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    Little Mix #9

  2. whatstheteab

    Little Mix #8

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  3. Twinkle6

    Little Mix #7 Legend of the 3 divas not 4! What's in store after the Confetti Tour?

    Thanks to @redstraw16 for the title!!!
  4. whatstheteab

    Little Mix #6 Little Splits

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  5. hol20x

    Little Mix #5 Little Mix become six due to three new sprogs, as UK baddie blocks dog

    Thank you @peachesncreammm for the thread title! Thread recap - Leigh Anne had twins & Perrie had a baby boy - Little Mix celebrated their 10th anniversary - New album coming 12th November - Major drama with ex member Jesy as she releases her debut solo single - DM’s with a Tik Toker show...
  6. hol20x

    Little Mix #4 LM3 on their 10 year home run, but Jesy’s on her way to spoil the fun

    Thank you @Queen Bey for the thread title. 😘 To sum up the last thread: Trio Mix are thriving and breaking records They won a BRIT for Best British Group (the first girl band to ever do so) They’ve had some successful collabs this year They got waxworks in Madame Tussaud’s Their 10 year...
  7. Sogdhitalley

    Jesy Nelson (Ex Little Mix Member)

    Since she's no longer a member of Little Mix and is bringing her own material out, I thought she could do with her own thread, so here it is.
  8. Twinkle6

    Little Mix #3 Baby Mix, baldy pics, Jesy vs Little Mix

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    Little Mix #2 The search for... a stylist!

    Hey everyone! New thread x