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  • The following information is all allegedly. Even (especially?) the bits stated by Anna herself:

    Who is Anna Bey?

    Anna Bey is a Swedish-Russian former reality TV participant, gogo dancer, and alleged sugar baby. She calls herself "an internationally renowned lifestyle and personal development educator", and professes to be an expert in etiquette, elegance, and style. Anna runs a YouTube channel and sells online courses.

    She is known for her "online finishing school" called School of Affluence which quietly died out in 2021, and was widely mocked on Mayfairmemes and similar accounts. Currently, Anna sells a course called Secrets of the Elite Woman (SotEW) and membership of an app called The A-List Private Ladies' Club. From observations from Tattle, she enjoys inflating her earnings and net worth on many Wiki-sites.

    Anna has used many different names:
    • Aija Räty
    • Aija Darling
    • Anna Beyer
    • Anna Bey
    • Aija Hallit (current legal name)

    Google Drive Dossier Contains:
    - How to be Classy: an old e-book written by Anna
    - Timeline of Anna's history, with supporting screenshots
    - Screenshots from Anna's now deleted Jetset Babe blog, including personal stories
    - Transcripts of Anna's School of Affluence / Secrets of the Elite Woman course material
    - A now-deleted YouTube live

    Some of the most frequently requested Anna discussion and links can be found here. Videos and information about Anna's appearance on the reality show Paradise Hotel Sweden are here. We highly recommend reading the first three threads about her.

    Anna's History

    Anna (originally Aija Räty) was born in Estonia in 1986 and her family moved to Sweden when she was 3-4 years of age. She had a middle-class upbringing with her mother Erin and a stepfather, and went to a private school. After high school she left Sweden to party around Europe, starting with a short language school course in Rome. She says that at this time, she had a fling with an old-money Italian rich kid and that's how she got interested in high society. From the way she wrote about it on her old blog, it sounds like all he ever really did for her was drive her around Rome.

    Anna then moved on to Ibiza and worked as a trashy club dancer (videos of her dancing topless can be found on YouTube.) Around this time, she adopted Aija Darling as a stage name. In Ibiza she began dating DJ Mykill, a class act who introduced her as "my bitch" on camera. Anna later moved to Malta to live with him for a year or two. When that relationship ended, she returned to Sweden for a couple of years and in 2010 she appeared in the reality TV show Paradise Hotel Sweden - similar to Love Island. After travelling around South America and Bali, Anna moved to London in 2012 and began an anonymous blog called Jetset Babe about her dreams of a lavish lifestyle. She was a self-confessed sugar baby during this time.

    Having failed at her goal of landing a wealthy man, Anna decided the way forward was to coach other women in how to marry up (even though she herself couldn't do it.) She re-branded as Anna Beyer, planning to market herself as a writer and open a matchmaking agency. This didn't last long, and she morphed into "elegance coach" Anna Bey. Anna launched the first incarnation of what would become School of Affluence, and has since been selling online courses about etiquette, femininity, and networking. She periodically appears in tabloids and TV interviews where she is promoted as an "elegance expert" or "millionaire matchmaker."

    Anna regularly changes her name and identity, and every few years she moves around and starts on some kind of new project or scheme. Since her teens, she has lived in at least eight different countries and had numerous unrelated jobs. Currently, she claims to live in Geneva and be married to Joseph Hallit, a mid-level employee at a Lebanese bank. That's questionable - see below for evidence that she's effectively homeless and the marriage may actually be a temporary civil partnership.

    Examples of dishonest or unethical behaviour

    • Worked for Vida Consultancy, a very questionable matchmaking agency. Numerous reviews (some examples here) claim it is a scam which charges lonely women thousands of pounds, then sets them up on dates with men Vida has solicited via LinkedIn, who are not actually interested in meeting women and may already be married / attached.

    • Alleged racist messages with her "students" and demeaning terms about Black and Brown women. Yet, she plagiarised at least two Black women (Christelyn Kazarin/PinkPill and SheRaSeven1) for content for the SOA course.

    • Her mentor seems to be the infamous con artist Dan Lok, whom she consulted when creating School of Affluence. Signs of his influence can be seen in her marketing e.g., filming in hotels and pretending it is her own house. She follows, and may be in contact with, Pooyan Mokhtari who is known for an internet betting scam.

    • Constant lies about her life and pretends to have a man providing for her. Actually she provides for herself. Nothing wrong with that obviously, but one cannot teach something they never mastered. More importantly, her money comes from her lies and scams.

    • Charges €1000 for a course made from stolen content (can be found in inexpensive books or even online for free.) Course content is plagiarised from numerous sources including blogs; published books; Color Me Beautiful; and Institute Villa Pierrefeu (a legitimate finishing school where Anna briefly trained.) Her courses include handouts that haven't been proofread and are full of badly mangled English, errors from dictation software, and placeholder text. She also frequently steals other people's graphics and copyrighted photos.

    • Dishonest marketing. She promised her subscribers "lifetime access" to one course, then deleted the material. She has also promised subscribers to speak to them 1-2-1 but then, when they signed up for the course, they were told not to contact her and blocked/removed if they tried to message her. Her free webinar is an obvious scam.

    • She buys followers and creates numerous fake social media profiles and data-mining websites to promote herself and her courses. It appears that job adverts, and giveaways, posted on her Insta have also been used as a data-mining exercise.

    • Preys on naïve, poor and sometimes very young girls and women. She regularly markets to women in developing countries. Anna has encouraged women in desperate situations to buy her course, and created promotional materials using a "student" who claims she took the SoA course whilst living in a women's refuge.

    • Teaches prostitution without naming it and without the safety rules. She has openly stated that "transactional sex" (her words) is a good way to join the upper class if you weren't born into it.

    • Has a long history of using other women for what she can get out of them, then ditching / "ghosting" them. These include women using her app, former "students", women who were in Facebook groups with her, and a group of sex workers she met through Tumblr. Anna used all these people's advice to help her get ahead or market SoA, with no thanks or credit given.

    • General lack of concern and empathy for others; including people with health problems, victims of natural disasters, etc.

    • At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she continued to travel frequently and did not wear a mask in public; including when partying among crowds of people in France. At one point she claimed that she'd had COVID before so she couldn't get it again, even after it became clear that re-infection occurs. Anna says she is vaccinated, but may not be telling the truth about this as she has been required to take COVID testing or quarantine in countries that don't require it for vaccinated people.

    • Doesn't respect others' boundaries, especially on social media.

    • Gets freebies and hotels in return for social media marketing, but does not state that it is an #ad

    • Has shared affiliate links without disclosing what they are and the fact that she gets commission if someone buys through them.

    • Her subscription app The A-List requires users to show their passports and is hazy about the use of personal information, see below.

    • Lazy and unable to stick to a regular posting schedule.

    • Lack of honesty about her past as a topless dancer/sugar baby which she tries to cover up. Other women who do not have squeaky clean history are honest but discreet about it and have gone on to marry well.

    • Too much poorly done filler in her face and lips. Bad nose surgery. In spite of being only 36, she looks +45 and not in a hot MILF way. Icing on the cake, she preaches "good taste" in plastic surgery and stuff.

    • Goes to great lengths to fake affluence, including:
      • Using various locations for an "affluent" backdrop but pretending it's her home by displaying some personal belongings such as framed pictures of her
      • Displaying boxes from designer stores (but not the products)
      • Displaying fake designer bags
      • Showing off real luxury goods that were in fact rented; borrowed from her friend Lina Hadid; or bought as presents by Lina.

    • Cannot take any criticism whatsoever. She blocks people on social media for criticising her or asking questions even if they have paid for her course. When one video received a huge negative backlash (see Greatest Hits below), she deleted it immediately and failed to address any actual criticisms of it; instead giving a vague apology.

    • Has no relevant qualifications or experience for any of the things she professes to teach. She has no education past high school, no network, hasn't married up and knows nothing about affluent lifestyle. Nor does she run an honest business. She has stated her view that taking online courses and attending conferences makes her just as educated as someone with a Master's degree.

    • Claims to be a qualified style and image consultant but has no sense of either. Thinks that poorly fitting clothes made out of cheap polyester are stylish if they have a designer label on them. All her clothes are mismatched designer items that don't go well together since she can't afford full price and buys them from outlets, sales or Yoox. She also doesn't seem to have much idea of what's appropriate for the season or occasion - e.g., wearing long boots to the opera or summer clothes in winter.

    • Claims to be a feminist but encourages women to neglect their education, not to have a career, and to judge themselves and others by looks and money. She has repeatedly referred to other women in terms such as "flies", "dirt", "ratchet" and "plain Janes"

    • Huge entitlement complex; she does as little as humanly possible and fleeces her "students" / victims for as much as she can. While also teaching them to be entitled and demand that a man pay for everything.

    • Gives her followers dangerous / medically unsound advice. She has advocated dry fasting (i.e. fasting for a day or more without drinking water) which can be very dangerous. And has recommended putting perfume on one's private parts - almost certain to cause a yeast infection.

    • Anna spends so much time travelling that it's unlikely she meets the minimum term of stay for her Swiss residency - see Homelessness section. She has also been reported to authorities over The A-List app (see below.)

    • Has seemingly lied about being diagnosed with Graves' Disease (a serious auto-immune disorder) and about someone close to her dying from COVID.

    • Anna has attempted damage control by "admitting" to her trashy past and saying she's proud to have "levelled up" from it. When Tattle linked to her appearances in Paradise Hotel, Anna made a video about it however she did not actually show the clips and instead mostly talked about what happened during the show. In other words sanitising the narrative to suit her.

    • Says she's living an affluent life but she's barely upper middle class and not even reached to that level with integrity and honesty.

    • Comes here to find free inspiration for her Instagram. Stresses out because we are exposing her. WE WILL STOP YOU AIJA.

    Partial list of lies

    At one point or another, Anna has made all the following claims, which can be proven false through information freely available online:
    1. Being affluent and married to a successful man. (Neither she nor Joseph is affluent, and there is some evidence they aren't married but are in a temporary civil partnership.)
    2. Owning a luxurious home with staff (she doesn't own a home and repeatedly fakes it on video.)
    3. Having a degree in internet marketing (it was a vocational course at a technical school) or in "etiquette and protocol" (a short course at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu.)
    4. Not speaking Russian well and that she only learned a small amount at school or in a language course at a university (she has demonstrated native-level fluency in Russian.)
    5. Being a skilled dancer who trained in ballet for years and passed a competitive audition process to work at Amnesia in Ibiza. (She was a trashy topless dancer who, judging by video footage, doesn't have much sense of rhythm or any formal training.)
    6. Being a skilled horse rider who grew up around horses and learned to ride at a young age (again, evidently not true from video footage.)
    7. That she spent her childhood "in rural Stockholm" (Stockholm is a major city and no part of it is rural.)
    8. That she met her husband / partner Joseph in 2016 (actually it was 2012-13. She may be lying about this so that her followers don't question why they waited nine years to get married.)
    9. Her mother Erin is a practicing lawyer. (Erin is the equivalent of a paralegal in Sweden.)
    10. Anna has placed false information on Google that Joseph was born and raised in Switzerland (he's Lebanese - confirmed by the Registre de commerce de Genève). She later backtracked on this
    11. Has never been, or claimed to be, a matchmaker (she worked for a matchmaking agency and planned to open one of her own)
    12. Is "an internationally renowned lifestyle and personal development educator" (no; she's just a con artist)
    13. Does not teach gold-digging but believes in traditional gender roles ("traditional" roles involve a woman staying home to take care of the house and children, which Anna has no interest in and doesn't believe women should contribute anything to a relationship)
    14. Exclusively dates rich men who treat her well (old blog entries refer to past boyfriends as "douches", "losers", and "time-wasters" who didn't have money.

    YouTube content

    Anna's YouTube channel mainly consists of videos giving style, beauty, or etiquette advice. Almost all of these videos relate to "mistakes" or "what not to do" - since she doesn't know what the right thing to do in affluent circles would be. Most of her advice states the obvious, for example, most women know that chipped nail polish or ratty hair extensions aren't appropriate for a society event. She also posts content relating to things like TV shows, stories about her own past or "level up journey", and speculation about women that have married up. Anna often gets the latter wrong e.g. presenting Kate Middleton as a Cinderella-type story; ignoring the fact that Kate was born into wealth, and met Prince William through university which is common for women married to old-money or very successful men.

    For reasons that are a mystery to Tattle, Anna's videos are often accompanied by a very unflattering thumbnail of her screwing her face up and making exaggerated expressions. Ostensibly she posts a video each Sunday, but will often come out with excuses not to do it. In the past she has made several videos criticising Zara as cheap and poorly made (despite the fact she often wore it herself when she was first in London), but in 2022 has decided Zara is OK again and posted a video on how to find classy clothing there.

    Anna has often displayed a lack of knowledge in her videos, even about topics she professes to teach about in her courses. For example, repeating dining etiquette advice that is actually for the person serving the food / wine. She released a video on perfume where she claimed to have an extensive perfume collection, yet didn't recognise some of the most popular perfumes on the market or understand the concept of middle / base notes.

    The Evolution of Anna

    Anna demonstrates a pattern of frequently changing her name, job, country of residence, and personal style / appearance. A closer look at her history shows that she has adopted numerous different personae, rather like how the Doctor regenerates on Doctor Who:
    • Ingenue Aija Räty just starting out = moved to Rome, studied at a language school, dated wealthy Italian boyfriend
    • Party girl Aija Darling = living in Ibiza and Malta, working as a go-go dancer / stripper and club promoter. Also had other jobs including working at two different gambling companies.
    • Fame hound Aija Darling = returned to Sweden, appeared on Paradise Hotel and was briefly an online agony aunt for a sex/relationship advice site. Later took a digital marketing course at a technical school - was she already planning her scams by this stage?
    • Jetset wannabe Aija Darling = moved to London, began writing a blog called Jetset Babe, and tagging along after real "jetset babes" in the city. Jobs included working as a PA, working for another gambling company, and matchmaking for Vida Consultancy.
    • Writer Anna Beyer = the shortest incarnation yet. Anna tried to market herself as a freelance writer and planned to open her own matchmaking agency (which she did not go ahead with.)
    • Affluence coach Anna Bey = opened School of Affluence and joined YouTube as one of its many hypergamy / femininity gurus teaching women how to bag a rich man.
    • Networking / women's empowerment expert Anna Bey = her content began to shift towards networking, career, and self-esteem - possibly in response to criticisms that the femininity market was oversaturated and / or outdated and sexist.
    • Equestrian Anna Bey = Anna bought Irish Mist (supposedly) and posted for months about horse riding, horse sports, and riding wear. She opened a separate Insta account for "equestrian Anna Bey"
    • "Elegant Stylist" Anna Bey = abruptly changed focus again to personal style, launched yet another new website as "The Elegant Stylist", and launched a new workshop about how to dress.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone dilute their brand like Anna does. She lusts after heritage brands with powerful legacies, like Chanel and Hermes, but then launches a new random program with a totally random name every six months? She’s the Shein of scammers.

    Supporting cast

    • Joseph Hallit = Anna's husband (or registered civil partner), an average man with an average job - last known to have worked for Audi Bank in Geneva. Not affluent. Anna claims she doesn't show him on her social media for privacy reasons; actually it's because she doesn't want followers to see that he is, well, average. Photos of him here. See "Relationship with Joseph Hallit" below for more.

    • Bassam Feres = Joseph Hallit's friend and former co-worker who Anna tried to pass off as her husband to her followers. He disappeared from social media after she posted a series of inappropriate photos of herself draped all over him.

    • Lina Hadid = Influencer and socialite, a niece of Mohamed Hadid and cousin of the models Bella and Gigi. Lina seems to be Anna's only friend, and is the real owner of a lot of "Anna's" designer bags / accessories.

    • Erin Räty = Anna's mother, who has claimed to be a qualified lawyer but is a juristfirma as it is known in Sweden (more like a paralegal or legal secretary.) She previously owned a law firm which, according to reviews, specialised in helping Russian citizens find loopholes for emigrating to Europe when they were struggling to do so legally. We can see where Anna got inspiration for her scams.

    • Carl Buchalet = The puppet master pulling Anna's strings. CEO of her company Bey International.

    • Karim El Achkar = Another friend of Joseph, Anna, and Lina. Has appeared in some of Anna's course materials where he gave investment advice.

    • Mykill Cini ("DJ Mykill") = Anna's ex, a DJ she lived with whilst in Ibiza and later moved to Malta with him. She provided guest vocals on his song "I Am There" and did some kind of promotional work for him.

    • Lauren Amiri ( = Lauren, who has her own Tattle thread, is an acquaintance of Anna. She seems to have distanced herself from Anna somewhat, and makes what may be subtle jabs at her on Insta. Anna tries to promote herself on Lauren's social media.

    • Isabel Brown = A deeply unpleasant Anna-wannabe with even less class and discretion. We sometimes talk about her on Anna's thread because Isabel isn't noteworthy enough to have one of her own. She now sells her own courses in how to get money out of men and is, at least, more successful at it than Anna.

    • Ivan = Anna's personal trainer who sometimes appears on her Insta. They train in the park since Anna doesn't seem to have a home he could go to (see "Apparent homelessness".) He has not been seen on her social media since December 2021.

    • Irish Mist ("Misty") = A horse Anna allegedly bought in late 2021 despite her inability to ride it. We believe Irish Mist is not hers and is in fact leased.

    Relationship with Joseph Hallit and wedding

    Anna met Joseph around 2012-13 when she'd recently moved to London. (She has since falsely claimed that they didn't meet until 2016.) Their relationship is, by all appearances, for convenience. It has been alleged by those who knew her at the time that she met him on an escort date, and that they got together as part of a plan for Joseph to invest in an escort agency Anna intended to open. Evidence can be found online that Anna was preparing to start a matchmaking business called "byBeyer", which probably was intended to be a cover for said agency. Joseph moved to Geneva a couple of years later, and she joined him in 2019.

    Anna and Joseph ostensibly got married in January 2021 - they may in fact have had a PACS civil agreement rather than a legal marriage. (Note: PACS is for both homosexual and heterosexual couples.) This happened just before the deadline to register a marriage / PACS before the new tax year, and before Joseph's Swiss residency was due to expire. Anna and Joseph had the ceremony at the local Town Hall, where Bassam Feres had to translate for them since Anna has not learned French during her time in Geneva. Lina Hadid hosted a reception consisting of a small selection of supermarket hummus and mezze. None of Anna's family were present and she did not appear to receive any congratulations.

    Anna did several Insta lives on the subject of her wedding and released a video about it. There was no honeymoon; the next day Anna was promoting her latest course and Joseph seemingly went back to work. After the wedding (or lack thereof), Anna continued sharing increasingly inappropriate photos of herself snuggling up to Bassam; which she justified by saying "my husband is also there, just not on camera!"

    Within a month or two of the ceremony, Anna had begun travelling frequently without Joseph and renting her own place without him. She has shared photos of herself several times without her wedding ring, including at Annabel's in London. She has also shared images of what looks like herself on escort dates. There's nothing wrong with having an open marriage or a marriage of convenience, but it certainly doesn't track with what she is telling her followers.

    Before her marriage / PACS with Joseph, Anna had already referred to him as "my husband" in course materials, falsely suggesting they were already married. She has displayed an engagement ring that she wants her followers to think is a big diamond, it does not look like a diamond and may be moissanite. She said her Cartier Love bracelet was a present from Joseph, but hasn't been seen to wear it for over a year (as of 2022) whereas previously she wore it in public all the time. We suspect she sold it, suggesting it wasn't a romantic gift at all - or she just doesn't value it.

    Apparent homelessness

    Anna currently appears not to have a permanent home. She travels constantly and her social media indicates that she usually visits Geneva at weekends only. The rest of the time she stays in a near-empty rental apartment in Corsier (a rural area), or in hotels / AirBNB on the border with France. She has occasionally been seen to sleep in her car, and she trains with Ivan at her Corsier rental or in the park. Since her photos and a home tour video have demonstrated that the Corsier apartment is mostly empty, it does not look like she lives there full time.

    Anna recorded a lot of her 2020-21 videos in a corporate apartment in Geneva that Audi Bank uses as a lounge to entertain clients (so, most of the rooms are not in use):
    Floor plan of the apartment/lounge by teki_awas
    Audi Bank lounge location and photos: Part 1 and Part 2 by cherry cherry
    Other locations where Anna has filmed - probably in an AirBNB

    Evidence from her videos and social media suggests that she used the lounge during the 2020/21 lockdowns when Audi Bank wasn't using it; batch-recorded video; and then when the lockdown ended she was forced to move around. Audi Bank may be employing her as a property manager, which would give her access.

    Many of Anna's older videos were filmed in hotel rooms that she placed props in to try to make them look like her home, including at the Four Seasons Geneva. Audi Bank often hosts clients or holds conferences at Four Seasons hotels, so Anna could have booked rooms to record in at these times.

    Evidence of sex work and suspicious activity

    Anna teaches women to act like escorts (sitting in hotel bars, etc. to get a man's attention) but presents it as a way to meet a potential boyfriend/husband. This puts naïve women, who don't realize what she's doing, at risk. She denies that she has ever been a sex worker despite extensive evidence to the contrary:
    • Anna worked as a topless dancer at Amnesia in Ibiza - photo and video evidence on the threads and can easily be found on YouTube.
    • She has stated that Joseph paid her rent when she lived in London i.e., she was a sugar baby. (In fact he most likely just let her use an apartment Audi Bank provided.)
    • When Anna lived in London in 2012-13, she was part of a group of sex workers who met through Tumblr - this includes some current Tattle users who personally knew her. These people knew her to be an escort, and have said that at the time she had plans to open her own escort agency.
    • Gave advice on the Jetsetbabe blog about how to meet men through SeekingArrangement (screencaps in the dossier.)
    • Also gave advice on how to use SeekingArrangement in the Facebook group for the SOA course: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    • In this interview with Cosmopolitan, Anna alludes to escorting, and makes it clear that she approves of "transactional sex" to get ahead.
    • Part of the first online course she sold was plagiarised from an escorting blog.
    • When travelling she frequently visits escort hotspots such as Annabel's, the Hotel Costes in Paris, and others. A lot of the hotels / restaurants she recommends to her followers as good places to meet men are well known escort hangouts.
    • Sharing photos and video of herself in restaurants late at night with obviously older men. Some of the photos included younger Eastern European women whom she tagged, but then later removed the images - if the women were on a group escort date with her, perhaps they did not want to be identified in public.
    We have no problem with consensual sex work; and are not, in Anna's words, "slut-shaming" her. However, she owes it to her followers to be honest and not to give false and potentially harmful information.

    Anna regularly travels around Europe, sometimes hundreds of miles in a week, and posts photos on her social media; all out of sequence so it's not obvious when she was in each place. She always brings two large suitcases with her which seems unusual when she's based in Switzerland and only travelling a short distance around Europe. During a trip to London she posted an Insta video of her cutting up her Rimowa suitcase because she couldn't open it and was in a hurry to access the contents. Shouldn't she know the combination, since she travels so much?

    Speculation is that she could be involved in moving items across borders for a fee - when travelling, she normally crosses the border by road or rail, where checks are less strict and suitcases aren't scanned. As a blonde European woman she will not normally draw the attention of authorities. Other suspicious behaviour includes Anna sharing full floor plans on social media of a property owned by Audi Bank. What legitimate reason would there be for her to do this?

    Facebook group

    Anna used to run a Facebook group for her Jetset Babe blog, the group still exists and is currently called "Anna Bey's Elegant Ladies Lounge" (after many name changes.) Anna no longer runs it herself and instead uses moderators. If you want to join the group, you have to provide an email address for Anna's list so she can market to you.

    Some current Tattle users are in the group, and its content has been discussed extensively on other sites including Lipstick Alley. Screenshots can be found on Anna's earlier Tattle threads Although the group is much quieter now than in its heyday, some of the discussion in it is concerning to say the least:
    • The group previously contained a large library of pirated material - mostly published books, or ebooks by other femininity / dating coaches on the internet. Anna later removed them.
    • When Anna was running the group herself, she gave advice on sex work including how to use Seeking Arrangement (screencaps in the dossier.) This would have been OK if she made it clear she was talking about sex work and discussed safety, but she did not and disguised it as finding a rich boyfriend / husband. Anna is well aware that sex work can be dangerous, note the Cosmopolitan article where she references having her drink spiked.
    • Anna gave advice on using sex to keep a rich man's attention. She has advised women to ignore their own sexual boundaries because "competition is high." Even going so far as to suggest using sissy hypno i.e. hypnosis recordings designed to lower someone's defences so they will submit to painful or degrading sex acts. These are typically used for kink purposes or by gay and transgender sex workers.
    • Followers discussing ridiculous minutiae of "elegance" such as what would be an elegant colour of phone to buy. This sounds silly, but it is worrying that a scammer like Anna is influencing her followers to that extent.
    • Some group members have made major life decisions such as what degree to study, what country to live in, or whether to end their marriages, based on Anna's advice.
    • Very young women (18-20) talking about being in relationships with inappropriately older men twice their age or more.
    • Followers openly talking about lying and deceiving men in order to get money
    • Followers encouraging each other to tolerate things like cheating or drug abuse in a man if he is wealthy enough
    When Anna ran the group herself she did not intervene when discussion became toxic. Her moderators do not do this either and only act if someone criticises Anna or is openly abusive.

    Tattle nicknames / phrases related to Anna

    • Rat, Ratbag, Ratty, Anna Vague, Anna Hallitosis, Anna Scamma, Scamma Bey, Anna Bleh, Anna Belt, Anna Beysic, Wannabey = Anna
    • Joe, Average Joe, Average Joeseph, Bisexual Banker, Thousandaire, Halliboo = Joseph Hallit
    • BTF, Mr Sunglasses = Bassam Feres
    • Lina Palestina = Lina Hadid, who's known for adding the hashtag #freepalestine to all her Insta posts (even those that aren't about Palestine) and designer bags, and thinks this is activism.
    • Mama Rat = Anna's mum Erin, who seemingly has experience of her own as a scammer.
    • JSB = Jetset Babe. The name of the blog Anna used to run, she used the term "jetset babes" to describe the type of woman she admired and wanted to be: models / socialites who had social climbed their way to marrying wealthy men e.g. Ann(a) Andres, Olesya Malinskaya who were frequently mentioned on the blog.
    • Scam of Affluence, Scum of Affluence, School of Effluence = School of Affluence
    • Geneva Shore = The ongoing soap opera with Anna, Joseph, Karim, Bassam, and Lina.
    • The Z-List, The Rat-List, The Ass-List = Anna's "The A-List" app
    • Tattle Press Conference = When Anna posts videos, photos, Insta stories, etc. specifically to address something Tattle said about her.
    • Hermessa = Anna's obviously fake "Hermes" bags

    Anna Vocabulary

    • Ehleghant = Elegant
    • My Dear Ehleghant Ladies = Anna's stock introduction in her YouTube videos.
    • Phodkhast = Podcast
    • Khontent = Content
    • Shitsheet, Cheatshit = "Cheat sheet." Anna has a "cheat sheet" that she plugs in every YouTube video, encouraging people to download it free - but then they have to sign up to her mailing list and she can market to them.
    • Water Goblin = A creature that appears at formal dinners, according to Anna's SOA course material.
    • Pre-villedge = Privilege
    • Shoe = Shoes
    • Do mistakes = Make mistakes
    • Played = Plaid
    • Undersmell = Apparently something a perfume has, we think she meant middle / base notes.

    The A-List (Anna's app)

    "The A-List" short for The A-List Private Ladies Club, is Anna's app, designed to help women "network" with each other. The app costs $300 annually and no refunds are allowed. Subscriptions have to be bought through a third-party website so that users aren't covered by Apple/Android TOS, which might allow them to get their money back. Anna herself has little involvement with the app, which is run by moderators. After she offered a special joining rate to her "students" and promised access to the app's "VIP lounge", some claimed that they paid but didn't get access.

    Reviews and first hand experiences of disappointed members who were treated poorly by Anna can be found throughout the threads and are detailed below. They have said that:
    • Users are banned for discussing topics Anna doesn't approve of, with no warning or refund.
    • Anna's staff edit / censor posts - as in altering the text to make it look like the poster said something they didn't, not just removing posts or adding moderator notes
    • Moderators have allowed misinformation to spread e.g. they did nothing about an app user giving the obvious lie that her family owns the Künstlerhaus Museum in Vienna
    • Some past users of the app have had to make formal complaints to authorities as it was the only way for them to get their personal data removed.
    What's most concerning is that joining The A-List requires showing photographic ID/a passport to sign up. Anna has repeatedly evaded questions about security and why showing a passport is necessary. Initially, her T&Cs did not make it clear how data would be used but she has now altered these to cover herself legally. Anna says the app is only for those 18+, but there is documented evidence of her referring someone who claimed to be 17 to app moderators for help in signing up.

    App users can arrange social events together, some of which Anna has attended. These included a polo game where none of the women were appropriately dressed for the occasion, and an afternoon tea where everyone ordered their own individual set of cakes and sandwiches - these are supposed to be shared! Photos here.

    This post advises how former users of the app can report Anna to local authorities in Switzerland.

    Brand names/trademarks Anna has used

    • Anna Bey = Anna is currently promoting everything under her own name or, as she calls it, "consolidated her suite of products and services."
    • Jetset Babe = This website began as an anonymous blog by Anna. Later, she took down the blog but kept up the website to promote herself - the site has now been redirected to Anna claims that the Jetset Babe blog "documented her elite experiences in high society in attempt to inspire her audience and educate them on elegance and self-improvement." In fact it was mostly personal navel-gazing, stories about partying in Europe, and speculation about "jetset" women like Anna Andres. Old blog posts can be found in the Google dossier and Anna's Tattle threads.
    • = Short-lived website that Anna intended to showcase her work as "writer" Anna Beyer.
    • byBeyer = A matchmaking agency Anna intended to start around 2016 but never did.
    • School of Affluence (SoA) = Anna's "online finishing school" which went through several incarnations. As of 2021 she has largely dropped this name and re-branded anything that used it - apparently realising how toxic the brand has become.
    • Secrets of the Elite Woman (SotEW) = Anna's latest course, much the same as School of Affluence but with more of a focus on networking and lifestyle.
    • Bey International SA = Anna trades as a registered company under this name. Its CEO is Carl Buchalet (see above), Anna is not even registered as a director which means he is the only one who can make legal decisions. At one time, she was listed as a director of her mother's business but not of her own.
    • The A-List Private Ladies Club = Anna's shady "networking" app
    • MeuPatrocínio (MySponsor) = A Brazilian website similar to Seeking Arrangement. Anna teamed up with its founder Jennifer Lobo to launch a Portuguese-language version of School of Affluence, although little is known about this currently because the website was pulled.

    Anna's Greatest Hits

    Water goblin - In Anna's course material she refers to a "water goblin" and "water gallbladder" along with numerous other examples of poor English. It appears that at the time of compiling the material she did not know how to say glass of water in English. Course material also contains lorem ipsum text, apparently Anna does not understand that a placeholder has to be replaced at some point. It's not a crime to speak broken English. It should be a crime to charge over 1,000 Euros for this material without even bothering to proof read it.

    Racism - Screenshots exist of Anna making racist remarks about Black and Brown women, and using slurs, in private messages with members of her SOA group on Facebook. We can't verify whether these are real, but a screen recording of an video showcasing the messages has appeared and can be accessed here. Furthermore, there is also footage of Anna in a video chat with SOA subscribers where she stated she wanted to keep "ratchet" women and "SheRaSeven girls" out of her group by making a paid app. Even if this wasn't racist in intent, it's vastly hypocritical of her since she has no more class or taste than SheRaSeven1. Anna has a history with Black YouTuber Christelyn Kazarin, more about that here. Her close friend Lina Hadid is very openly anti-Semitic.

    Cynthia Nixon video - For International Women's Day 2020, Cynthia Nixon released a viral video in which she recites a poem by Camille Rainville about the unfair pressures society places on women. Anna tried to cash in with her own remake where she advocated for "equality" by demanding men pay for everything. She likely expected this to be picked up on and go viral like Cynthia's, but instead she was contacted by the copyright holders and made to take the video down. Anna then threw a tantrum all over her social media about how she's the real feminist here!

    Bassam Feres photos, topless shock, and hiatus - Anna has attempted to make her followers think Bassam is her husband since he looks more "affluent" than Joseph does. After her wedding, she posted many Insta photos/stories of her snuggling up to Bassam or looking adoringly at him. She even shared an image of them lounging on a sofa together with her legs draped over him and wearing a torn dress. It suggests the relationship may not be as platonic as Anna says it was.

    When Tattle users shared photos and video of Anna's past as a topless dancer, she told her followers that "everyone" has a trashy past and sugar-coated it, again making out that she was just a regular club dancer. Proof Anna is aware of Tattle and that her followers read us. After this, she took a hiatus from social media, and Bassam disappeared from social media as well. We believe they were attempting damage control for the sake of Audi Bank, at the time Bassam and Joseph both worked there and it is a conservative, Muslim-owned bank. Bassam hasn't been seen on Anna's social media since, so either they're no longer in contact, or she is under strict instructions not to share any more photos of him.

    The Bum Gun - Whilst staying at a guest house, Anna thought a bidet attachment was a shower and posted a photo to her Insta stories, saying that Elegant Ladies need to be able to cope with such eventualities as the shower being in front of the toilet. Then presumably had a shower using something that all the room's previous guests have cleaned their bottoms with.

    Deleted YouTube Video - On 18th July 2021, Anna uploaded a video about "five items elegant ladies must own." These were things like Cartier bracelets, Lamborghini cars, Birkin bags and so on. All basic Insta-wannabe items that old-money people don't usually flaunt. The video received many negative comments about how this was an insensitive thing to post during the COVID-19 pandemic when many people had been affected by COVID and / or were suffering financially. Anna removed the video less than an hour later. The following day she posted a faux "apology", saying that she was talking about "affluence" not "elegance" in the video (???) and was sorry that the message hadn't been clear. Yes, that's what the problem was.

    Google visit - Anna reached 1 million YouTube subscribers in September 2021. She was staying in London at the time and shared many photos of herself outside Google's London offices with a bouquet of flowers, claiming that she had been invited there to celebrate her subscriber milestone and the flowers were given to her by Google. Tattlers found this suspicious as the flowers looked like they'd been bought from a supermarket and Anna remained outside the building. When Google actually gives someone a subscriber award they receive a much nicer bouquet and a plaque, and can film or take photos within designated areas inside the office. A security guard can be seen in the background of Anna's photos keeping an eye on her, indicating she wasn't expected there. Anna later displayed a shoddy fake "plaque" as they can be bought online.

    Irish Mist and "pregnancy" tease - In late 2021 Anna hinted for weeks at a surprise announcement, in a manner clearly intended to make her fans think she was about to announce a pregnancy. She then announced she had bought a horse named Irish Mist. Anna has since opened a separate Insta for horse themed content. She lacks experience in riding and has not been seen to ride the horse alone - this and other evidence suggests she is leasing Irish Mist and doesn't really own her. Publicly available information shows that the dealership where Anna got Irish Mist is owned by a Lebanese business associate of Joseph's. We believe he may be Anna's current sugar daddy and the real owner of the horse.

    FAQs (F-Bey-Qs?)

    Is Anna Russian or Swedish?
    She's a Swedish citizen with a Russian-Estonian mother and Finnish father.

    Is she really only 36 years old?
    Yes; a birth date of 1986 appears on background checking sites. She just doesn't look good for her age - likely because of poor lifestyle including drinking, smoking, sun exposure, and crash dieting.

    What's her real name?
    Her earliest known name is Aija Räty. We don't know if this is her birth name, however she's used it since at least high school. It's a common Finnish name so she may have been named by her biological father.

    How many courses has Anna Bey created?
    So far: "7 Steps to High Society", "School of Affluence (SoA)" and "Secrets of the Elite Woman (SotEW)"

    What webinars/masterclasses has Anna Bey been running?
    As of spring 2022 Anna is currently offering the webinars "How I Went From Broke & Awkward to a Million-Dollar Life", "How To Look Expensive Masterclass", and "How to Tell if a Man is Affluent Masterclass". She has also launched a website for another webinar called "The Elegant Stylist." She previously offered yet another webinar called "10 Brutal Mistakes That Show You Are Not Elegant" which is now removed. Generally, Anna will run new webinars whenever she is gearing up for another opening of one of her courses.

    Is she transgender?

    Why are you so obsessed with Anna / why do you hate her / why are you trolling her?
    We just want to prevent others falling for her scams, or at least help them make an informed decision before giving her their money. A number of the Tattle users on her thread are former fans or customers of Anna.

    What season of Paradise Hotel did she appear in? Is it available online?
    Season 4, which aired in 2010. Please see here for episode links and more information.

    Why do you suggest Joseph Hallit is gay or bisexual?
    Some current Tattle users, who knew Anna at the time she met him, were aware that he liked to hire both male and female escorts. This would make him bisexual (or maybe a closeted gay man trying to cover his tracks) if true.

    Why is she called a "millionaire matchmaker" in the press, when she says she has never been a matchmaker?
    Anna worked for scam matchmaking agency Vida Consultancy before she first started selling courses and came to public attention. She pitched her early courses at women looking to marry a rich man (whereas now she markets them as being about "elegance", personal development, and networking.) That's why she was promoted as a "millionaire matchmaker" in tabloids, and the label has stuck. As mentioned, Anna at one point had plans to open a matchmaking business of her own (which likely was a cover for running an escort agency), and she follows several matchmakers on social media.

    Are her bags real?
    Some of them are - especially the less expensive ones (e.g. Chanel flap bag) and she has some that Lina Hadid bought for her as presents. Most of her bags are fake, rented, or borrowed from Lina. She likely does not own a real Hermes Birkin or Kelly. All those she's been seen with in public are obvious replicas, and in order to buy a real one, you need to establish a purchase history with Hermes. Highly unlikely in Anna's case, since she never displays anything else from Hermes; if she had it, she'd wear it everywhere like she does with her one Van Cleef and Arpels bracelet.

    How much money has she made from her online courses?
    It's difficult to know the truth about this, especially because Anna inflates her net worth on various sites. We estimate that it is over $300,000.

    What do Anna and Joseph each get out of their relationship?
    We don't know for sure. According to Tattle users who have met Anna, the relationship began with a plan for Joseph to invest in Anna's business - her planned escorting agency and then her online courses. There is some evidence that their wedding was for tax or immigration reasons; see Relationship section above.

    Why doesn't Joseph appear on her social media?
    Anna says this is because she wants to keep her relationship private, and Joseph doesn't want to be seen on her social media. She has very rarely shared photos with him, see above. Anna will sometimes post photos of herself in restaurants with a man just out of shot that she will say is Joseph - however from details like skin tone, wrist size, etc. it is evidently not always him. As mentioned, only a month or two after their wedding she began renting her own place; and she also regularly travels without him.

    Is Anna Bey into witchcraft or the occult?
    She is a fan of Marina Abramović, who has been connected to witchcraft and Satanism - there is plenty of information about this on the internet. Anna consults horoscopes and Tarot readings, and says she used numerology to determine an auspicious date for her to get married. However she says that she is a Christian, regularly prays, and attends church even when travelling.

    Why do you talk about Anna hiding from police or authorities? Has she been charged with anything?
    Anna has not had any involvement with police that we know; talking about her being on the run from the law is mostly a joke. But see above for evidence that some of her strange behaviour may be connected to illicit activity. Some former users of The A-List app have reported her for fraud, and given her frequent travel, it's very plausible that she has broken the residency conditions of her Swiss visa.

    Recap of past threads

    Note: We try to title threads with Anna's name and keywords that people are likely to be searching about her ("affluence", "husband", "net worth", "elegance" etc.) so that the thread will show up in Google search results and maybe keep more people from being scammed by her.

    In thread one, we discussed her boyfriend Joseph Hallit from the Lebanese Audi Bank in Geneva, failed/fake engagement, racist screenshots, content theft, trampy times in Malta, ridiculous song, and inability to match white tones. Insiders from her past continue to come forward with stories about her past as an SB. In thread two, we discussed her sordid companions, terrible Botox and racist remarks while she partied in the offseason at Cavo Tagoo with a hairy finance troll. Her being documented topless/naked at Club Amnesia.

    In thread three we discovered her retracting multiple messages to different people after her racist messages was revealed, her bad reaction to this forum and her efforts at silencing student concerns about the breach of confidentiality in her own paid groups when screenshots of conversations have been shared. There was also shared further evidence of her own members of staff breaching the confidentiality. The cultish behaviour exhibited was also discussed along with her worship of Eastern European women and her bad fashion advice. Her being ridiculed in Scandinavian high-society and in the party circuit was also covered. Lastly her infringing on other authors copyright through her membership group was also revealed.

    Thread four included an estimation of how much money Anna has made from School of Affluence. There was discussion of the different identities she's used, her history of moving around Europe, past relationship with a club DJ in Malta and her qualifications as a style and image consultant.

    In thread five we discussed Anna's unprofessional behaviour and repeated copyright violations, especially with regard to her School of Affluence courses. More former students and followers came forward to share their experiences. Other topics of discussion included Anna's self-centredness, the notable change in her personality and appearance over the years, and being caught out in various lies and inconsistencies. Finally, a poster on another site revealed the identity of Anna's boyfriend: a banker on a fairly modest salary who is certainly not paying for the luxurious lifestyle she claims to have.

    Thread six covered more discussion of Anna's boyfriend, various parody accounts on Insta and some of the backlash against her. Posters shared their experiences of the lifestyle Anna aspires to and gave advice for her current/former followers.

    Thread seven discussed Anna's poor health, lifestyle, and wardrobe choices; response videos on YouTube; and her frequent travel and hotel-hopping in the middle of a global pandemic.

    Topics in thread eight included Anna's horrific "fashion" sense (as well as examples of better-dressed influencers and actual jetset ladies), racism, attempts to cover her tracks, and her general lack of ambition and disdain for education or true self-improvement.

    Thread nine covered Anna's continued travels during the pandemic, even more style howlers, botched fillers, habit of flashing designer labels, and the problem that many of her followers won't be aware she is teaching them to act like escorts but without the necessary safety advice.

    By thread ten, Anna appeared to have got married - we discussed her wedding, whether or not she's really married, and how convenient it is that she did this right before she was due to launch a new course. We also discussed her constant stream of lies and hypocrisy, including deleting her entire blog and old course content that contradicts her current story. There was a play-by-play from several forum members who took part in a live with Anna where she had announced she would reveal all about the wedding. Needless to say, she didn't, although it was very obvious from the live that she reads Tattle.

    Thread eleven featured more discussion of Anna's wedding, livestreams, new course, wardrobe choices, and treating animals and her husband poorly. Anna announced at this time that she'd (allegedly - the circumstances are somewhat questionable) been diagnosed with Graves' Disease. This is a serious auto-immune disorder, which can be triggered or exacerbated by stress. If true, it's sad news and we acknowledge it's horrible for her, but it is further evidence that she's constantly hustling and is not, as she claims, the kept woman of a successful man.

    Thread twelve included water goblins; Anna's marriage, past, and family; latest scam course ("Secrets of the Elite Woman"); her constant responding to things Tattle posters have said about her, in an effort to prove us wrong; bad plastic surgery; and cautionary tales of other Anna-a-likes/wannabe It-girls. There was some speculation on Anna's next move, given her history of repeatedly moving to a new country to start again.

    At the time of thread thirteen, Anna had begun posting a number of questionable photos of herself with Bassam Feres and this was a popular topic of discussion. We also spoke about Anna's friendship with Lina Hadid, her poor attempt to cover her tracks, and a newly released video in which Anna addressed the subject of her wedding. With the news of "level-up" YouTuber Michaela Pink's arrest for fraud, there was talk about the future of Anna's scams and her exploitation of naïve and vulnerable women.

    Thread fourteen included more talk of Anna's marriage, relationship with Bassam Feres, family, mother, and suddenly going quiet on social media. We also covered unpleasant Anna-wannabe Isabel Brown, who is a pretty good example of Anna's target audience and what she is teaching them.

    In thread fifteen, we saw Anna being suspiciously silent after having pictures of her days as a naked Go-Go dancer revealed and after she sabotaged her own elegant persona by posing a picture where she sat on the lap of Bassam Feres, who she uses as a model for her husband. Conveniently, Graves' disease and menstruation were blamed for her failure to stay active on social media and her friends had to delete accounts/unfollow her as they scraped to save their reputations from the epidemic of scrutiny that Anna brings. Anna also celebrated her birthday very shabbily and there was as much excitement there as the number of expressions Kristen Stewart showed in Twilight. All in all, a dull woman in a dull affair gave us dull tea that we had to sip in a dull manner. The most interesting thing though, has been her recent actions where she seems to be distancing herself from her brand "School of Affluence" and opening a new site related to networking. Another fail, for which we are waiting with drool dripping down our mouths.

    Thread sixteen covered Anna's style slips, lost opportunity, rapid aging and increasingly desperate attempts to re-brand herself as a business and networking coach. We observed that she now appears to be renting her own place away from the marital home with Joseph. By this time Anna had returned to YouTube and begun filming in hotels again for the first time in a while.

    Thread seventeen discussed Anna's new "The A-List" app and related privacy concerns. To promote her new business, Anna had begun staging bizarre photoshoots with rented props and dresses, and a good laugh was had by all at Tattle. It became apparent that Anna's rented office, where she is sleeping at least part of the time, was nearby farm land. Possibly explaining her new fixation with the countryside.

    Thread eighteen contained all the inside goss on Anna's "The A-List" app, which includes her removing users (with no refund) for posting any content that she feels threatened by. It emerged that she has legally adopted the name Aija Hallit and is no longer a co-director of Erin's legal business. We speculated on what Anna's next move might be; her Insta suggests that she may be planning a move to Monaco, which would go about as well for her as Geneva did. Meanwhile Anna went on holiday to Greece (without her husband, as usual), embarrassed herself yet again by pretending to be an experienced horsewoman, and showered with a bidet.

    In thread nineteen Anna was spotted out and about with a mystery woman, gave a cringe-making interview on ITV, showed off a fake "Kelly" bag, attended a polo meet-up with users of her app, and gave advice on elegant sex. She also took a two-day break in Capri, purely because Capri is so boring and there's nothing to do there, of course she could afford a longer stay.

    Thread twenty covered Anna's continued travels; warped idea of "luxury" brands and clothing; increasingly unkempt and desperate appearance; lack of social contacts or invitations; and general ignorance about what real affluence is. Anna released a video trashing Zara clothing, which is hypocritical given that only three years ago she often wore Zara, and has previously advised her followers to mix Zara with designer labels.

    Thread 21 covered the fall-out of Anna posting and then hastily deleting a video about "five things all ehleghant ladies should own!" in response to a flood of negative comments. We also discussed Carl, the man behind the woman and finished with a glorious Anna deep dive on YouTube by Dacob.

    Thread 22 contained more discussion of Dacob's video on Anna; the gap between Anna's version of "affluence" and how old money people really live; and followed Anna's summer travels in France.

    In thread 23, more of the truth behind Anna's "The A-List" app came out from a former user, which included Anna's moderation team editing user posts - effectively a form of impersonation and may well be illegal. We discussed signs that Anna was planning to leave Geneva and that her marriage to Joseph may be in trouble. There was further talk about her terrible style choices and counterfeit "designer" items.

    Thread 24 featured Anna's plans to "jetset" between London and Dubai along with a trip to Paris for Karim's wedding, she and Lina did not meet up even though both were there at the same time. Karim himself appeared to be avoiding Anna after the wedding. This led to speculation of the break-up of the Geneva Shore cast. Anna hit 1 million YouTube subscribers, guaranteeing she will be more insufferable than ever.

    Thread 25 included Anna's antics in London where she dressed inappropriately at the opera, illicitly recorded part of the performance, and repeatedly shared pictures where she wasn't wearing her wedding ring - including in Annabel's. (Of course she's not a member; someone else had to get her in.) Anna made a trip to Google's London offices and potentially caused a security alert. We also discussed real society events Anna won't be attending, and evidence that Erin has fled to Sri Lanka due to legal woes.

    In thread 26 tragedy struck again as Anna claimed someone close to her had COVID, showing photos inside an Orthodox church where she had prayed for them. They then allegedly died and Anna recycled a 3 year old photo of the inside of a plane saying she was flying out to the funeral. She changed her bio 5 times a day to evade Tattle, and may or may not have finally gone to Dubai.

    Thread 27 saw Anna meet up with Karim again, make more questionable outfit choices, and go luxury shopping at a Hermes outlet sale in a warehouse. Tattle posters examined Anna's past photos and videos to put together a picture of where they were filmed, with teki_awas drawing up a floor plan of the Audi Bank apartment/lounge Anna's evidently using. Dacob released another video about Anna.

    Thread 28 involved detailed discussion of Anna's living situation, the rented Corsier space she's living/filming in, and the Audi Bank lounge. Ivan gave Tattle a shout-out. Anna posted a very telling Insta story about a "business meeting" she'd supposedly been to, and released a video about "Rich People Secrets" that contained not so subtle jibes at Lina.

    By thread 29 Anna had made it very obvious that she's escorting again. She toured the Amsterdam red light district and the Hotel Costes in Paris which is a hangout for escorts. She also made a trip to a horse dealer in the Netherlands and we were treated to more footage of her sitting awkwardly on a horse. Tattle discussed Anna's fake followers, the suspicious nature of some of her travels, and what exactly she might have in her two big Rimowa suitcases. Anna released an autumn "lookbook" on YouTube which gave us all a laugh.



    1. Aija Räty:
    • (a Swedish platform connecting schoolmates)
    • Her old LinkedIn profile when she worked at a gambling company in Malta
    • Formerly blogged at and She has banned these websites from Wayback Machine, but screencaps are available in the dossier.
    2. Aija Darling:
    • A name used during her appearance in Paradise Hotel, a Swedish reality TV show (Season 4)
    • Under the name Aija Darling, she recorded a #house song called 'I am There' with DJ Mykill & Bongo. Play it on SoundCloud or watch Anna in a live performance of the song.
    • Blogged at when she had recently moved to London, prior to starting the Jetset Babe blog
    3. Anna Beyer:
    • Anna's old Tumblr page
    • There are multiple old posts in her Facebook group where she's tagged in the comments as Anna Beyer before 2018.
    • Archived site for a defunct matchmaking agency that she intended to start as "Anna Beyer." Probably an attempt to imitate April Beyer, who runs a well known "elite" dating service in the USA.
    • Anna ran a website at where she advertised herself as Anna Beyer, a "writer" and "blogger." She has banned the Wayback Machine from archiving the site, but it left a digital footprint when someone pinned the site on Pinterest (now deleted.) Here is an image capture of an article on her site.
    She has now added Anna as a legal middle name i.e. Aija Anna Hallit née Räty. "Anna" might be taken from the hit song 'Boten Anna' by Basshunter (released in 2006 when Anna was first in Ibiza), and / or her admiration of Ann(a) Andres whom she wrote about extensively on the Jetset Babe blog. She claims to have chosen it because it was easier for people to pronounce in English.

    4. Anna Bey: current name used professionally, including on Instagram and her official website. We don't know why she changed the name from Beyer. She may have wanted to sound more unique ("Anna Beyer" is a very common name in Europe), to draw more site traffic, and / or to make sure she wasn't the only search result for the name - searching "Bey" online typically brings up Beyoncé Knowles or Beirut airport whose IATA flight code is BEY.

    5. Aija Hallit:
    • This credit rating site and this Swedish background checking site both indicate that her current legal name is Aija Hallit
    • The domain name has been registered but can be bought from a broker


    2002 - 2005 - Norra Real upper-secondary school, Stockholm, Sweden
    2005 - 2006 Italian language course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, Rome, Italy
    2011 - 2012 Digital Marketing course at Medieinstitutet (Polytechnic Education - polytechnics focus solely on applied skills training and it's not the same as a university degree), Stockholm, Sweden
    2019 - colour analysis course in London at Colour Me Beautiful
    2019 - summer course at the Institut Villa Pierrefeu, Swiss finishing school, Glion/Montreaux, Switzerland

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