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  1. jolleee

    Squirmy & Grubs #11 Shane Manor & the Curious Case of the Diaper Genie

    Thanks @Nadad41t for the title
  2. jolleee

    Squirmy and Grubs #10 Brami Babe & the Insufferable Gnome: Sweatin' with the Moldies

    @fredflintstone thanks for the title
  3. T

    Squirmy and Grubs #9 Skanky & Weedy 34 pukes in 24 Hours: Welcome to the show

    Hello Hello welcome to thread 9, are we ever going to get bored of trying to get our heads around this 'couple'. That will probably be a big Fat NOPE! Mod edit as per rules no swear words are allowed in titles
  4. Jbogie

    Squirmy and Grubs #8 Spermy & Greedy: Perfect specimen preservation, ass shots & a soulless mansion.

    Thanks to our lurker, @Consumerim_fatigue for the thread title with the most likes. I just had to take out a word or two to make it fit!
  5. T

    Squirmy and Grubs #7 Saucy and Gramps and JamaicanPain.. comments are better than the vids

    Thanks to Fredflintstone for the title, I had to shorten it a bit because there is a limit to the amount of words you can have. Lets see what fun and games thread 7 brings.
  6. Jbogie

    Squirmy & Grubs #6 Hannah’s vain, Shane’s a pain, their biggest fan is Jamaican Rain

    Thanks to SnowyCal for the title!
  7. What the ....

    Squirmy & Grubs #5 Squirmy & Grubs & What the ….

    Thanks to DoubleOld for the great thread title đŸ™‚
  8. Chisme

    Squirmy & Grubs #4 aka scammy and grabby

    New thread!
  9. S

    Squirmy & Grubs #3

    New thread created! I hope I've done this correctly!
  10. OliviaPope

    Squirmy & Grubs #2 Scrammy and Grabs

    Top voted title @Poggypig Past threads https://tattle.life/tags/squirmygrubs/
  11. Yoghurtpots

    Squirmy and Grubs

    Has anybody watches this couple? They have close to 400k subs. He is severely disabled but has a good personality (a bit Dad humour for my liking though đŸ™ˆ). He is an author too. She is quite attractive and comes across as intelligent. Thinks before she speaks. There are a lot of accusations...