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  1. FLAGirl

    ResortTV1 #13 Liestreams!

    Congrats to both @PoorKid for the winning title and @Nate's Top Button inspiration and the new word to describe this grifter.
  2. Grifters of the Caribbean

    ResortTV1 #12 School’s Out, Grift’s On Welcome to the Josh Nelson Telethon

    Congrats to @FLAGirl for having the winning thread title.
  3. cavamom

    ResortTV1 #11 You Don't Have to Go Home, But You Can't Grift Here

    Thanks @PoorKid for our new thread title! And the grift goes on….
  4. YesNow

    ResortTV1 #10 Go away. You're selfish.

    The jokes write themselves here on the RTV1 threads. Thank you to everyone who voted for my thread title! This honor would not be possible without @ThunderPuss for listening intently to everything Mr. Train Station VIP said to Josh. Most of us didn’t catch it after the first watch. Also, a...
  5. YesNow

    ResortTV1 #9 Guys, you don’t have to send money, but please use PayPal!

    Thanks to @lookoutbelow for submitting the winning title! :) In our previous thread, Josh is claiming to be broke, but no worries. The vulnerable stans sent him nearly $1000 in PayPals in one night. The monthly family budget is saved!
  6. cavamom

    Resort TV1 #8 Sir, you have got to get off the boat!

    Thanks for the new title @LittleMissMeaniePants
  7. Grifters of the Caribbean

    ResortTV1 #7 I'm having a heart attack; let's go to Epcot!

    Congrats @LittleMissMeaniePants #prayingforyoursouls #butthatsokay #acokeandacookie #woohoo #homemovies
  8. Grifters of the Caribbean

    ResortTV1 #6 Grifty And Shifty

    Congrats to @PoorKid for the winning thread title!
  9. LittleMissMeaniePants

    ResortTV1 #5 Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It's Off to Grifting We Go!

    Thanks to @AliceSpillstheTea for the new seasonally appropriate thread title!
  10. Grifters of the Caribbean

    ResortTV1 #4 It's Like Donny & Marie, but Without the Talent

    Congrats to @Love_the_kitz and @YesNow for having the winning thread title/idea!
  11. cheshiretail21

    ResortTV1 #3 Josh: The Joel Osteen of Disney

    Thanks, @CrazySquirrelLady for the new thread title! Our adventure continues with our fourth (or fifth?) EPIC stream for the week as Josh finds any excuse to pull on folks' heartstrings and avoid his family. Will Josh ever read to his kid? Will Jenna's Magicband+ ever vibrate? The world may...
  12. Grifters of the Caribbean

    ResortTV1 #2 Magically Grifting One Cancer Patient at a Time

    The grifting adventures continue... Thanks for giving my thread title the most votes. 👍
  13. V

    ResortTV1 YouTube Disney Live Streamers

    Posting new thread at request of @Mr. Blue Sky I don't watch them much now but I am fascinated by their ability to rake in a lot of super chat income. On the other hand the constant reading of them and thanks they give out does seem to take away from the ambiance of live streaming from the...