Lydia Millen #32 Sitting on a sage green coloured throne of lies.

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What is with his obsession with taking photos in fields of flowers, he's such a knob
They are all doing the same, Blue bells,wheat/barley,lavender, Sweet corn/mais, sunflowers, and then pumpkins and Christmas trees!! Those are for the country bumpkins. The londoners are on the streets, in Notting hill, portobello… . Rinse and repeat …

So now the decorator is feeding them, are they like five 🙄View attachment 204606View attachment 204607
Sorry, but that doesn’t look tasty!
After watching the Botega bag vlog that someone posted earlier I’ve had a realisation. I’m not condoning her behaviour, I’m really not, but I honestly think that Lydia truly changed after Lynx went missing. It’s like the lights turned off and she just started churning out vapid content filled with snobbery, with no heart behind it. It’s sad.
Yes I do agree, I don't think that she has got over it. It is very sad, I feel for her.
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