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  1. MagpieTree

    By_gemmabosanko #8 Daily step count to rival The Proclaimers, her bland af food doesn't have any flavour

    Thanks to @AdApathy for the new title Previous thread here: Would anyone like to do a recap?
  2. geordiegirl

    By_gemmabosanko #7 (Sunrise) Stepford Wife

    Thanks to @AdApathy for the new thread title! Prev thread here: Roundup: Still loves a sad looking malted milk biscuit Still seems to be shagging the PT JD...
  3. geordiegirl

    By_gemmabosanko #6 Protien (!) mousse and workouts galore but we really know Gemma loves Gemma more!

    Thanks to @Saffron08 for the new thread! I've created a one with the title she now goes under on IG rather than the Slimmingworld one. I've also added the familiar spelling mistake that she always makes too... As you were!
  4. geordiegirl

    Slimmingworldxgemx #5 An ‘i’ for an I, no teeth to be seen, Gemma’s pretentious life makes us all want to scream

    Thanks to @mingbag for the new thread title! Our busy bee perfect Gem hasn’t had a new thread since Nov 21 so she should give herself a pat on the back and dedicate this mornings frosty, icy, sunrise steps to it 😂 Prev thread here...
  5. Runforestrun

    Slimmingworldxgemx #4 We hate Gemma’s perfect white socks, perfect shiny boots and her stupid fake life

    No thread suggestions that I could see so I went with this perfect quote that someone nominated for a title. Had to amend it slightly to make it fit and remove the swears as per title rules, which is a massive shame! 😂 Gemma’s still a cunt, doesn’t seem to do much now but show espa stuff and...
  6. HereForTheLols_

    Slimmingworldxgemx #3 Last Xmas gave us an aff, it was too small to see, she's having a laugh!

    .... live in the lakes!!!! 🌿🍃🌿🍃🌿🍃🙊🙊🙊 Had a shocker with the title as I didn’t realise it cut off half the characters until it had saved and now can’t edit the title! 😩😩 Does anyone knows how? Anyway, all things Slimmingworldxgemx 🍃🍃🍃🤢
  7. E

    Slimmingworldxgemx #2 Reading books like one breathes air but doesn’t know if it’s there or their

    Starting new thread. Thanks to @Instagrime for the suggestion! didn’t all post. Thanks!
  8. H


    Has anyone else noticed a lack of posts with her hubby in (I know he was never on there much anyway) - also looks like she is no longer wearing her wedding rings and there was no loving Father’s Day to him like you’d expect...