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  1. R

    Tanya & Tasha #30

    Get the popcorn out ‘ladies’!! It’s show down!!! Title was too long :( @tarquin16 won with ‘Trash finally seen the light, bring on the insta fight, who will be queen of the tacky shite?!’ Recap: Both still a supermarkets marketing and sales wet dream purchasing every themed shite they release-...
  2. C

    Tanya & Tasha #29 spreading germs, still buying tat. Cottage is cancelled, you’re both still fat.

    Thanks to JoJo81 for the winning title with a whopping 51 likes! Ah, it’s cut off the full thread title and can’t see how to edit. Should be Sreading germs, still buying tat. The cottage is cancelled and you're both still fat.
  3. Khe91

    Tanya & Tasha #28

    New thread, the brilliant suggestion is from @Minibean i had to shorten it slightly to fit but the original is below It’s Summer, Halloween and Christmas all in the same day but all we want to know is, is Taco ok? A little recap of the last thread, it won’t be as good as @Maggie28 but it’s...
  4. H

    Tanya/Tasha#27 Hi Ralph the new insta prop, is that an earthquake or Tan throwing a strop?

    New thread for the Trashford Two.. @Khe91 you had the most votes, had to shorten slightly 😃
  5. as340

    Tasha/Tanya #7 Cosy nights, Christmas is magic! It’s all for the gram, my real life is tragic

    New thread! Title courtesy of @NapQueen 😹
  6. as340

    Tasha and Tanya #6 Tan's Spooky Pie was a right looker. Tash's Jack Skellington just ain't Pukka

    Hope this is okay. Thread title courtesy of @Be More Pacific
  7. Oohthedrama

    Natascha Ashford / Tanya Whitlock #5

    New thread!
  8. L

    Natascha Ashford / Tanya Whitlock #4

    New thread
  9. L

    Tanya Whitlock and Natasha Ashford #3 Tanya’s themes are here to stay whilst Natascha’s Hubby plays away

    New thread for Tanya Whitlock and Natascha Ashford
  10. Oohthedrama

    Tanya Whitlock / Natasha Ashford #2

  11. U

    Tanya Whitlock / Natasha Ashford

    I can’t believe these two don’t have their own thread?
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