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    Kylie Flavell #15 Kylie's massive new pool makes every Patreon look like a deluded fool.

    Benvenuti to the new thread everyone! Crazy that we have reached thread 15 considering how little she posts, the only reason is the interesting insights into Italian life/culture that members here have to share I guess! Has anything changed? Unbelievably the pool has been finished, but apart...
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    Kylie Flavell #14 Every time Kylie videos herself spouting tosh, she loses even more Patreon dosh

    Unbelievably, here we are again with another thread considering how little has happened. As usual, grazie @Alessandro for the title. So what has happened? Guido seems to be out of the house (whichever one it is they live at...) a lot, perhaps at the gym? :ROFLMAO: Her family are visiting for...
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    Kylie Flavell #13 Kylie's made the villa a total wreck and is still relying on the Patreon cheque

    And here we are, somehow with another new thread despite her increasingly dull content! Thanks again for the title @Alessandro and for the other suggestions from other people too (sorry I cannot remember exactly who made them, but all were great as per) Also sorry to @Alessandro but I had to...
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    Kylie Flavell #12 has a meteor-sized new pool paid for by every Patreon she has made a fool

    Once again thanks @Alessandro for another great title Recap: she continues to ruin Pencilpine manor with her "projects", the latest being a huge swimming pool which will probably end up as a (huge, meteor-sized) hole in the ground. Her best friend's husband posted a photo of her without...
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    Kylie Flavell #11 As Guido and Kylie rage, their builder decides the pain is not worth his wage

    Another great title from @Alessandro So to recap, usual patreon begging She is pregnant Some kind of huge argument with a builder, leading to a 50 minute slog complaining about it What else has happened?
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    Kylie Flavell #10 Spends all of her time at Pencil Pine Lane, Patreons plummet, she's too vain

    Thanks once again @Alessandro for another thread title In terms of recap, as usual nothing much seems to have happened, presumably Kylie still hasn't had her vaccines so basically cannot go anywhere or do anything. Patreon begging continues whilst she (unsurprisingly) continues to lose...
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    Kylie Flavell #9 Kylie tries to hide her bludge but her 70-hour work week is a total fudge

    Another great title from @Alessandro Was going to do a recap, but has anything new happened? :ROFLMAO: As usual I have messed this up as I have done it on my phone! could someone report it to change the title to put it as #9 ?!
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    Kylie Flavell #8 wants more money for a drone to fly,but her flogs are as boring as watching stencils dry

    New thread! cannot believe we are on number 8 for how boring her channel is, but here we are! Thanks again @Alessandro for the title (I had to shorten it slightly) Recap: All I can think of is that she is ruining the house step by step -awful bathroom "rennovation" which looks worse than...
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    Kylie Flavell #7 Kylie claims Alain Delon called her 'bella' but now complains he is just an old fella

    Thanks again @Alessandro for the new title! Not much to recap as she seems to have done very little except cook and deal with the ruins they are living in, but: - Her parents are still there and working as indentured servants, living off only vegetables from the orto, going to bed at sunset and...
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    Kylie Flavell #6 Losing my patreons by the day, Kylie can't make them stay or pay

    Thanks to @Alessandro for yet another great title! *Kylie and Guido were paid to promote a controversial "mental health" app that major news organizations say is a scam. *Kylie dredged up another Positano video showing her flirting with multiple men. *She is buying cheap pots and second hand...
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    Kylie Flavell #5 Plundering Patreons with Vapidly Vacuous Vlogs

    Thanks @Antonio for another great title Recap: Very little to report on KyLIE herself at this point Still not legally married Has started to adopt a tuscan accent The promised Tuscany travel vlogs haven't happened Her latest videos have been a recipe and her painting a kayak. Yawn. Nothing...
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    Kylie Flavell #4 Purloining the Patreon Purse

    Grazie @Alessandro for the thread title. Recap from thread 3- -KyLie had her non wedding (neither official nor religious) despite being against restrictions at the time in a very boring video which mainly focussed on her lying on the floor surrounded by flowers :LOL: -She posted a long an...
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    Kylie Flavell #3 The narcissist’s not-zze: a wedding, gedding or predding? Decoded, deconstructed, dissected.

    Thanks @Jerry and @Alessandro for the new title! Apart from the wedding I cannot think what has really happened with in the last thread! - She had planned to have a non official church wedding (despite it being against the rules in Italy atm) on their property due to the inability to get some...
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    Kylie Flavell #2 faking, feigning and falsifying a phoney Tuscan Fantasy

    Thanks to @Alessandro @PlinyinTorquay for the new title! Recap from the last one: - sexualising her vlogs to sell her channel, herself and ultimately the holiday apartments - keeping an narcissistic focus on herself in every video or vlog she posts - hypocritical advice to followers about her...
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    Kylie Flavell

    anyone watch this woman? She is one of the many influencers I used to really like but has become kind of annoying. She lives in Italy and posts videos about life there etc, but recently I feel like she has become pretty passive aggressive, in her comments criticising negative views, criticising...