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  1. WhatABore

    Mrs Bavington #13 Never on duty

    New thread time. Title thanks to @Uhhmazing
  2. WhatABore

    Mrs Bavington #12 Hair resembles a thatched roof, her coils gone awol up her foof

    New thread time! Second thread title running for @Crazycatlady18 😂😂
  3. WhatABore

    Mrs Bavington #11 Moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan

    Thread title courtesy of @Crazycatlady18
  4. WhatABore

    Mrs Bavington #10 Terrible tusks, terrible claws and terrible teeth in her terrible jaws

    New thread. Had to edit the title slightly unfortunately!
  5. Dontmissmuch

    Mrs Bavington #9 Let’s give her her dues, provides great content for rudefoodreviews!

    New thread and how very apt ! Thank you @swipe_up with most votes !!
  6. Dontmissmuch

    Mrs Bavington #8 Don't act all high and mighty when we've all seen your ugly nighty

    New thread time thanks to @ChubClubThug for a great title......
  7. thetemptationisreal

    Mrs Bavington #7 never on duty selling her tat, extortionate prices make her look like a t

    New thread... i believe it was @TruthTeller1036 who suggested this title. Hope I've done it right.
  8. Dontmissmuch

    Mrs Bavington #6 Never ON duty, such a mess, pleasing herself over a popsy dress

    New thread title thanks to @swipe_up with over 40 votes Title changed to meet with rules.... original (below) was better but unlikely to be allowed !! Never ON duty, such a mess, usually found wanking over a popsy dress
  9. Dontmissmuch

    Mrs Bavington #5 Her house is a stinking mess, how dare you slate our NHS!

    New Thread title thanks to @ChubClubThug with 29 votes
  10. varyingborders

    Mrs Bavington #4 Money to burn, loves a gurn, childish dresses and frazzled tresses

    Here’s our new thread.. I hope I have done it correctly! 🙈 Thank you to @Karliz for our new title!!
  11. WhatABore

    Mrs Bavington #3 Butternut Bav, never off duty, cleaning sick, JK, she’s a selfish prick

    New thread title. Had to squish it down the best I could 😂 @JellyWobbles with 23 likes 👍
  12. WhatABore

    Mrs Bavington #2 Butternut Bav loves her squash, she's never off duty with her husband's dosh

    New thread title courtesy of ChubClubThing with 23 votes 😂 Thought I'd make a new one whilst she's quiet 😂
  13. WhatABore

    Mrs Bavington #1

    So I don't know if I'm of minority. I have followed her for over a year now but her '#gifted' have just been getting more and more recently. Then any posts that haven't been gifted, normally she has every single brand/company tagged in her posts as if she's begging for freebies? I also wonder...