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    Louise Pentland, formerly known as SprinkleofGlitter, is a YouTuber who rose to internet "fame" in the early 2010s posting vlogs, hauls, motherhood videos etc.

    She began on the internet with her blog, also called "Sprinkle of Glitter" in 2010.

    She has two children; Darcy, 12, who she had with her ex husband, Matt. She then went on to have a second child, Pearl, 5, with her now fiancé, Liam.

    Louise is also an "author", having released 6 books (as she constantly mentions). Three of these were a trilogy of fiction books: Wilde Like Me, Wilde About the Girl and Wilde Women.

    Friendship with Zoe

    When Louise was running her blog and at the start of her YouTube channel, she was very good friends with Zoe Sugg (Zoella).

    They frequently posted videos together for many years and were self proclaimed best friends, or chummies, as they called it.

    It's thought that there was a falling out at some point as they no longer appear to see one another and don't interact online anymore. There are speculations that they fell out during the whole "Hello World" fiasco, but nothing has been confirmed.

    The last time Zoe appeared in a video with Louise was in June 2017 when Zoe joined Louise for a baby scan. The last interaction they had online was during the first lockdown when Zoe and Alfie joined Louise on an Instagram live.

    It is also speculated that they may have fallen out due to Louise "outing" Zoe's Pregnancy by posting that she had a friend who was pregnant and many people guessed that this was Zoe, but this was, again, purely just speculation.

    In August 2023, she posted this comment on TikTok:


    NSPCC Ambassador Controversies

    Louise was appointed the NSPCC and Childline ambassador in 2020. Despite this, Louise still has no issue with exploiting her children for content, constantly posting photos of them, including showing their dance schools amongst other revealing things.