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    Anna Saccone Joly and Jonathan Saccone Joly have four children, Emilia (born Sept 2012), Eduardo (born April 2014), Alessia (born March 2017) and Andrea (born August 2018). They also have 6 white crusty-eyed dogs, all of which look identical and have very odd, hard to remember names.

    Anna and Jonathan

    Anna B. Saccone was born in Baltimore, MD, USA as her father was a professor of Italian literature at Johns Hopkins University. She is the daughter of Professore Eduardo Saccone (died 2008) who was one of the most distinguished academics of Italian literature of his generation. After teaching at Johns Hopkins, he went to a teaching post at Ireland's University of Cork.
    Her mother Margaret Saccone (nee Casey) was the daughter of an Irish professor of literature, Professor Timothy Casey and a German scholar Erika Casey (nee Hartmann, who died in 2020). Margaret was born in Germany but later grew up in Ireland.
    Anna has two younger sisters. One, Emma, was also born in Baltimore and currently lives in the USA. The other sister, Erika, was born several years after her two older sisters and Anna publically boasted on Twitter of how her mother tricked her father into having a third child. Erika, apparently on her brother-in-law Jonathan's advice also has a YouTube channel.
    Anna's father Eduardo was married twice and Anna has two older half-brothers Francisco and Stefano from her Dad's first marriage.

    Jonathan P. Joly was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1980 and was the third child in a family of 4, two sons and two daughters. His parents divorced and his father remarried and lives in Cork, Ireland. His mother also formed a relationship after the divorce and she and her partner lived in Highland Scotland, until his death in 2019. It has been suggested that J was uncomfortable in language about his common-law stepfather by referring to him as 'my Mum's partner' rather than stepfather in vlogs when the family took an RV up to the Highlands to visit him when he was terminally ill.

    JJ and AS met when she was 18 and he was 26 at a nightclub in Cork. JJ says he was making a music video at the time and got to keep in further contact with Anna by having her collaborate as an actress in the video and also as the costume director.
    They have had two wedding ceremonies and do often celebrate both, the first one being on the 1st September 2011 which was a destination wedding in the Campagnia region of Italy (the region her father was from) Wedding video and the second from 29th February 2012 which was an Irish registry office marriage. Anna explained in a wedding planning video that Italian law relating to marriages and nationalities meant there was an issue for her getting married under Italian laws as she is of Irish, Italian and American (and possibly German) citizenships so they had a second wedding in Ireland.
    They had their first two children in Cork, Ireland and then the younger two were born in the private Portland Hospital in London. They moved to the UK in 2014 when Eduardo was a few months old and it was because they were signed to a UK PR agency for social media influencers, Gleam, and they felt deals working as online stars would be more readily available in the UK than in Ireland. They lived in a rental property from 2014-2018 in Surrey and then bought a large property in the same county in 2018 and moved in at the end of the year. They have also mentioned a desire to buy another property in Ireland.

    The dogs

    When living together as a couple, Anna maintained she didn't want any children and only wanted to care for dogs. They bought the first puppy, a Maltese bitch named Sisina Jacinta (this appears to be an Italian short form of Tomasina which happened to be Anna's grandmother's, or nona's, name, but the dog was always called 'Sina'. Afterwards, they also got a dog puppy named Albicoca, which they shortened to 'Albi'. Albicoca is Italian for apricot and may be where the name came from. They failed to neuter either of the dogs and went on the assumption that a male and female dog living together would see themselves as 'brother and sister' and it would be 'incest' for them to breed with each other so there was no need to neuter the dogs. However, GuruGossip posts suggest Anna did state she wanted to breed dogs to make money. In any case, a litter was born to the dogs in the spring of 2012. There were 5 puppies, 4 bitches and one dog. However, one puppy was starved to death due to their negligence.

    The children

    Their first child Emilia Thomasina was born in September 2012 and a son Eduardo Jonathan followed in April 2014. After that, they initially did not want any more children. However a third child, Alessia Francesca was born in March 2017 and a son Andrea Luca was born in August 2018. Anna stated she does not want any more children.
    Emilia was named after their wedding planner because Anna wanted to give the kids Italian names and her middle name is Thomasina after Anna's paternal grandmother, Emilia's great-grandmother. Eduardo was named after Anna's father, the boy's maternal grandfather and given the middle name Jonathan after his father. Alessia has the middle-name Francesca after one of her parents' PA for their social media and also her maternal uncle Francesco. Andrea is the Italian form of 'Andrew' but Anna has a cousin with that name in Italy and his middle name is the Italian name Luca. [Source: 'Truth Behind our Baby's names! (Aug 2018)]

    Social media presence

    They initially had two YouTube channels

    Anna's channel
    Jonathan's channel
    Their vlog channel
    A song and kids channel


    Tik Tok
    Children and Jonathan

    Published books

    Anna Saccone The Style Diet: A Body Positive Image Book
    Published in 2011 and appears to have been self-published. The title now appears to be out of print.

    Jonathan Joly The Great Cat-Nap
    Published by Egmont in 2017, the title does not refer to cats 'napping' (i.e. sleeping) but rather this a pun on kidnap and it stars their six surviving dogs attempting to abduct cats.

    Jonathan Joly A Friend of My Own
    Published in 2018, this was based on the premise of their then-youngest child Alessia having a friend of her when the new baby was born Aug 2018. It was a picture book with two fabric dolls of a baby and an older girl child. This was a self-publishing endeavour and was promoted in an Autumn 2018 tour for fans to meet the family. The book did not sell particularly well and JJ donated many of the toys from unsold copies to a charity giving underprivileged parents toys to give their kids at Xmas.

    Published on 4th February 2022 : 'All My Friends Are Invisible' - Jonathan Joly. He states his childhood was 'traumatic' and he went to an imaginary place called 'Domdie'. He has an invisible friend, a young girl called 'Giselle' who tells him what to do. Jonathan has since decided that after writing the book, that he is non-binary. He tried to make the book look like a best seller by listing it in an obscure category on Amazon. Anna wrote a 5 star review for the book - when she got caught out, she changed her name to Aria F on Amazon reviews. Jonathan did radio/tv interviews for his book - mainly in Ireland

    Timeline of events and controveries

    Jonathan starts vlogging daily as an experiment on a new YouTube channel called LeFloofTV
    Birth of daughter Emilia. It appears that the views on LeFloofTV skyrocketed because people wanted to see cute little babies on vlogs and the SJs were able to
    Birth of Eduardo.
    J appears keen to have more children, but it appears Anna is not so sure about having more than 2 kids. J makes a joke about giving Anna date-rape drugs to have sex with her unconscious and said 'it's OK because we're trying for more babies anyway'.
    Winning the SHORTY award in NYC for best online parents.
    Anna and Jonathan announced they were expecting baby no 3 partially because it would help stave off what they perceived to be a huge amount of comments calling Anna fat. However, they did also announce later that medically it couldn't be determined if this was a viable Pregnancy or not because of the earliness of the tests.
    Holiday in Orlando, USA.
    Pregnancy no 3 ends in a miscarriage.
    Birth of Alessia.
    Holiday in the Caribbean on a cruise that went through Jamaica, Cuba and Mexico.
    Holiday in Sardinia, Italy.
    Birth of youngest child Andrea. Buy a house in the UK and live in the rental for several months while doing renovations to the house they already owned. Much of the renovations to the property, in fact, have devalued the resale value for the property as an annexe home with a kitchen and bathroom was removed.
    Book tour and 'meet and greet' tour.
    Holiday in Sardinia, Italy.
    A holiday to Orlando, USA.

    Erotic Story by Jonathan Joly



    • Giving children cold showers.
    • Jonathan Joly saying he'll give his wife Rohypnol to get her pregnant. This lead to Anna Saccone losing a brand deal with Asda.
    • Exploiting his young son's love of wearing dresses on every platform
    • Chatting with very young and underage girls on discord, Twitter and Omegle
    • Exploiting the memory of a miscarriage to the point where it seems to be a money-making exercise rather than a genuine way to deal with grief.
    • Not neutering the dogs and by extension not being responsible enough to research the need for neutering as a part of responsible pet ownership before bringing dogs into your life. Ending up with a litter whose birth and early upbringing was badly managed.
    • Leaving a puppy to starve to death and complaining it was 'needy' when it just needed help to feed in the first few weeks of her life. Ironically Anna was pregnant at the time and it seems worrying that a pregnant woman was complaining about a young things's needs and calling it 'whiny'.
    • Not adopting all the dogs out was not the most responsible thing. Dogs do not bode well living with their puppies all their lives. It's likely they thought having 7, though later only 6 dogs would look cute online and would bring them more views so it was a mercenary decision to keep a load of dogs in poor circumstances just to make money online off showing them.
    • The dogs do not appear to have appropriate living conditions that meet the needs of each dog and the parents didn't train the dogs to the best of the ability. At one point, the dogs were fighting over too few toys, food and water bowls for 6 dogs. The SJs even were 'celebrity ambassadors' for the RSPCA.
    • Breeds like Maltese have smaller jaws than most dogs and their teeth can build up plaque which leads to decay more easily. Owners of dogs with small jaws need to regularly remove food traces by brushing their teeth. Anna initially was a devoted carer of the dogs and did all the correct hygiene rituals like brushing their teeth. However, she says caring for 6 dogs was too much when she had child after child of her own. Many of the dogs had rotten teeth which needed dental surgery and the SJs said after the vets told them to brush the dogs' teeth to stop the dogs needing teeth removed, which is completely preventable, they said they laughed because it was too much work to care for 6 dogs and 4 kids so it wasn't going to happen.