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  1. TriviaNewtonJohn

    The Frugality/Alexandra Stedman #7 Everything is affordable when it's #gifted

    New Alex thread. Excellent thread title by @louderforthecheapseats She's been buying loads of candles and not paying her TV licence. She has more new glasses with tinted lenses. She also claimed to do a full week of meals for £40 but is yet to share the magic shopping list. Any more recap...
  2. heretoreaditall2019

    The Frugality/Alexandra Stedman #6 Secret Tory, who hates the BBC, easy to be Frugal when everything is free.

    New thread as the last one was getting close to 60!
  3. Greencatfysh

    The Frugality #5 Weeks and months to tile a floor, we love to cosplay being poor

    Next thread for Alex and her “frugal” family
  4. D

    The Frugality #4 I spy with my little eye a secret second storey reaching up to the sky.

    Well done @Banana Pyjamas - what a thread title 🙌🏻 Can someone do a round up? I need to close the other thread somehow 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. TriviaNewtonJohn

    The Frugality #3 content is free, don’t care if it’s drivel, shopping in Sainsbury’s, pretending it’s Lidl

    Thread title from @Boutros-Boutros Ghali In the last thread Alex painted her fence a lot. She also posted a picture of her baby's bedroom which some responders pointed out looks unsafe and her response was dubious (see the end of the last thread) She also posted a picture claiming to be at Lidl...
  6. D

    The Frugality #2

    Cheap white bread, gifted Odd Boxes and a lot of clutter. As you were...
  7. S

    The frugality

    Here we are a place to discuss the frugality. I second the comment on the insta mums thread that she seems to have lost her way at the moment.
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