTube channel Jo Good states vlogging is not a hobby, that it is her plan B for a pension: in effect she is admitting it is a commercial enterprise. It is amazing that she is allowed to promote this on the BBC. If she had a shop would she be allowed to keep mentioning it, whether named or not?

    Do the BBC bosses believe that her socials just comprise some personal pictures of her dog and her mum and a walk in the park, which she's sharing with her listeners from the goodness of her heart? In reality, her socials contain a lot of advertising, only sometimes delcared as such, so anyone who goes to her socials after hearing her promote it on the BBC will be unclear if they are watching ads, from which Jo Good receives financial and/or material benefit. Many times she gives out her actual Middle Aged Minx handle, other times makes more oblique references, suggesting listeners go to "my socials" or "my You Tube channel" or "my Instagram".

    Monday 28th January 2022
    00:15:50 she gives a blatant plug for her IG, giving the handle, telling listeners they can see a picture of Myrtle and adds "I URGE YOU..."

    Tuesday 18th January 2022
    00:32:40 Jo Good reads an email from listener Patricia who says she loves Myrtle. Jo seizes on this to announce that Myrtle can be seen on her Instagram account and gives the handle @middleagedminx in a sneaky attempt to lure listeners to her IG account (which contains ads and commercial promotions).

    Monday 20th December 2021 (listen again on BBC Sounds @ 1:52:25)
    She reads out an email from an un-named listener: "Jo, having watched your vlog have you yet spilled the beans?"
    Jo replies "NO! you need to watch next week's to find out more!".
    She then gives a smug chuckle and continues "Loads of people are asking about my YouTube, you're gonna have to watch next weeks".
    So Jo, what brand will you be advertising on YouTube then? Hoping to up your viewer numbers with those sent to your vlog flog via your constant mentions on the BBC, courtesy of licence payers?

    Friday, 23rd July 2021
    Three separate instances on BBC Radio London recorded here where Jo Good directs listeners to her socials, once specifically to the vlog where she is advertising the #gifted £3K arm toning treatment from a named clinic. She is blatantly promoting the treatment with a positive review, she might not be naming the clinic on the BBC but she is directing listeners to her advert for it, under the guise of "check out my socials". This has to be against BBC guidelines for its presenters.

    00:06:42 "If any of you follow me on social media you'll know I have a roof terrace..."

    02:06:26 Speaking about her upcoming week off Jo says "...if you follow me on You Tube every minute will be filmed".

    02:06:52 "As you know I've been having my arms toned, you need to follow me on social media to know what on earth I'm going on about. And I've finished my four treatments..."

    Then a listener Mairead from Weybridge phones in and blows the lid on the value of MAM's arm treatment (which was gifted to her and which she advertises on her YouTube channel, although the status of it as an AD is not disclosed in line with ASA guidelines).

    02:15:50 Mairead recommends TK Maxx for good value 2kg arm weights but Jo said she didn't find any there. Mairead continues"...but I was fascinated because I've watched your blog on the... um..."

    Jo then talks loudly over her "...on my arms, on my arms being toned and..."

    Mairead: "...but but has it really..?"

    Jo (sounding worried at what Mairead might say looks for a distraction and rambles) : "Oh my gosh, George...George come in here and just tell everyone about my arms...he says he can't he's answering the phones, oh no he can't come in anyway we're not allowed to be in the same... room. Um, no, it's, they, seriously my arms are, have stopped flappin' around but it is far too expensive to expect anybody to do that, you know, I've got to now, the upkeep, I've got to do myself with weights."

    Mairead: "yes but if one was to spend the three thousand on having the four..." At this stage Jo cuts in laughing manically in an attempt to distract from Mairead's revelation. Mairead continues: "..could you see the difference because I'm considering it".

    Jo (sounding very panicked goes into a damage limitation ramble): "No, no, no Mairead don't, no Mairead do not spend three thousand pounds please don't, you know if you've got the weights use the weights I just needed something to prompt me into starting because I've stopped doin' my yoga since this Covid my whole brain has been all over the place I haven't done any of my exercise... " blah blah.

    Wednesday 4th August 2021
    02:18:35 Jo Good, on her BBC Radio London show, "If you follow my Instagram..."

    Friday 6th August 2021
    She mentioned her Instagram account at 4:10pm and 4:13pm, telling listeners they could see a picture of a summer pudding she ate at a friend's place. If people go to her Insta they will also encounter her ads.

    Tuesday 17th August 2021
    At 00:00:06 At least twice at the start of her show Jo Good read out out her @MiddleAged Minx handle. This was ostensibly to enable someone coming on the show to get in touch with her after some supposed confusion - why not give out the studio phone number Jo?

    Thursday 19th August 2021

    At 2:32pm directs listeners to her Instagram to see her flares. If people go to her Insta they will also encounter her ads.


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